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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology VI
Editor(s): Jean Michel Karam; John A. Yasaitis

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Volume Number: 4174
Date Published: 25 August 2000

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Localized electrochemical deposition: the growth behavior of nickel microcolumns
Author(s): SweeHock Yeo; Jian Huei Choo; Kwan Seng Yip
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Large-area MEMS fabrication with thick SU-8 photoresist applied to an x-ray image sensor array
Author(s): Jurgen H. Daniel; Brent S. Krusor; Raj B. Apte; Robert A. Street; Adela Goredema; Jason McCallum; Daniele C. Boils-Boissier; Peter M. Kazmaier
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Producing LIGA-competitive microcomponents
Author(s): Wayne Nguyen Phu Hung; Mohammad Yeakub Ali; Shu Yuan
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Microfabrication of a metal fuel injector nozzle array
Author(s): Tracy Ettel Morris; Michael C. Murphy; Sumanta Acharya
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Acoustic agitation for enhanced development of LIGA PMMA resists
Author(s): Robert H. Nilson; Stewart K. Griffiths
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High-aspect-ratio microstructure fabrication using SU-8 resist
Author(s): Jun Zhu; Xiaolin Zhao; Zhiping Ni
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Loading effects in deep silicon etching
Author(s): Jani Karttunen; Jyrki Kiihamaki; Sami Franssila
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HARM processing techniques for MEMS and MOEMS devices using bonded SOI substrates and DRIE
Author(s): Colin Gormley; Anne Boyle; Viji Srigengan; Scott C. Blackstone
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Characterization of deep Si etch profiles formed by atmospheric downstream plasma
Author(s): Igor Bagriy; Oleg Siniaguine
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Overcritical damped laterally moving microstructures by ADRIE using SOI-substrates for automotive applications
Author(s): Oliver Krampitz; Michael Wycisk; Volker Biefeld; Josef Binder
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Comparison between wet HF etching and vapor HF etching for sacrificial oxide removal
Author(s): Ann Witvrouw; Bert Du Bois; Piet De Moor; Agnes Verbist; Chris A. Van Hoof; Hugo Bender; Christiaan Baert
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Development of TMAH anisotropic etching manufacturing process for MEMS
Author(s): Jiunn-Jye Tsaur; Shih-I Yang; Chen-Hsun Du; Zhongshen Lin; Cheng-Tang Huang; Cheng-Kuo Lee
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Low-temperature piezoelectric aluminum nitride thin film
Author(s): Laurie Valbin; Laure Sevely; Serge Spirkovitch
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Fabrication of surface-micromachined thermally driven micropump by anhydrous HF gas-phase etching with 2-propanol
Author(s): Won-Ick Jang; Chang-Auck Choi; Myung-Lae Lee; Chi-Hoon Jun; Youn Tae Kim
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Silicon surface micromachining of a deep vacuum cavity structure and its application to a microflow sensor
Author(s): Chi-Hoon Jun; Chang-Auck Choi; Won-Ick Jang; Youn Tae Kim
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Thick porous silicon sacrificial layer formation using implanted mask technology
Author(s): Alexandra Splinter; Olaf Bartels; Wolfgang Benecke
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Flexible machining system to produce micro-prototypes
Author(s): Hans Kurt Toenshoff; Andreas Ostendorf; Klaus Koerber; Axel Beil
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SOI micromachining technologies for MEMS
Author(s): Stephane Renard
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Design rules for non-Manhattan shapes
Author(s): Zein Juneidi; Kholdoun Torki; Ridha Hamza
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Toward determining cost, quality, and turn-around time of MEMS devices fabricated in a distributed prototyping environment
Author(s): William L. Benard; Kaigham J. Gabriel; Michael A. Huff
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General MEMS process physics simulation and its applications
Author(s): Nora Finch; Yie He; James Marchetti
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New EUROPRACTICE microsystem design and foundry services
Author(s): Patric R. Salomon; Dirk Beernaert; Rob Turner
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Laser microwelding in electronics: limitations and solutions for a further miniaturization
Author(s): Michael Hubert Marcus Schmidt; Andreas Otto
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Production of silicon diaphragms by precision grinding
Author(s): Andrzej Prochaska; Paul T. Baine; S. J. Neil Mitchell; Harold S. Gamble
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Flexible processing of large scale LCD panels using scanner-deflected UV-laser radiation
Author(s): Andreas Ostendorf; Klaus Koerber; Thorsten Temme; Bob Bann; Paul Apte; Heinz Haberzettl; Tatjana Budischewski
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Release etch modeling analysis and the use of laser scanning microscopy for etch time prediction of micromachined structures
Author(s): George Matamis; Bishnu P. Gogoi; David J. Monk; Andrew McNeil; Veronica A. Burrows
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Repair of stiction-failed surface-micromachined polycrystalline silicon cantilevers using pulsed lasers
Author(s): Leslie M. Phinney; James W. Rogers
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Novel process for deposition of aluminum onto sidewalls of silicon trenches
Author(s): Harald Sehr; Alan G. R. Evans; Arthur Brunnschweiler; Graham J. Ensell
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Process development and fabrication of application-specific microvalves
Author(s): Bai Xu; James Castracane; Robert E. Geer; Yahong Yao; Bruce Altemus
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Formation of low-stress multilayered thick polysilicon films for fabrication of microsystems
Author(s): Chang-Auck Choi; Won-Ick Jang; Myung-Lae Lee; Youn Tae Kim
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Application of a silicon-enriched nitride diaphragm to a condenser microphone
Author(s): Norisato Shimizu; Akihisa Yoshida; Masaharu Ikeda; Shinichiro Aoki
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Dynamic actuation behavior of NiTi/Si diaphragm micropump
Author(s): Dong Xu; Li Wang; Guifu Ding; Yong Zhou; Aibin Yu; Xiulan Cheng; Jian Chen; Bingchu Cai
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Experimental study of micro-EDM machining performances on silicon wafer
Author(s): Xiaozhong Song; Wim Meeusen; Dominiek Reynaerts; Hendrik Van Brussel
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Control of internal stress in SMA/Si bimorph microactuators
Author(s): Li Wang; Dong Xu; Bingchu Cai; Xiulan Cheng
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Improvement of structural stability and IR-detecting characteristics of microbolometer
Author(s): HoKwan Kang; W. H. Ha; C. W. Park; Byung-Kap Kim; Sung W. Moon; ToHoon Kim
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Micromachining technologies for capillary electrophoresis utilizing Pyrex glass etching and bonding
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Thomas Haiqing Gong
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Novel low-temperature pressure-assisted bonding technology
Author(s): Abdeljlail Sayah; Dominique Solignac; Martin A. M. Gijs
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Wafer-level chip size package with an air cavity above the active surface for micromechanical applications
Author(s): Avner P. Badihi
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Packaging for a rotational accelerometer: Is a standard plastic SOIC an industrial solution?
Author(s): Valter Motta; Giovanni Frezza; Mariapia Riva; Kritivasan Sivakumar
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IC-compatible process for pattern transfer in deep wells for integration of RF components
Author(s): Nga Phuong Pham; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Joachim N. Burghartz
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Novel porous silicon formation without external contact
Author(s): Alexandra Splinter; Joerg Stuermann; Wolfgang Benecke
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Single-crystal micromachining using multiple fusion-bonded layers
Author(s): Alan Brown; Garry O'Neill; Scott C. Blackstone
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Manufacturing of microcomponents in a research institute under DIN EN ISO 9001
Author(s): Dieter Maas; Bernhard Karl; Volker Saile; Joachim Schulz
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Development of polysilicon films for MEMS integration with submicrometer CMOS process
Author(s): Brian L. McCarson; Benjamin Yip; Chris Reno; Jonathan Gorrell; Bishnu P. Gogoi
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Development of a low-stress silicon-rich silicon nitride film for micromachined sensor applications
Author(s): Mark Williams; Jeff Smith; Judy Mark; George Matamis; Bishnu P. Gogoi
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Patterning of diamond films by RIE and its MEMS applications
Author(s): Guifu Ding; Jinyuan Yao; Aibin Yu; Xiaolin Zhao; Li Wang; Tianhui Shen
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Precise mask alignment design to crystal orientation of (100) silicon wafer using wet anisotropic etching
Author(s): Ping-Hei Chen; Chang-Ming Hsieh; Hsin-Yah Peng; Minking K. Chyu
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Powder blasting as a three-dimensional microstucturing technology for MEMS applications
Author(s): Eric Belloy; I. Zalunardo; Abdeljlail Sayah; Martin A. M. Gijs
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Elimination of wafer edge die yield loss for accelerometers
Author(s): Zhenjun Zhang; Kim A. Eskes
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Bulk micromachining of SOI wafers using double-sided lithography and anisotropic wet etching
Author(s): Henrik Rodjegard; Gert I. Andersson
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Fabrication of horn-shaped antenna array using SU-8 and application to the bolometer
Author(s): Taeseok Sim; Sung W. Moon; Sung Woo Hwang; Kyoung-Soo Chae; Myung-Hwan Oh
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Design and fabrication of a micromechanical inverter
Author(s): Kyoung-Soo Chae; Seungoh Han; Minseok Song; Sung W. Moon; James Jungho Pak
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Anisotropically etched Si molds for fabricating fine optical components
Author(s): Yigui Li; Takehiro Fujii; Minoru Sasaki; Kazuhiro Hane
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Heat- and oxygen-RIE-resistant polysiloxane resist with three-dimensional structure for high-aspect-ratio microfabrication
Author(s): Keiji Watanabe; Miwa Igarashi; Shoich Suda
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Microsystems for diverse applications using recently developed microfabrication techniques
Author(s): Laurent Dellmann; Terunobu Akiyama; Danick Briand; Sebastien Gautsch; Olivier T. Guenat; Benedikt Guldimann; Philippe Luginbuhl; Cornel Marxer; Urs Staufer; Bart van der Schoot; Nico F. de Rooij

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