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Laser Beam Shaping
Editor(s): Fred M. Dickey; Scott C. Holswade

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Volume Number: 4095
Date Published: 25 October 2000

Table of Contents
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Theory of geometrical methods for design of laser beam shaping systems
Author(s): David L. Shealy
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What makes a beam shaping problem difficult
Author(s): Louis A. Romero; Fred M. Dickey
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Design of a gradient-index beam shaping system via a genetic algorithm optimization method
Author(s): Neal C. Evans; David L. Shealy
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Laser beam characterization by means of diffractive optical correlation filters
Author(s): Michael Rudolf Duparre; Vladimir S. Pavelyev; Victor A. Soifer; Barbara Luedge
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New approach to describing the diffraction phenomena
Author(s): Anatoliy I. Khizhnyak; Sergey P. Anokhov; Ruslan A. Lymarenko
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Threshold and resonance effects in diffraction gratings
Author(s): Ivan Richter; Pavel Fiala
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Considerations of the use of design freedoms for resonator-originated laser beam shaping
Author(s): Uwe D. Zeitner; Frank Wyrowski
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Laser injection optics for high-intensity transmission in multimode fibers
Author(s): Robert E. Setchell
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High-energy laser pulse multiplexing into a fused silica fiber array
Author(s): Alan M. Frank; Paul R. Wilkins; John N. Honig; Michael Moss; Calvin H. Gillespie
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1-J laser for a 16-fiber injection system
Author(s): John N. Honig
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High-power laser-fibers structure for surface ablation cleaning under complicated circumstance
Author(s): Xianglin Zhou; Kazuo Imasaki; Hiroyuki Furukawa; Hideo Umino; Kohji Sakagishi; Sadao Nakai; Chiyoe Yamanaka
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Laser micromachining in the microelectronics industry: a historical overview
Author(s): Edward J. Swenson; Yunlong Sun; Corey M. Dunsky
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Highly divergent homogenizers for UV and deep UV
Author(s): David R. Brown
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Multiaperture beam integrators and odd-shaped irradiance patterns
Author(s): Daniel M. Brown; Jeremiah D. Brown
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Design of a laser printer using a laser array and beam homogenizer
Author(s): Andrew F. Kurtz
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Design of binary phase-only diffractive optical elements for laser beam shaping
Author(s): Marek Skeren; Ivan Richter; Pavel Fiala
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Development and testing of a refractive laser beam shaping system
Author(s): Wu Jiang; David L. Shealy
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Gaussian beam apodization and application in a laser printer
Author(s): Andrew F. Kurtz; Michael E. Harrigan
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Beam sampler for third harmonic diagnostics in ICF system
Author(s): Jinyu Wang; Yingbai Yan; Lin Pang; Qiaofeng Tan; Guofan Jin
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Nearly diffraction-limited size flat-top laser beam shaper
Author(s): Fengyou Li; Zhenwu Lu; Hongjun Li; Jianghong Liao
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Approximation to high-power beams with convolution method
Author(s): Mario Marcelo Lehman; Mario Garavaglia
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