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Photonics for Space Environments VII
Editor(s): Edward W. Taylor

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Volume Number: 4134
Date Published: 26 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Electrostatic self-assembly processing of materials and devices
Author(s): Richard O. Claus; Yanjing Liu; Kristi L. Cooper
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In-situ high-energy proton irradiation of nonlinear organic modulator materials for space environments
Author(s): Edward W. Taylor; James G. Grote; John S. Zetts; James E. Winter; Anthony D. Sanchez; Douglas M. Craig
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Optical transmission and thermal heating effects due to irradiation of nonlinear optic and conductive polymers for space-based electro-optic applications
Author(s): James G. Grote; Edward W. Taylor; John S. Zetts; James E. Winter; Anthony D. Sanchez; Douglas M. Craig; Frank Kenneth Hopkins
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Chemically and thermally stable photo- and electroluminescent thiophene-based materials
Author(s): Giovanna Barbarella; Laura Favaretto; Giovanna Sotgiu; Massimo Zambianchi; Catia Arbizzani; Alessandro Bongini; Marina Mastragostino; Giuseppe Gigli; Roberto Cingolani
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Electro-optic polymer integrated optic devices for space applications
Author(s): James H. Bechtel; Weiping Lin; Yongqiang Shi; Araz Yacoubian
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Identification and synthesis of nonlinear optical materials for practical applications
Author(s): Ronald D. Clark; Tatiana V. Timofeeva; Mikhail Yu. Antipin; Vladimir N. Nesterov; Xiaohua Deng; Genevieve Kuhn
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Optical analysis of transparent polymeric material exposed to simulated space environment
Author(s): David L. Edwards; Miria M. Finckenor; Mark J. O'Neill; A. J. McDanal
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Plastic optical fiber technology
Author(s): Carl W. Dirk; Albert Peralez; Osvaldo Rodriguez; Aruna R. Nagarur; Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Victor M. Castano
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Polymer liquid crystal membrane filters in space applications
Author(s): Alison M. Thomas; Chrysa M. Theodore; Patrick J. Hood
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Effect of combined gamma-neutron radiation on multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Andrei I. Gusarov; Alberto Fernandez Fernandez; Francis Berghmans; Sergei A. Vasiliev; Oleg I. Medvedkov; Marc C. Decreton; Olivier Deparis; Patrice Megret; Michel Blondel
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Evaluation of a pragmatic approach for the prediction of radiation-induced losses in optical fibers exposed to a gamma-ray environment
Author(s): Marco Van Uffelen; Francis Berghmans; Marc C. Decreton; Antoine Nowodzinski; Jean-Claude Lecompte
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Radiation-induced dark current increase in CMOS active pixel sensors
Author(s): Jan Bogaert; Bart Dierickx; Chris A. Van Hoof
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Radiation-induced dark signal in 0.5-um CMOS APS image sensors
Author(s): Sayed I. Eid; Richard HungKai Tsai; Eric R. Fossum; Robert Spagnuolo; John J. Deily; Hal Anthony
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AlGaN/GaN ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): Joe C. Campbell; Ting Li; Shuling Wang; Ariane L. Beck; Charles J. Collins; Bo Yang; Damien J. H. Lambert; Russell D. Dupuis; John C. Carrano; Matthew J. Schurman; Ian T. Ferguson
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Integrated high-power electro-optic lens/scanner for space-based platforms
Author(s): Kevin T. Gahagan; Joanna L. Casson; Venkatraman Gopalan; David Andrew Scrymgeour; Jeanne M. Robinson
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Rapidly tunable acousto-optic spectrometer for a space environment
Author(s): David C. Thompson; Clifford J. Hewitt; Carl W. Wilson
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MEMS incandescent light source
Author(s): Meg L. Tuma; Kevin King; H. Lynn Kim; Richard Hansler; Eric W. Jones; Thomas George
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MEMS technology at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Author(s): Thomas George; Sam Young Bae; Indrani Chakraborty; Hillary Cherry; Christopher Evans; Beverley Eyre; Amanda A. Green; Allan Hui; Kevin King; H. Lynn Kim; Russell A. Lawton; Gisela Lin; Colleen Marrese; Juergen Mueller; Judith A. Podosek; Kirill Shcheglov; Tony K. Tang; Thomas R. VanZandt; Stephen E. Vargo; Joanne Wellman; Victor White; Dean V. Wiberg; Eui-Hyeok Yang
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VCSEL-based MOEMS architectures: from nanofabrication to environmental sensing ?
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki
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Radiation damage and annealing in 1310-nm InGaAsP/InP lasers for the CMS tracker
Author(s): Karl A. Gill; Giovanni Cervelli; Robert Grabit; Fredrik B. H. Jensen; Francois Vasey
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80-Mbit/s radiation-tolerant optical receiver for the CMS digital optical link
Author(s): Federico Faccio; P. Moreira; A. Marchioro
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Single-event upset studies of a high-speed digital optical data link
Author(s): Johan M. Lundquist; M-L. Andrieux; Bernard Dinkespiler; Gary A. Evans; L. Gallin-Martel; Mark Pearce; F. Rethore; Ryszard Stroynowski; J. Ye
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Radiation hardness and lifetime of VCSELs and PIN photodiodes for use in the ATLAS SCT
Author(s): Gilles Mahout; David G. Charlton; John D. Dowell; Ingrid-Maria Gregor; Roger J. Homer; Predrag Jovanovic; Andreas Kootz; R. B. Nickerson; Roy Wastie; A. R. Weidberg
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Radiation-hard optoelectronic data readout for the ATLAS SCT
Author(s): Jan Troska; John D. Dowell; Ingrid-Maria Gregor; Roger J. Homer; Predrag Jovanovic; Gilles Mahout; Igor Mandic; Roy Wastie; A. R. Weidberg; David J. White
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Degradation of carrier lifetime in irradiated lasers
Author(s): Eric Pailharey; Jacques Baggio; Karl A. Gill; Francois Vasey
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Modeling natural space ionizing radiation effects on external materials
Author(s): Richard L. Altstatt; David L. Edwards
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Effect of vacuum on the occurrence of UV-induced surface photoluminescence, transmission loss, and catastrophic surface damage
Author(s): Alan K. Burnham; Michael J. Runkel; Stavros G. Demos; Mark R. Kozlowski; Paul J. Wegner
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Fiber Bragg gratings as a candidate technology for satellite optical communication payloads: radiation-induced spectral effects
Author(s): Andrei I. Gusarov; Dominic B. Doyle; Nikos Karafolas; Francis Berghmans
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Space radiation sensitivity of glasses: first results toward a comprehensive dose coefficients database
Author(s): Michel Fruit; Andrei I. Gusarov; Dominic B. Doyle; Gerd Joachim Ulbrich; Alex Hermanne
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Applications of phase-retrieval x-ray diffractometry (PRXRD) to advanced characterization of materials used in photonic space systems
Author(s): Andrei Yurievich Nikulin
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14-MeV neutron-induced transverse mode shifts in multimode VCSELs
Author(s): Eric Pailharey; Jacques Baggio; Claudine D'hose; Olivier Musseau
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RendezVous sensor for automatic guidance of transfer vehicles to the International Space Station
Author(s): Karl-Hermann Kolk; Bettina G. U. Moebius
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RendezVous sensor for automatic guidance of transfer vehicles to ISS concept of the operational modes depending on actual optical and geometrical-dynamical conditions
Author(s): Bettina G. U. Moebius; Karl-Hermann Kolk
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Laser range finder of the RendezVous sensor for ATV and HTV
Author(s): Juergen Luther; Dieter H. Meissner
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Dependence of spectroscopic properties on ytterbium ion concentration in glasses
Author(s): Chun Jiang; QingJi Zeng; Fuxi Gan
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New scintillator: cerium-doped dense oxide glass
Author(s): Chun Jiang; QingJi Zeng; Fuxi Gan
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Organolanthanide-based infrared-light-emitting devices
Author(s): William P. Gillin; Richard J. Curry
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