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Advances in Laboratory-based X-Ray Sources and Optics

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Volume Number: 4144
Date Published: 2 November 2000

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Microfocus soft x-ray source generated by a compact high-power laser plasma
Author(s): I. C. Edmond Turcu; Harry Rieger; Yuli Vladimirsky; Robert K. Grygier; Michael F. Powers; Joe R. Naunguyan; S. M. Campeau; G. French; Richard Alan Forber; Richard M. Foster
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Laser synchrotron femtosecond x-ray source for novel imaging
Author(s): Akira Endo; Katsuyuki Kobayashi; Kazuya Takasago; Shinji Ito; Jinfeng Yang; Yasuhiro Okada; Masafumi Yorozu; Fumio Sakai; Yasushi Aoki
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Improved performances of CIBER-X: a new tabletop laser-driven electron and x-ray source
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Girardeau-Montaut; Bela Kiraly; Claire Girardeau-Montaut
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X-pinch driven by 0.9 MA: a powerful pulsed soft x-ray point source
Author(s): Victor L. Kantsyrev; Bruno S. Bauer; Alla S. Shlyaptseva; Dmitry A. Fedin; Stephanie Hansen; Radu Presura; Steve Batie; Wade Cline; Harold Faretto; Bruno Le Galloudec; Andrew Oxner; Diana McCrorey; Nick D. Ouart; Hank LeBeau
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Target analysis of laser plasma droplet-target system
Author(s): Oscar E. Hemberg; Bjoern A. M. Hansson; Hans M. Hertz
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Capillary discharge plasmas as a source of EUV and soft x-ray radiation
Author(s): Alexander P. Shevelko; Larry V. Knight; Oleg F. Yakushev
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Development of an EUV reflectometer using a laser plasma x-ray source
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kondo; Noriaki Kandaka; Katsumi Sugisaki; Tetsuya Oshino; Masayuki Shiraishi; Wakana Ishiyama; Katsuhiko Murakami
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Accurate multilayer period determination with laser plasma water-window reflectometer
Author(s): Goeran A. Johansson; Magnus Berglund; Fredrik Eriksson; Jens Birch; Hans M. Hertz
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X-ray crystallography with microfocus x-ray sources
Author(s): Ulrich W. Arndt; Anne C. Bloomer
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Recent advances in x-ray source/optic integration
Author(s): Scott Snyder; Christopher K. Frank; Dennis L. Harris; Ning Gao
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Low-power protein crystallography using polycapillary optics
Author(s): Huapeng Huang; Carolyn A. MacDonald; Walter M. Gibson; D. C. Carter; J. X. Ho; J. R. Ruble; Igor Yu. Ponomarev
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High-intensity monochromatic x-ray beam using doubly curved crystal optics
Author(s): Zewu Chen; Jeffrey P. Nicolich
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Multilayer x-ray optics for energies E > 8 keV and their application in x-ray analysis
Author(s): Reiner Dietsch; Stefan Braun; Thomas Holz; Hermann Mai; Roland Scholz; Lutz Bruegemann
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Graded x-ray multilayer optics for laboratory-based applications
Author(s): Vladimir V. Protopopov
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Compound x-ray refractive lenses made of polyimide
Author(s): H. Raul Beguiristain; J. Theodore Cremer; Melvin A. Piestrup; Richard H. Pantell; Charles K. Gary; Joseph Feinstein
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Microfocusing with grazing incidence x-ray micromirrors
Author(s): Ladislav Pina; Adolf Van Inneman; Rene Hudec; Ulrich W. Arndt; Neil Loxley; Graham Fraser; Mark Taylor; John Wall
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Monolithic polycapillary x-ray optics engineered to meet a wide range of applications
Author(s): Xunliang Ding; Ning Gao; George J. Havrilla
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Phase-retrieval x-ray diffractometry in the case of high- or low-flux radiation source
Author(s): Andrei Yurievich Nikulin; Peter Zaumseil
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Characterization of pre- and postpatient x-ray polycapillary optics for mammographic imaging
Author(s): Francisca R. Sugiro; Sushil D. Padiyar; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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Development of polycapillary x-ray optics for scatter rejection
Author(s): - Suparmi; Padiyar Cari; Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald
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Pulsed x-ray emission by laser-plasma-triggered electron beam
Author(s): Yuji Morihisa; Yuzo Nagumo; Shigeki Hayashi; Takashi Yagi; Takeshi Matsumura; Kazumasa Honda; Isao Kojima
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High-uniformity collimator for x-ray proximity lithography
Author(s): Webster C. Cash
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Characterization of a long-focal-length polycapillary optic for high-energy x-rays
Author(s): Padiyar Cari; - Suparmi; Sushil D. Padiyar; Walter M. Gibson; Carolyn A. MacDonald; Cheryl D. Alexander; Marshall K. Joy; Christine H. Russell; Zewu Chen
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Features of soft x-ray and x-ray radiation from point laser plasma and z-pinch sources transported by glass capillary converters
Author(s): Victor L. Kantsyrev; Dmitry A. Fedin; Sergei V. Kukhlevsky; Bruno S. Bauer; Nick D. Ouart
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Focusing crystal von Hamos spectrometer for x-ray spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence applications
Author(s): Alexander P. Shevelko; Alexander A. Antonov; Inna G. Grigorieva; Yury S. Kasyanov; Larry V. Knight; Arturo Reyes-Mena; Clark Turner; Quan Wang; Oleg F. Yakushev
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Micropinch x-ray source and its applications
Author(s): Anatoliy E. Gurey; Oleg G. Semyonov; Adolf A. Tikhomirov
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