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Optical Sensing, Imaging, and Manipulation for Biological and Biomedical Applications
Editor(s): Robert R. Alfano; Peng Pei Ho; Arthur E. T. Chiou

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Volume Number: 4082
Date Published: 4 July 2000

Table of Contents
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Early light imaging for biomedical applications
Author(s): Peng Pei Ho; Robert R. Alfano
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Optical imaging of objects in turbid medium with ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Chih-Yu Wang; Chia-Wei Sun; Chih Chung Yang; Yean-Woei Kiang; Chii-Wann Lin
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Development and application of noninvasive optical topography
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Yamamoto; Atsushi Maki; Yuichi Yamashita; Hiroshi Yoshizawa; Makoto Iwata; Eiju Watanabe; Yukari Tanikawa; Yukio Yamada; Hideaki Koizumi
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Application of near-infrared spectroscopy to investigate brain activity: clinical research
Author(s): Wemara Lichty; Kaoru Sakatania; Yuxiao Xie; Huangcong Zou
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Optical computed tomography for imaging the breast: first look
Author(s): Richard J. Grable; Steven L. Ponder; Nikolaos A. Gkanatsios; William Dieckmann; Patrick F. Olivier; Robert H. Wake; Yueping Zeng
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Development of 200-channel mapping system for tissue oxygenation measured by near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Masatsugu Niwayama; Daisuke Kohata; Jun Shao; Nobuki Kudo; Takatumi Hamaoka; Toshihito Katsumura; Katsuyuki Yamamoto
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Low-coherence interference microscopy at high numerical apertures
Author(s): Colin J. R. Sheppard; Maitreyee Roy; Peter Svahn
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Difference-of-Gaussian annular pupil for extended depth of focus three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Ting-Chung Poon; Alexander Kourakos
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DNA and protein change in human breast tissues by diffuse reflectance spectrum
Author(s): Yuanlong Yang; Edward J. Celmer M.D.; Jason A. Koutcher M.D.; Peng Pei Ho; Robert R. Alfano
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Determination of a quantitative algorithm for the measurement of muscle oxygenation using cw near-infrared spectroscopy: mean optical pathlength without the influence of the adipose tissue
Author(s): Jun Shao; Ling Lin; Masatsugu Niwayama; Nobuki Kudo; Katsuyuki Yamamoto
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Multiphoton fluorescence spectroscopy of flourescent bioprobes and biomolecules
Author(s): Ping Chin Cheng; Bai-Ling Lin; Fu-Jen Kao; Chi-Kuang Sun; Yung-Shun Wang; Tzu-Ming Liu; YiMin Wang; JianCheng Chen; Mao-Kuo Huang; Iain Johnson
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Two-photon optical-beam-induced current microscopy of indium gallium nitride light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Fu-Jen Kao; Mao-Kuo Huang; Yung-Shun Wang; Sheng-Lung Huang; Ming Kwei Lee; Chi-Kuang Sun; Ping Chin Cheng
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Multiphoton microspectroscopy of biological specimens
Author(s): Bai-Ling Lin; Fu-Jen Kao; Ping Chin Cheng; Chi-Kuang Sun; RangWu Chen; YiMin Wang; JianCheng Chen; Yung-Shun Wang; Tzu-Ming Liu; Mao-Kuo Huang
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Applications of two-photon fluorescence microscopy in deep-tissue imaging
Author(s): Chen-Yuan Dong; Betty Yu; Lily Laiho Hsu; Peter D. Kaplan; D. Blankschstein; Robert Langer; Peter T. C. So
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Simultaneous multichannel nonlinear imaging: combined two-photon excited fluorescence and second-harmonic generation microscopy
Author(s): Regis Gauderon; Philip B. Lukins; Colin J. R. Sheppard
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Second-harmonic generation microscopy of tooth
Author(s): Fu-Jen Kao; Yung-Shun Wang; Mao-Kuo Huang; Sheng-Lung Huang; Ping Chin Cheng
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Using differential confocal microscopy to detect the phase transition of the membrane of giant unilamellar liposomes
Author(s): Chau-Hwang Lee; Wan-Chen Lin; Jyh-Yang Wang
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Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy: behavior of biological specimens under high-intensity illumination
Author(s): Ping Chin Cheng; Bai-Ling Lin; Fu-Jen Kao; Chi-Kuang Sun
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Optic fiber needle to probe inside the body using fluorescence ratio method
Author(s): Gui Chen Tang; Alvin Katz; Yury Budansky; Robert R. Alfano
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Fabrication of deuterium-loaded fiber Bragg grating and its spectral characteristics in thermal annealing
Author(s): MingChang Shih; C. C. Wang; Cheng-Tsang Yu; Tung J. Chuang
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Temperature performance of Raman scattering in a data fiber and its application in a distributed temperature fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Deming Liu; J. M. Wang; S. Liu
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Novel fiber grating sensing technique based on the torsion beam
Author(s): Weigang Zhang; Dejun Feng; Lei Ding; Ying Zhang; Xinyong Dong; Chunliu Zhao; Xiaoyi Dong
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Research and development of biochip technologies in Taiwan
Author(s): Solomon J.Y. Ting; Arthur E. T. Chiou
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Novel CMOS photosensor with a gate-body tied NMOSFET structure
Author(s): Youn-Jae Kook; Jae-Hun Jeong; Young-June Park; Hong-Shick Min
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Electro-optically modulated biomolecular interaction analysis sensor
Author(s): Yao Cheng; Yi-ren Chang; Che-hsin Lin; Long Hsu; Minking K. Chyu
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In-vivo noninvasive glucose monitoring with optical heterodyne polarimetry in a range of 50 mg/dl to 100 mg/dl
Author(s): Wei-Shing Wang; Chien-Yuan Han; Pei-Chin Tu; Chien Chou
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Design and development of laser Doppler velocimetry based on DSP technique for blood flow measurement
Author(s): Yuan-Hsiang Lin; Yan-Yu Chen; Yuan Ho; Yi-Lin Li; Gwo-Jen Jan
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Particle-trapped near-field scanning optical microscopy: scattering and depolarization
Author(s): Min Gu
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Applications of optical tweezers and an integrated force measurement module for biomedical research
Author(s): Jin-Wu Tsai; Bing-Yao Liao; Chun-Cheng Huang; Wen-Liang Hwang; Da-Wei Wang; Arthur E. T. Chiou; Chi-Hung Lin
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Quantitative comparison of single-beam gradient-force optical traps and dual-beam optical traps
Author(s): Z. H. Huang; D. S. Mehta; H. C. Huang; C. F. Wang; Arthur E. T. Chiou
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Automation of optical tweezers
Author(s): Tseng-Ming Hsieh; Bo-Jui Chang; Long Hsu
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Application of phase contrast microscopy to the study of marine microbiota
Author(s): MingChang Shih; Chang Ten Lian; J. S. Hwang
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Characteristics of acoustic wave propagation in dermis for the diagnosis of the superficial tissue damage in radiation therapy
Author(s): Chung-Wei Lyu; Hsian Jenn Wang; Li-Zhen Peng; Chien Chou
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Analysis system for PET detector
Author(s): Hong-Chih Liu; Hsing Ching Liang
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Detection of objects hidden in highly scattering media using time-gated imaging methods
Author(s): LeMing Wang; Xiang Liang; Pierre A. Galland; Peng Pei Ho; Robert R. Alfano
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Tightly bending loss measurement for 1.3-um and 1.5-um broadband wavelength division multiplexing fiber sensor systems
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Wen-Ming Cheng
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Experimental study on fiber Bragg grating electric current sensor
Author(s): Dejun Feng; Guiyun Kai; Lei Ding; Heliang Liu; Xiaoyi Dong
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Characteristics analysis of SOI waveguide Michelson interferometers for developing biomedical fiber temperature-sensing head
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Shin-Ge Lee
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Implementation of a 1280- to 1380-nm light source for reflective spectrum measurement of biomedical fiber sensors
Author(s): Shyh-Lin Tsao; Shien-Cheng Chiou
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Electro-optical measurement of highly intense electric field with high frequency
Author(s): Xiangjun Zeng; Haiqing Chen
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Channel-switching add/drop multiplexer with tunable fiber Bragg grating based on the cantilever beam
Author(s): Dejun Feng; Heliang Liu; Weigang Zhang; Chunfeng Ge; Guiyun Kai; Xiaoyi Dong
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Novel interferometer for measuring small distances
Author(s): Zhaoxia Wu; Zhiquan Li; Kai Tong; Xifu Qiang
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Grating angular displacement transducer using a Fabry-Perot structure
Author(s): Zhiquan Li; Xifu Qiang; Zhaoxia Wu; Lina Fan
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Numerical analysis of near-field optical trapping using tapered fiber probe
Author(s): Guoping Zhang; Zhongru Zhu; Yanping Li; Ge Xia; Qi Lin
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Photonic technologies in the 21st century: creation of new industries
Author(s): Teruo Hiruma
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