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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere V
Editor(s): Jaqueline E. Russell; Klaus Schaefer; Olga Lado-Bordowsky

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Volume Number: 4168
Date Published: 31 January 2001

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Sensor synergy for cloud observation: theory and observation (for liquid water clouds)
Author(s): Hannelore I. Bloemink; Andre C.A.P. van Lammeren; Arnout J. Feijt; S. C. H. M. Jongen
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Stratocumulus parameter retrieval using MODIS nighttime imagery: a theoretical approach
Author(s): Juan C. Perez; Albano Gonzalez; Fernando Rosa; Felix Herrera; Dulce M. de la Cruz
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Accuracy of low-spatial-resolution cloud property retrieval considering horizontal cloud inhomogeneities
Author(s): Kurt S. Fienberg; Manuel Nunez
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Remote sensing of cirrus cloud properties in the far infrared
Author(s): Catherine Naud; Jaqueline E. Russell; John E. Harries
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Scientific background for CLOUDS: a cloud and radiation monitoring satellite
Author(s): Bizzarro Bizzarri; Michel Desbois; Carsten Stanfuss; John E. Harries; J. E. Murray; Jaqueline E. Russell; Catherine Naud; Albin J. Gasiewski; Klaus Kuenzi; Georg Heyster; Jungang Miao; Alberto Mugnai; Gian-Paolo Gobbi; GianLuigi Liberti; Stefano Dietrich; Anthony Slingo; Alfonso Sutera; Isabella Bordi; Stefano Tibaldi; PierPaolo Alberoni; Rolando Rizzi
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Improved cloud detection in AVHRR daytime and nighttime scenes over the ocean
Author(s): James Simpson; T. McIntire; J. Stitt; Gary Hufford
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Detecting thin cirrus clouds in high-spectral-resolution infrared data
Author(s): Jaqueline E. Russell; Joanna D. Haigh
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Introducing spatial information in k-means algorithm for cloud detection in optical satellite images
Author(s): Laurent Beaudoin; Jean-Marie Nicolas; Florence Tupin; M. Hueckel
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Neural network approach to cloud removal in single-band SSM/I imagery
Author(s): Perry J. Hardin; Mark W. Jackson
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Detection of cloud cover fractions by GOME polarization measurement detectors and validation by surface observations
Author(s): Olaf Tuinder
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Forecasting precipitable water vapor and cirrus cloud cover for astronomical observatories: satellite image processing guided by synoptic model dissemination data
Author(s): D. Andre Erasmus; Marc S. Sarazin
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Asymmetry factors: hemispheric backscattering to total scattering ratios and backscatter fractions retrieved from multiwavelength scattering coefficients
Author(s): Helena Gonzalez Jorge; Fernando Rosa; John Ogren
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WSpectra: a Windows program to accurately measure the line intensities of high-resolution Fourier transform spectra
Author(s): Michel R. Carleer
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Validation and analysis of Earth Radiation Budget active-cavity radiometric data (1985-1999)
Author(s): Jack Paden; G. Louis Smith; Robert Benjamin Lee III; Kory J. Priestley; Dhirendra K. Pandey; Robert S. Wilson
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Absolute intensities of water vapor lines in the near-ultraviolet and visible regions
Author(s): Pierre-Francois Coheur; Sophie Fally; Ann Carine Vandaele; Christian Hermans; Alain Jenouvrier; Michel R. Carleer; Marie-France Merienne; Cathy Clerbaux; Reginald Colin
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Fully quadratic convergent inversion scheme for IASI
Author(s): Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio; Mariassunta Viggiano
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Simultaneous temperature and water vapor profile from IASI radiances
Author(s): Italia De Feis; Alberta M. Lubrano; Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio
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Nocturnal clear-sky directional downwelling infrared temperature measurements in a forest canopy
Author(s): Matthew P. Wilson; Manuel Nunez
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SSM/I and the Montagnana radar data fusion to analyze clouds over Tuscany
Author(s): Stefano Nativi; Paolo Mazzetti; Dino Giuli
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Differential absorption lidar (DIAL) via atmospheric aerosol (cloud) backscattering: recent results of coherent CO2 lidar measurements conducted at the Maui Space Surveillance Site
Author(s): Benjamin C. Willman; Mark A. Kovacs
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3D scanning portable backscatter lidar platform for atmospheric remote sensing: performance and architecture overview
Author(s): Francesc Rocadenbosch; Cecilia Soriano; Adolfo Comeron; Jose M. Baldasano; Alejandro Rodriguez; Constantino Munoz; David Garcia-Vizcaino
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Barcelona atmospheric monitoring with lidar: first measurements with the UPC's scanning portable lidar
Author(s): Cecilia Soriano; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Alejandro Rodriguez; Constantino Munoz; David Garcia-Vizcaino; Jose M. Baldasano; Adolfo Comeron
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Transportable Rayleigh/Raman lidar for aerosol and water vapor profiling
Author(s): Fernando Congeduti; P. D'Aulerio; S. Casadio; P. Baldetti; F. Belardinelli
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Development of a small portable eyesafe unattended scanning lidar for analysis of the structural and optical properties of tropospheric aerosols
Author(s): Michael Sicard; Jacques R. Pelon; Jean Pierre Buis; Patrick Chazette
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Spectroscopic remote sensing of aircraft exhausts at airports
Author(s): Klaus Schaefer; Achim Sedlmaier; Christoph Jahn; Joerg Heland
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Passive remote monitoring of chemical vapor concentration: method and results for ammonia
Author(s): Jean-Marc Theriault
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Optical spectroscopic measurement of unburnt hydrocarbons in emissions from aeroengine combustion systems
Author(s): Giovanni M. Arrigone; Moira Hilton
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Analysis of DF laser applicability to SO2 remote sensing in the atmosphere
Author(s): Victor I. Lazarenko; Sergey D. Velikanov; Ivan N. Pegoev; Sergey N. Sin'kov; Yuri N. Frolov
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Comparison of modified Twomey method and an anomalous diffraction approximation technique for aerosol size distribution retrieval
Author(s): Francesco Esposito; Ghislan R. Franssens; Giulia Pavese; Carmine Serio
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New method for aerosol size distribution retrieval based on anomalous diffraction approximation
Author(s): Ghislan R. Franssens
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Twenty-six years of lidar monitoring of northern midlatitude stratospheric aerosols
Author(s): David C. Woods; Mary T. Osborn
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MFRSR-based climatologies of atmospheric aerosols, trace gases, and water vapor
Author(s): Mikhail D. Alexandrov; Andrew A. Lacis; Barbara E. Carlson; Brian Cairns
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Tropospheric carbon monoxide measurements from geostationary orbit
Author(s): Doreen Osowski Neil; Larry L. Gordley; Benjamin Thomas Marshall; Glen William Sachse
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Optimized spectral microwindows for midlatitude and polar trace gas retrieval from MIPAS-ENVISAT measurements
Author(s): Norbert Glatthor; Thomas von Clarmann; Georg Echle; U. Grabowski; Evelyn Kimmich
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Application of SAGE III inversion algorithm to SALOMON measurements
Author(s): A. Bazureau; Colette Brogniez; J.-B. Renard
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Application of Fabry-Perot interferometer for atmospheric HCl remote sensing
Author(s): Chiara Gori; Giorgio Giovanelli; Ivan K. Kostadinov; Fabrizio Ravegnani; Andrea Petritoli; Daniele Bortoli
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Stratosphere NO2 observation at mid- and high latitude performed with ground-based spectrometers
Author(s): Daniele Bortoli; Fabrizio Ravegnani; Ivan K. Kostadinov; Giorgio Giovanelli; Andrea Petritoli; Rolf Werner; Atanas Atanassov; Dimiter Valev
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