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Linear, Nonlinear, and Power-Limiting Organics

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Volume Number: 4106
Date Published: 29 November 2000

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High volume manufacturing of polymer planar waveguides via UV embossing
Author(s): Paul M. Ferm; Lawrence W. Shacklette
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Polymer optical waveguide devices for low-cost WDM module
Author(s): Manabu Kagami; Tatsuya Yamashita; Hiroshi Ito
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Fabrication and characterization of planar and channel waveguides in hybrid sol-gel systems
Author(s): Anne-Claire Le Duff; Michael Canva; Tomas Pliska; Frederic Chaput; Eric Toussaere; George I. Stegeman; Jean-Pierre Boilot; Yves Levy; Alain Brun
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Polymer-based optical single-arm waveguide interferometer as a chemical sensor
Author(s): Darnell E. Diggs; Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Grigory Adamovsky
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High-performance polymeric materials for waveguide applications
Author(s): Konstantin Glukh; John-Henry Lipian; Richard Mimna; Phillip S. Neal; R. Ravikiran; Larry F. Rhodes; Robert A. Shick; Xiao-Mei Zhao
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Routes to practical plastic optical fiber systems
Author(s): Whitney R. White; Lee L. Blyler Jr.; Giorgio Giaretta; Xina Quan; William A. Reed; Michael Dueser; George Shevchuk; Pierre Wiltzius
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Luminescence characterization of rhodamine-B-doped plastic optical fibers using the side induced fluorescence method
Author(s): Carl W. Dirk; Albert Peralez; Sarah Kopecky; Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Victor M. Castano; M. Rogelio Rodriguez
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Plastic optical fibers with in-line electrode structures
Author(s): Osvaldo Rodriguez; Carl W. Dirk; Albert Peralez; Sarah Kopecky; Elder de la Rosa-Cruz; Victor M. Castano; Rogelio Rodriguez
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Fabrication and optical properties of an organic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Toshikuni Kaino; Kazuya Takayama; Cai Bin; Kyoji Komatsu
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Temperature-controlled beam steering in polymer waveguide arrays
Author(s): Thomas Pertsch; Ulrich Streppel; Thomas Zentgraf; Peter Dannberg; Andreas H. Braeuer; Ulf Peschel; Falk L. Lederer
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Accelerated aging of tunable thermo-optic polymer planar waveguide devices made of fluorinated acrylates
Author(s): Constantina Poga; MacRae Maxfield; Lawrence W. Shacklette; Robert Blomquist; George K. Boudoughian
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Photostability and residual red-tail absorption of different chromophore-doped polymers
Author(s): Michael Canva; A. Galvan-Gonzalez; George I. Stegeman; Robert J. Twieg; P. Chan; Tony C. Kowalczyk; H. Lackritz
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Control of polarization evolution in helically wound active fibers
Author(s): Diana Tentori-Santa-Cruz; Fernando Trevino-Martinez; Cesar Ayala-Diaz; Francisco J. Mendieta-Jimenez; Horacio Soto Ortiz
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Material glass transition temperature, device thickness, and operational temperature effects on absorption of electro-optic polymer films
Author(s): Anne-Claire Le Duff; Michael Canva; Yves Levy; Alain Brun; A. Galvan-Gonzalez; Tomas Pliska; George I. Stegeman; Robert J. Twieg; P. Chan; Khalid Lahlil; Frederic Chaput; Jean-Pierre Boilot
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Photo-orientation movement of photoisomerizable chromophores: quantifying analytical theory and application to spectrally overlapping and distinguishable isomers
Author(s): Zouheir Sekkat; Hidekazu Ishitobi; Daisuke Yasumatsu; Satoshi Kawata
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Depth profiling of the Chi(2) distribution in poled nonlinear optical polymer films
Author(s): Robert Blum; Kersten Pfeifer; Manfred Eich
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Alignment and aggregation studies of highly dipolar TCNQ adducts in guest-host systems
Author(s): Nancy-Ann Hackman; David Bloor; Graham Hugh Cross; Mosurkal Ravi; Marek Szablewski; Isabelle N. Ledoux-Rak; Sandrine Deveau; Joseph Zyss
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of polyvinyl carbazole and polyvinyl-carbazole-substituted thin films
Author(s): Veronica Bermudez; Francois Kajzar; S. Niziol; J. Niziol; Jan Pielichowski; Jerzy Sanetra; D. Bogdal
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Synthesis and characterization of maleic anhydride derived crosslinkable polymers for nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): Sam-Shajing Sun; Shahin Maaref; Enver Alam; Janelle Saulter; Sheron Wyatt; Yiqing Wang; Messaoud Bahoura; Carl E. Bonner Jr.
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Material optimization for electro-optic modulation and cascading
Author(s): Jorge Reyes; Bruno Darracq; Michael Canva; Mireille H. Blanchard-Desce; Frederic Chaput; Khalid Lahlil; Jean-Pierre Boilot; Alain Brun; Yves Levy
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Evidence for ring spinning in rotaxanes induced with an alternate electric field
Author(s): Veronica Bermudez; Nathalie Capron; Torsten Gase; Francesco G. Gatti; Francois Kajzar; David A. Leigh; Francesco Zerbetto; Songwei Zhang
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Dispersion of the first hyperpolarizability of an azulenic donor-acceptor chromophore
Author(s): Chia Chen Hsu; Sean Liu; Chen Chi Wang; C. H. Wang
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Linear correlation between first hyperpolarizabilities and modified reaction field function
Author(s): Chuan-Lang Zhan; Duo-Yuan Wang
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Developing photorefractive fibers for optical limiting
Author(s): Gary Cook; Jason P. Duignan; Lesley L. Taylor; David C. Jones
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Modeling nonlinear photonics of nonlinear fiber core for optical limiting application
Author(s): Iam-Choon Khoo; Michael V. Wood; Pao H. Chen; Min-Yi Shih; Atsushi Shishido; Andrew Diaz
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Comparison of experimental results and numerical analysis of multicell stepped limiters
Author(s): Landa Hoke; Brian R. Kimball; Richard A. Whalen; Gregory J. Kowalski; Barry S. DeCristofano
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Solvent effect on optical limiting of zinc tetrabenzoporphyrin compounds
Author(s): Brian R. Kimball; Masato Nakashima; Barry S. DeCristofano; N.K.M. Naga Srinivas; P. Premkiran; Desai Narayana Rao; Appaji Panchangam; Devulapalli V. G. L. N. Rao
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Optical limiting properties of derivatized carbothiacyanine dyes
Author(s): Carl E. Bonner Jr.; LaQuieta Huey; James H. Haliburton; Sam-Shajing Sun
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Solvent effect on the third-order nonlinearity and optical limiting ability of a stilbazolium-like dye
Author(s): Wenfang Sun; Michael M. McKerns; Christopher M. Lawson; Gary M. Gray; Chuan-Lang Zhan; Duo-Yuan Wang
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Up-converted emission observed from hybrid inorganic:organic composite thin film generated via laser-assisted molecular beam deposition
Author(s): Robert L. DeLeon; Mukesh P. Joshi; Eric F. Rexer; Paras N. Prasad; James F. Garvey
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Nonlinear optical properties and optical limiting performances of penta-azadentate metal complexes in solution
Author(s): Fengqi Guo; Wenfang Sun; Yun-Jing Li; Yinglin Song; Duo-Yuan Wang; Lizheng Zhao; Zhen-Zhong Lu; Yu-Xin Nie
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Influence of the photovoltaic effect on optical limiting with lithium niobate
Author(s): Gary Cook; David C. Jones; Jason P. Duignan
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of rotaxanes: novel versatile photonic materials
Author(s): Veronica Bermudez; Pierre-Alain Chollet; Francesco G. Gatti; Francois Kajzar; David A. Leigh; Andre Lorin; Songwei Zhang
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Molecular engineering for two-photon absorption in the visible
Author(s): Remi Anemian; Chantal Andraud; Jean-Michel Nunzi; Yannick Morel; Patrice L. Baldeck
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Nonlinear optical properties of the salts of "diffuse" anions
Author(s): A. Todd Yeates; Douglas S. Dudis; John S. Wilkes
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Dynamic hologram recording and relaxation in C60 solutions
Author(s): Anna L. Pyajt; Victor G. Bespalov
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Is there a fundamental limit on nonlinear molecular susceptibilities?
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk
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Precise and absolute measurements of complex third-order optical susceptibility
Author(s): Stephane Santran; Lionel Canioni; Thierry Cardinal; Evelyne Fargin; Gilles Le Flem; Claude Rouyer; Laurent Sarger
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Thin film Z-scan measurements of the nonlinear response of novel conjugated silicon-ethynylene polymers and metal-containing complexes incorporated into polymeric matrices
Author(s): William E. Douglas; Larisa G. Klapshina; Anatoly Nikolaevich Rubinov; George A. Domrachev; Boris A. Bushuk; Oleg Leonidovich Antipov; Vladimir V. Semenov; Alexander Sergeevich Kuzhelev; Sergey B. Bushuk; Julia A. Kalvinkovskaya
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Light amplification in dye-doped DNA-surfactant complex films
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Lili Wang; T. Koyama; Suguru Horinouchi; Naoya Ogata
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Low-power nonlinear optical interaction in dye-doped sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Sio Kuan Lam; Man-shih Athena Chan; Dennis Y. Lo
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CW SRS generation and amplification in high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity
Author(s): Sergey Alexsandrovich Lobanov; Victor G. Bespalov
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Substituent dependence of the third-order nonlinear optical properties of 2,5-dialkoxy-PPV derivatives
Author(s): Tiziana Cassano; Raffaele Tommasi; Michele Ferrara; Francesco Babudri; Gianluca M. Farinola; Francesco Naso
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Classical theory of dispersion of high-intensity light
Author(s): Alexander A. Korolev; Sergei A. Kozlov; Sviatoslav A. Stumpf
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Difference frequency generation in organic vapors
Author(s): Rashid A. Ganeev; Shavkat R. Kamalov; M. K. Kodirov; M. R. Milikov; Alexander Igorevich Ryasnyansky; Renat I. Tugushev; Sh. U. Umidullaev; Timurbek Usmanov
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First-order hyperpolarizabilities of multipolar molecules: experimental and theoretical analysis
Author(s): Xue-Lin Yang; Remi Anemian; Thomas Zabulon; Chantal Andraud; Sophie Brasselet; Isabelle N. Ledoux-Rak; Joseph Zyss
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