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Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications II
Editor(s): F. Patrick Doty; H. Bradford Barber; Hans Roehrig; Edward J. Morton

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Volume Number: 4142
Date Published: 18 December 2000

Table of Contents
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Influence of backscattered electrons on x-ray tube output
Author(s): Luis M. N. Tavora; Walter B. Gilboy; Edward J. Morton
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Water-window flash x-ray production from linear plasma x-ray source
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Michiaki Sagae; Hiroyuki Toriyabe; Wataru Awaji; Yasuomi Hayasi; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido; Yoshiharu Tamakawa
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Quasi-monochromatic x-ray production from the cerium target
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Yasuomi Hayasi; Hidezo Mori; Etsuro Tanaka; Kazuyoshi Takayama; Hideaki Ido; Kimio Sakamaki; Yoshiharu Tamakawa
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Monochromatic neutron beam production at Brazilian nuclear research reactors
Author(s): Roberto Stasiulevicius; Claudio Rodrigues; Carlos B. R. Parente; Dante Luiz Voi; John D. Rogers
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Multipurpose neutron generators based on the radio frequency quadrupole linear accelerator
Author(s): Robert W. Hamm
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Imaging with neutrons: the other penetrating radiation
Author(s): Glen M. MacGillivray
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Advanced neutron tomography
Author(s): Wade J. Richards; Matthew R. Gibbons; Kevin C. Shields
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Promising cancer treatment modality: the University of California Davis/McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center neutron capture therapy program
Author(s): Susan A. Autry-Conwell; James E. Boggan; Benjamin F. Edwards; Yongjin Hou; Maria-Graca Vincente; Hungyuan Liu; Wade J. Richards
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Prospects of fast neutron radiography based on portable neutron generators
Author(s): Vitaly I. Mikerov; Igor A. Zhitnik; Y. N. Barmakov; A. I. Isakov; Yevgeny Petrovich Bogolubov; V. I. Ryzkov; V. A. Samarin; T. A. Khasaev; Vladimir A. Tukarev
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Reflection of the de Broglie wave packet from thin films
Author(s): Vladimir K. Ignatovich; Filipp V. Ignatovitch
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Measurements of differential cross-section for x-ray diffraction in amorphous materials using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Regina Cely Barroso Silva; Ricardo Tadeu Lopes; Edgar F. Oliveira de Jesus; Luis Fernando de Oliveria; Marcelino J. Anjos
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High-energy x-ray and neutron modeling and digital imaging for nondestructive testing applications
Author(s): Anthony W. Davis; Charles R. Hills; Matthew J. Sheats; Thomas N. Claytor
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Higher-order dispersion in a propagating pulse
Author(s): Leon Cohen; Bruce W. Suter
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Kinetics of luminescence intensity decrease on PbWO4 crystal excitation by H+ ion beam
Author(s): Vladimir K. Egorov; Evgeniy V. Egorov
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Bomb detection using backscattered x-ray radiography
Author(s): Joseph C. Wehlburg; Jennifer Jacobs; Steve L. Shope; Grant J. Lockwood; Michael M. Selph
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PELAN: a pulsed neutron portable probe for UXO and land mine identification
Author(s): George Vourvopoulos; Phillip C. Womble; Jonathon Paschal
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X-ray lateral migration radiography system for the application of land mine detection
Author(s): Zhong Su; Alan M. Jacobs; Edward T. Dugan; Dan Ekdahl
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Recent applications of scintillation and semiconductor sensors to the detection of contraband and explosives
Author(s): Raulf M. Polichar
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New low-dose 1-MeV cargo inspection system with backscatter imaging
Author(s): William Wade Sapp Jr.; Peter J. Rothschild; Richard L. Schueller; Andrey Mishin
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CZT detector for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA)
Author(s): James Wear; Michael Buchholz; Randall K. Payne; Darrell Gorsuch; Joseph Bisek; David L. Ergun; Joe Grosholz; Ron Falk
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High-resolution x-ray image sensors based on HgI2
Author(s): Robert A. Street; Marcelo Mulato; Steve E. Ready; Rachel Lau; Jackson Ho; Koenraad Van Schuylenbergh; Michael M. Schieber; Haim Hermon; Asaf Zuck; Alexander I. Vilensky
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Mercuric iodide thick films for radiological x-ray detectors
Author(s): Michael M. Schieber; Haim Hermon; Robert A. Street; Steve E. Ready; Asaf Zuck; Alexander I. Vilensky; Leonid Melekhov; Rubil Shatunovsky; Michael Lukach; Evgenie Meerson; Yehezkel Saado; Eithan Pinkhasy
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Display for medical imaging
Author(s): Hans Roehrig
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Novel concept for coherent scatter x-ray computed tomography in medical applications
Author(s): Jens-Peter Schlomka; Sebastian M. Schneider; Geoffrey L. Harding
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High-energy microtomography using synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Felix Beckmann; Thomas Lippmann; Ulrich Bonse
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Performance evaluation of dedicated compact scintillation cameras
Author(s): David P. McElroy; Edward J. Hoffman; Lawrence R. MacDonald; Bradley E. Patt; Jan S. Iwanczyk; Yuko Yamaguchi
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High-resolution hand-held gamma camera
Author(s): Lawrence R. MacDonald; Bradley E. Patt; Jan S. Iwanczyk; Yuko Yamaguchi; David P. McElroy; Edward J. Hoffman; John Nathan Aarsvold; Robert A. Mintzer; Naomi P. Alazraki
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Measurement of coincidence timing resolution with CdTe detectors
Author(s): Yiping Shao; H. Bradford Barber; Stephen J. Balzer; Simon R. Cherry
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Integrated CT-SPECT system for small-animal imaging
Author(s): Mark Bennett Williams; Guimin Zhang; Mitali J. More; Allen R. Goode; Stan Majewski; Randy F. Wojcik; Brian Kross; Vladimir Popov; Andrew G. Weisenberger; Martin J. Stanton; Walter Charles Phillips; Alexander X. Stewart; Thomas G. McCauley; Tao Wu; Edward V.R. DiBella
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Random-coincidence corrections using iterative reconstruction for PET images
Author(s): Jyh-Cheng Chen; Ren-Shyan Liu; Kao-Yin Tu; Henry Horng-Shing Lu; Tai-Been Chen; Kuo Liang Chou
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Fluorescence microtomography: external mapping of elements inside biological samples
Author(s): Christian G. Schroer; Johannes Tuemmler; Til Florian Guenzler; Bruno Lengeler; Walter H. Schroeder; Arnd J. Kuhn; Alexandre S. Simionovici; Anatoly A. Snigirev; Irina Snigireva
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System for identification of toxic chemicals in hermetically sealed containers based on a neutron gamma method with application of the VNIIA-developed portable neutron generator
Author(s): Yevgeny Petrovich Bogolubov; Yury Grigorjevich Polkanov; T. A. Khasaev; B. G. Titov; V. D. Alexandrov; L. A. Korytko
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Multiplexed avalanche photodiode arrays
Author(s): Mitchell Woodring; Richard Farell; David Souza; Michael R. Squillante; Gerald Entine; David K. Wehe
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Development of a high-power neutron-producing lithium target for boron neutron capture therapy
Author(s): Adam V. Brown; Malcolm C. Scott
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Measurements of elastic and inelastic scattering cross-sections using monoenergetic K(alpha) radiation
Author(s): Donepudi V. Rao; S. M. Seltzer; John H. Hubbell; Roberto Cesareo; Antonio Brunetti; Giovanni E. Gigante
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Imaging of small objects and soft materials at optimum energy using a tomographic device based on image intensifier
Author(s): Donepudi V. Rao; S. M. Seltzer; John H. Hubbell; Roberto Cesareo; Antonio Brunetti; Giovanni E. Gigante
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Physics of image formation in accelerator-based fast neutron radiography
Author(s): Richard M. Ambrosi; John I. W. Watterson; Heidar Rahmanian
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