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Atmospheric Propagation, Adaptive Systems, and Laser Radar Technology for Remote Sensing

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Volume Number: 4167
Date Published: 31 January 2001

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Calculation and simulation of atmospheric refraction effects in maritime environments
Author(s): Denis Dion Jr.; Lionel Gardenal; P. Lahaie; J. Luc Forand
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Modeling optical refraction and turbulence effects within the MSBL (marine surface boundary layer)
Author(s): Jaques Claverie; Gaelle Kergonou; Christophe Kaire
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Polarization and turbulence effects measured at the Nettuno Trails Italy, 1998
Author(s): Ruland Neuwirth; Karin Stein
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Implementation and test of wave optics code using parallel FFT algorithms
Author(s): David M. Strong; Eric P. Magee; Gary B. Lamont
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Atmospheric propagation model for calculation of the aureole about a point source
Author(s): Claire Lavigne; Patrick Chervet; Stephane Langlois; Antoine Roblin
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Estimation of satellite laser optical cross section: a comparison of simulations and field results
Author(s): Gordon W. Lukesh; Susan M. Chandler; Calvin C. Barnard
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Influence of orography on water vapor profiles over complex terrain in southern Italy
Author(s): Carlo Bellecci; Michele Colacino; Pasqualino Gaudio; P. Aversa; Livio Casella; S. Federico; T. Lo Feudo
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Phase and amplitude distortions of laser radiation with pulsed clearing of artificial fog
Author(s): Liliya K. Chistyakova; Aleksandr V. Kuzikovskii
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Fractional moments for processing data from low dynamics acquisition systems in laser atmospheric scintillation
Author(s): Claudia Innocenti; Anna Consortini
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Long-range laser illuminated imaging
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; Stephen L. Browne; Steven C. Sandven; John D. Gonglewski; Joe Gallegos; Michael L. Shilko Sr.
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Nonimaging active system determination of target shape through turbulent medium
Author(s): Susan M. Chandler; Gordon W. Lukesh
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Laser beam propagation through a jet aircraft engine's exhaust
Author(s): Vladmir S. Sirazetdinov; Anatoly D. Starikov; David H. Titterton
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Theory of singular phase reconstruction in speckle-field
Author(s): Valerii P. Aksenov; Olga V. Tikhomirova
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Measuring turbulence in an extended field of view
Author(s): Erez N. Ribak
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State of the art in liquid crystal technologies for wavefront compensation: an AFRL perspective
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino; Jeffrey T. Baker; David Charles Dayton; Deborah Werling; Stephen L. Browne
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Control of a multi-element dual-frequency liquid crystal device for adaptive optics wavefront correction
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; John D. Gonglewski; Sergio R. Restaino; Stephen L. Browne
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Multiconjugate adaptive optics: comparison of phase reconstruction approaches for large field of view
Author(s): Thierry Fusco; Jean-Marc Conan; Vincent Michau; Gerard Rousset; F. Assemat
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Adaptive phase correction of turbulent distortions for image and beam under conditions of strong intensity fluctuations
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin; Boris V. Fortes
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Compensation of strongly heterogeneous atmospheric distortions in Fourier telescopy of remote rough objects
Author(s): Valery I. Mandrosov; Peter Alexseevich Bakut; Victor L. Gamiz
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Correction of scintillation effects by multiconjugate adaptive optics
Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Fouche; Jean-Marc Conan; Vincent Michau; Marc Sechaud
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SMOS: a satellite mission to measure ocean surface salinity
Author(s): Jordi Font; Yann H. Kerr; Meric A. Srokosz; Jacqueline Etcheto; Gary S. E. Lagerloef; Adriano Camps; Philippe Waldteufel
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Representation of phase of distorted optical wave through the orthonormal bases including the outer scale of turbulence: numerical experiment
Author(s): Yusup N. Isaev; Elena V. Zakharova
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Reference wave solutions with applications to the analysis of frequency correlation in random media
Author(s): Reuven Mazar; Alexander Bronshtein
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Simulation of imaging of space-based objects through cirrus clouds
Author(s): Barbara Tehan Landesman; Peter J. Kindilien; Charles L. Matson
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Self-aligned heterodyne laser radar system for surface displacement monitoring
Author(s): Alejandro Rodriguez; David Garcia; Adolfo Comeron; Federico Dios; Francesc Rocadenbosch
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Field demonstration and characterization of a 10.6-um reflection tomography imaging system
Author(s): Stephen A. Hanes; Vincent N. Benham; James B. Lasche; Kenneth B. Rowland
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Video-based sensor for tracking three-dimensional targets
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Michael L. Book; Thomas C. Bryan
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Intelligent tail light: adaption of brightness using lidar technique
Author(s): Juergen Streicher; Christian Werner; Joerg Apitz; Otto Juenemann
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Virtual instruments for wind and atmospheric turbulence measurements
Author(s): Christian Werner; Juergen Streicher; Ines Leike; Viktor A. Banakh; Igor N. Smalikho
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Aerosol particle microstructure dependence of accuracy of cw Doppler lidar estimate of wind velocity
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Igor N. Smalikho; Christian Werner
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Space lidar "Tectonica-A" and ground-based testing
Author(s): Gennadii G. Matvienko; Anatolii I. Grishin; Vladimir A. Alekseev
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Dividing optical power for maximum signal-to-noise ratio in a self-mixing FMCW system
Author(s): Daniel Nordin; Kalevi Hyyppae
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