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SAR Image Analysis, Modeling, and Techniques III
Editor(s): Francesco Posa; Luciano Guerriero

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Volume Number: 4173
Date Published: 21 December 2000

Table of Contents
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Bistatic SAR for Earth observation
Author(s): Antonio Moccia
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SAR concept applied to monostatic and bistatic altimetry and subsurface sounding radar
Author(s): Giovanni Picardi; Roberto Seu
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New algorithm for processing hybrid strip-map/spotlight-mode synthetic aperture radar data
Author(s): Gianfranco Fornaro; Riccardo Lanari; Eugenio Sansosti; F. Serafino; Simona Zoffoli
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Cassini radar: data analysis of the Earth flyby and simulation of Titan's flyby data
Author(s): Domenico Casarano; Laura Dente; Francesco Posa; Randolph L. Kirk; Ralph D. Lorenz; Stephen D. Wall; Richard D. West
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Hybrid despeckling filter driven by a novel homogeneity feature
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti
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SPECAN techniques for range and azimuth ScanSAR processing
Author(s): Ana Vidal-Pantaleoni; Miguel Ferrando
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Wave and wind field extraction from ERS SAR imagery
Author(s): Giacomo De Carolis; Flavio Parmiggiani; Elena Arabini; Paolo Trivero
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Feature analysis for SAR ATR
Author(s): David Blacknell
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Unsupervised classification of radar images based on hidden Markov models and generalized mixture estimation
Author(s): Roger Fjortoft; Jean-Marc Boucher; Yves Delignon; Rene Garello; Jean-Marc Le Caillec; Henri Maitre; Jean-Marie Nicolas; Wojciech Pieczynski; Marc Sigelle; Florence Tupin
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Contour detection in high-resolution polarimetric SAR images
Author(s): Dirk C. J. Borghys; Christiaan Perneel; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Extraction of linear features in SAR images for geographical map updating in a tropical forest context
Author(s): V. P. Onana; Emmanuele Trouve; G. Mauris; Jean-Paul Rudant; J. Mvogo Ngono; Emmanuel Tonye
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Coastline detection in SAR images using wavelet packets, multiscale segmentation, and Markov random-field regularization
Author(s): J. Mvogo Ngono; V. P. Onana; Jean-Paul Rudant; Herve Trebossen; Gregoire Mercier; Emmanuel Tonye
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Retrieval of soil moisture profile by combined C-band scatterometer data and a surface hydrological model
Author(s): Claudia Notarnicola; Angelo Canio D'Alessio; Francesco Posa; Vincenzo Sabatelli; Domenico Casarano
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Mapping frazil and pancake sea ice from SAR imagery
Author(s): Andrea Baraldi; Flavio Parmiggiani
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Techniques to extract the structure of the marine atmospheric boundary layer from SAR images
Author(s): Stefano Zecchetto; Francesco De Biasio
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Estimation of terrain elevation by multifrequency interferometric wideband SAR data
Author(s): Vito Pascazio; Gilda Schirinzi
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WLMS-RG combined unwrapping method
Author(s): Oscar Mora; Marc Bara; Antoni Broquetas
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SAR interferometry: confronting incoherence in phase unwrapping
Author(s): Heather C. North; Stephen J. McNeill; Chris Pearson
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Approximation of a complex interferogram by a sum of complex exponentials: an application to phase unwrapping
Author(s): Giovanni Nico; J. Fortuny
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SAR interferometric phase denoising: a new approach based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Carlos Lopez; Francesc Xavier Fabregas
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Calibration requirements for airborne SAR interferometry
Author(s): Jordi J. Mallorqui; Marc Bara; Antoni Broquetas
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Geocoding techniques for interferometric and polarimetric airborne SAR data
Author(s): Marc Bara; Antoni Broquetas; Rolf Scheiber; Ralf Horn
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Capabilities of ERS sensors for Mediterranean vegetation detection using multitemporal data
Author(s): Guillem Chust; Danielle Ducrot; Jerome Bruniquel; Joan Lluis Pretus
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Geolocation algorithms for SAR interferometry
Author(s): Giovanni Nico
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Automated method to estimate the baseline parameters for deriving the accurate digital elevation model
Author(s): Masaki Kagawa; Hiroshi Hanaizumi
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Improvements in flood monitoring by means of interferometric coherence
Author(s): Silvana G. Dellepiane; Giancarlo Bo; Stefania Monni; C. Buck
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Filtering of layover areas in high-resolution IFSAR for building extraction
Author(s): David Petit; Frederic Adragna; Jean-Denis Durou
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Fusion of multiview interferometric and slant range SAR data for building reconstruction
Author(s): Regine Bolter; Franz W. Leberl
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Temporal analysis of terrain subsidence by means of sparse SAR differential interferometric measurements
Author(s): Mario Costantini; Antonio Iodice; Luca Pietranera
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Along-track interferometry by one-bit-coded SAR signals
Author(s): Vito Pascazio; Gilda Schirinzi; Alfonso Farina
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