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Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites IV
Editor(s): Hiroyuki Fujisada; Joan B. Lurie; Alexander Ropertz; Konradin Weber

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Volume Number: 4169
Date Published: 9 February 2001

Table of Contents
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ASTER early science outcome and operation status
Author(s): Hiroji Tsu; Yasushi Yamaguchi; Hiroyuki Fujisada; Anne B. Kahle; Isao Sato; Masatane Kato; Hiroshi Watanabe; Masahiko Kudoh; Moshe Pniel
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Imagery and initial results from the Terra Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR)
Author(s): David J. Diner
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Validation of CERES/TERRA data
Author(s): Bruce R. Barkstrom; Bruce A. Wielicki; G. Louis Smith; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Kory J. Priestley; Thomas P. Charlock; David P. Kratz
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One size fits all
Author(s): Jack E. Leibee
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In-flight calibration of the EOS Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR)
Author(s): Carol J. Bruegge; Nadine Lu Chrien; Brian G. Chafin; David J. Diner; Robert R. Ando
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Surface temperature retrieval from MODIS data
Author(s): Jose Antonio Sobrino; J. El-Kharraz; Z.-L. Li; Zhengming Wan
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ASTER initial image evaluation
Author(s): Akira Iwasaki; Hiroyuki Fujisada; Masaya Torii
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ASTER target observation scenario
Author(s): Naoyuki Doi; Yasushi Yamaguchi; Hiroyasu Muraoka; Hozuma Sekine; Tatsuhiko Narita; Taijiro Ohno; Ronald H. Cohen; Daniel Wenkert; Gary N. Geller; A. R. Molloy; Moshe Pniel
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Development of ASTER ground data system and ASTER first data generation
Author(s): Hiroshi Watanabe; Hiroji Tsu; Isao Sato
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In-flight performance of the ASTER cryocooler
Author(s): Masakuni Kawada; Hiroshi Akao; Minoru Kobayashi; Tohru Maekawa; Hiroyuki Fujisada
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Global Change Observation Mission
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Author(s): Yoshiaki Honda
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Meteosat Second Generation: in-flight verification and calibration of the spinning enhanced visible and infrared imager (SEVIRI)
Author(s): Andreas Ottenbacher; Donny Maladji A. Aminou
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Airborne A-band spectrometer for remote sensing of aerosol and cloud optical properties
Author(s): Michael C. Pitts; Chris A. Hostetler; Lamont R. Poole; Carl Holden Jr.; Didier Rault
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MIPAS onboard ENVISAT: flight model performance, calibration, and characterization
Author(s): Roland Gessner; David J. Smith; Manfred Kolm; Martin J. Endemann; Philip Gare
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Imaging spectrometer VIRS in remote sensing experiments for simulation of the Skymed/Cosmo system
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Ivan Pippi; Marco Poggesi
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Reference laser source for the IASI interferometer
Author(s): Laurence Pujol; Jacques Lizet; Olivier Sosnicki
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Results of test flights with the airborne digital sensor ADS40
Author(s): Anko Boerner; Ralf Reulke
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Radiometry simulation within the end-to-end simulation tool SENSOR
Author(s): Lorenz Wiest; Anko Boerner
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Uncertainty and confidence intervals in optical design using the Monte Carlo ray-trace method
Author(s): Maria Cristina Sanchez; Felix J. Nevarez; J. Robert Mahan; Kory J. Priestley
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Differential processing of location signals in time domain
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Pogribny; Igor Rozhankivsky; Zdzislav Drzycimski; Andrzej Milewski; Vasyl Lozynsky
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Hybrid long-wavelength IR sensor based on a linear array of poly Si-Ge uncooled microbolometers with a CMOS readout
Author(s): Spyros Kavadias; Piet De Moor; Martin Gastal; Niki Hendrikx; Filip Wirix; Chris A. Van Hoof
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Terrain elevation measurement from ALOS/PRISM stereographic images
Author(s): Kiyonari Fukue; Ryuji Matsuoka; Haruhisa Shimoda; Toshibumi Sakata
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CEOS database of worldwide calibration facilities and validation test sites
Author(s): James J. Butler; Lalit Wanchoo; Truong Le
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New thermal vacuum facility for the radiometric calibration of space instruments
Author(s): Bertram A. van der Zwan
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Calibration data models for the Landsat 7 ETM+ internal calibrator
Author(s): Jan Smid; Brian L. Markham; Petr Volf; Marek Obitko
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Radiometric calibration of total ozone mapping spectrometer: flight model 5 (TOMS-5) aboard QuickTOMS
Author(s): Hongwoo Park; Richard D. McPeters; Glen Jaross; Matthew Kowalewski; Scott J. Janz; Robert E. Haring
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Broadband measurements of lunar radiances using the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) spacecraft/Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) sensors
Author(s): Robert Benjamin Lee III; G. Louis Smith; Peter L. Spence; Dale R. Walikainen; Zbigniew Peter Szewczyk; Jack Paden; Kory J. Priestley
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Modeling the brightness of the Moon over 350 - 2500 nm for spacecraft calibration
Author(s): James M. Anderson; Hugh H. Kieffer; Kris J. Becker
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Filter radiometer monitoring system for integrating sphere sources
Author(s): John Marketon; Peter Abel; James J. Butler; Gilbert R. Smith; John W. Cooper
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Prelaunch performance characteristics of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; L. Larrabee Strow
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Instruments and system for CLOUDS: a cloud and radiation monitoring satellite
Author(s): Bizzarro Bizzarri; Paolo Spera; Emanuele Maggi; Peter Coppo; Roberto Bonsignori; Peter Zimmermann; Thomas Rose; Norman Grant; Laurent Vial
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Receiver specifications of the MIRAS demonstrator
Author(s): Francisco Torres; Ignasi Corbella; Adriano Camps; Javier Bara; Nuria Duffo; Merce Vall-llossera; A. Borges
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Deriving atmospheric water vapor and ozone profiles from active microwave occultation measurements
Author(s): Dasheng Feng; Stig Syndergaard; Benjamin M. Herman; E. Robert Kursinski; T. P. Yunck; F. W. Romberg
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CERES aqua instrument simulator for command and upload validation
Author(s): John J. Chapman
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Laboratory calibration of the EUV spectrometer for the Space Solar Patrol Mission
Author(s): Sergey V. Avakyan; Evgenii P. Andreev; Il'ia M. Afanas'ev; Nikita B. Leonov; Alexander V. Savushkin; Alla E. Serova; Nikolai A. Voronin
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Extended-wavelength InGaAs detectors grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) on compliant substrates
Author(s): Koen Vanhollebeke; Ingrid Moerman; Peter Van Daele; Piet M. A. Demeester
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Visible imaging spectrometer and infrared radiometer (VISIR) for coastal zones and land applications
Author(s): Umberto Del Bello; Roberto Bonsignori; Andrea Romoli; Peter Coppo
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Ball global imaging system for Earth remote sensing
Author(s): Tom H. Miers; Richard S. Munro
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RAPIDS remote sensing receiving station: key of agriculture production machine
Author(s): Bob Moll; Frank Wouters
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Data acquisition and archiving system for remote sensing groundstations
Author(s): Stephen Clift
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Assessment of the U.S. policy of shutter control and its impact on U.S. commercial remote sensing firms
Author(s): Michelle L. Aten; Mark A. Hover
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Advanced remote sensing techniques for forestry applications: an application case in Sarawak, Malaysia
Author(s): Edmond Nezry; Francis Yakam-Simen; Paul P. Romeijn; Iwan Supit; Louis Demargne
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Enabling unbounded imagery archives for the new millennium and smart tools vital to the age of information overload
Author(s): Miriam Buzi; Alysa Sakkas
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Measurements with UV-DOAS in a street tunnel for validation of emission factors for road vehicles
Author(s): Johannes Rodler; Peter J. Sturm; Bernhard Lechner
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Measurement of VOCs in vehicle exhaust by extractive FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Bernhard Lechner; H. Paar; Peter J. Sturm
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Hyperspectral analysis toolset
Author(s): James N. Sweet; Mary H. Sharp; James C. Granahan
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