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Complex Mediums
Editor(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia; Werner S. Weiglhofer; Russell F. Messier

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Volume Number: 4097
Date Published: 30 June 2000

Table of Contents
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Evolutionary view of Maxwell theory
Author(s): Evert Jan Post
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Magnetoelectric effects in insulating magnetic materials
Author(s): Hans Schmid
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Development of HAUP and its applications to various kinds of solids
Author(s): Jinzo Kobayashi; Toru Asahi
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Resonant nonlinear optics in semiconductor quantum wells
Author(s): John M. Arnold
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Wave propagation and coupling in organic thin film photorefractive materials and applications to image processing
Author(s): Partha P. Banerjee
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Nonlinear magneto-optic spatial solitons
Author(s): Allan D. Boardman; M. Xie
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Theoretical considerations for full-wave electromagnetic media interactions in layered structures with ferroelectric or ferromagnetic materials
Author(s): Clifford M. Krowne
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Properties of inhomogeneous materials for microwave radiation components
Author(s): Lucio Vegni; Alessandro Toscano; Filiberto Bilotti
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Microwave scattering from a broadband depolarizing array of loaded planar chiral particles
Author(s): Said Zouhdi; Arlette Fourrier-Lamer
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Microwave properties of the thermal metal-semiconductor transition of the polyaniline-VO2 composites
Author(s): L. Hachet; Ph. Roduit; H. de Chanterac; N. Belhadj-Tahar; Arlette Fourrier-Lamer
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Electromagnetic response of dynamic magnetized plasma
Author(s): Dikshitulu K. Kalluri
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Environmental monitoring using magnetoelastic sensors
Author(s): Craig A. Grimes; Qingyun Cai; Keat Ghee Ong; Keith Loiselle
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Megnetostriction and Terfenol-D
Author(s): Graeme Dewar
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Homogenization of particulate materials
Author(s): Werner S. Weiglhofer
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Optical properties of heterogeneous thin solid films formed from inorganic and organic compounds
Author(s): Olaf Stenzel; Andrei Lebedev; Raiko Jaehnig; Hartmut Kupfer; Thomas Pfeifer; Steffen Wilbrandt
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Electromagnetic field fluctuations, Raman scattering, and optical nonlinearities in metal-dielectric films
Author(s): Andrey K. Sarychev; Aandrey N. Lagarkov; Konstantin N. Rozanov; Nikolay A. Simonov
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Optical properties of polymer/chalcogenide glass composite materials
Author(s): Edward Bormashenko; Roman Pogreb; Semion Sutovski
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Optical composite nanostructures produced by silver ion implantation of lithium niobate
Author(s): Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Eric K. Williams; Dariush Ila; Vasili L. Svetchnikov; Henny W. Zandbergen; David B. Poker; Dale K. Hensley
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Optical/optoelectronic applications of periodically nonhomogeneous materials
Author(s): Martin W. McCall
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Absorption by nonaxially excited layers of dielectric thin film helicoidal bianisotropic mediums
Author(s): Vijayakumar C. Venugopal; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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UV free-radical polymerization for micropatterning poly(ethylene glycol)-containing films
Author(s): Jennifer H. Ward; Rafael Gomez; Rashid Bashir; Nicholas A. Peppas
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Modeling and measurement of the electromagnetic responses of stacked volumetric gratings
Author(s): Helene Roussel; Valerie Vigneras-Lefebvre; Jean-Paul Parneix; Walid Tabbara
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Modeling light reflection from colored filament assemblies
Author(s): Arthur D. Broadbent; Farid Motamedian
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Ellipsoid-based model of structure-response relationships for chiral sculptured thin films
Author(s): Joseph A. Sherwin; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Vacuum-deposited thin film polarizing elements for use with linearly and circularly polarized light at visible and near-infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Ian J. Hodgkinson; Qihong Wu; Karen E. Thorn; Matthew D. Arnold
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Estimation of intrinsic stresses and elastic moduli in thin films
Author(s): Pedro C. Andia; Francesco Costanzo; Gary L. Gray
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Morphology and mechanical properties of oblique angle columnar thin films
Author(s): Robert A. Knepper; Russell F. Messier
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Wannier-Stark localization of a strongly coupled asymmetric double-well GaAs/AlAs superlattice
Author(s): Kenji Kawashima; Takeshi Matsumoto; Kiyotoku Arima; Takahiro Ohsumi; Takamitsu Nogami; Kazuo Satoh; Kenzo Fujiwara
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Nonspecular effects and entropy change from complex media
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman
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Microbicide effect of AG-clinoptilolites: I. Preparation and investigation of structure of samples containing silver in different states
Author(s): Nina E. Bogdanchikova; B. Concepcion Rosabal; Vitalii P. Petranovskii; M. Avalos Boja; Gerardo Rodriguez-Fuentes
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Stress and compensation of stress in nanoengineered optical coatings
Author(s): Ian J. Hodgkinson; Qihong Wu; Karen E. Thorn
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Diffusive layering during film growth in two-component systems with limited mutual solubility
Author(s): Grigory Valerievitch Merkulov; Valentin M. Ievlev; Evgeny V. Shvedov; Vadim P. Ampilogov
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Condensation kinetics of two-component metal films
Author(s): Evgeny V. Shvedov; Valentin M. Ievlev; Dimitry E. Andrusevitch
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Pulse bleeding in thin film helicoidal bianisotropic mediums
Author(s): Joseph B. Geddes III; Mark W. Meredith; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Nanosized ZnS:Mn crystallites embedded in 3D photonic crystals of submicron polymer spheres
Author(s): Ji Zhou; Yan Zhou; Srinivasa Buddhudu; Seng Lee Ng; Yee Loy Lam; Chan Hin Kam
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Threshold enhancement in two-photon photpolymerization
Author(s): Yuri B. Boiko; Mark Shane Bowen; Mark M. Wang; Joannes M. Costa; Sadik C. Esener
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