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Input/Output and Imaging Technolgies II

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Volume Number: 4080
Date Published: 28 June 2000

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Progressive representation, transmission, and visualization of 3D objects
Author(s): Masahiro Okuda; Tsuhan Chen
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3D surface digitizing and modeling development at ITRI
Author(s): Wen-Jean Hsueh
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Surface reconstruction technique based on 3D triangulation enhancement
Author(s): I-Cheng Chang; Bor-Tow Chen; Kun-Jiang Hsieh; Wen-Jean Hsueh; Hsien-Chang Lin
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Facial model estimation (FME) algorithms using stereo/mono image sequence
Author(s): Tsang-Gang Lin; Chung Jung Kuo
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Vision-based intelligent robots
Author(s): Minh-Chinh Nguyen
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Face recognition security entrance
Author(s): Catherine W. Ni
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Seagle-1: a new man-portable thermal imager
Author(s): Ruey-Nan Yeh; Fu-Fa Lu; HongMing Hong; Ya-Tung Cherng; Horng Chang
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New method of large ink supply without long tubing system for wide-format ink-jet printer
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen
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Meniscus oscillation of ink flow dynamics in thermal ink-jet print head
Author(s): Ching Long Chiu; Chiehwen Wang; Yi-Yung Wu; Yuan-Liang Lan
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Measurement of contrast ratios for 3D display
Author(s): KuoChung Huang; Chao-Hsu Tsai; KuenJin Lee; Wen-Jean Hsueh
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Spatial long-range modulation of contrast discrimination
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Christopher W. Tyler
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Measurement of the spatial frequency response (SFR) of digital still-picture cameras using a modified slanted-edge method
Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu; Yun Chiang Hsu; Kai Wei Chuang
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Comparisons of the camera OECF, the ISO speed, and the SFR of digital still-picture cameras
Author(s): Wei-Feng Hsu; Kai Wei Chuang; Yun Chiang Hsu
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Digital camcorder image stabilizer based on gray-coded bit-plane block matching
Author(s): YeouMin Yeh; Sheng-Jyh Wang; Hwang-Cheng Chiang
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Internet color imaging
Author(s): Hsien-Che Lee
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Spectral estimation and color appearance prediction of fluorescent materials
Author(s): Bore-Kuen Lee; Feng Chi Shen; Chun-Yen Chen
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Design and production of color calibration targets for digital input devices
Author(s): ChaoHua Wen; Jyh-Jiun Lee
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Implementation of scanner ICC profile generator
Author(s): Yi-Ching Liaw; Chun-Yen Chen
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Color reproduction system based on color appearance model and gamut mapping
Author(s): Fang-Hsuan Cheng; Chih-Yuan Yang
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Characteristic extraction of face using DWT and recognition based on neural networks
Author(s): Hyung-Bum Kim; Chun-Hwan Lim; SeungJin Park; Jong-An Park
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Some contributions to wavelet-based image coding
Author(s): Yi-Wei Li; Kuo-Shu Chang; Loon-Shan Yan; Day-Fann Shen
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Fast ITTBC using pattern code on subband segmentation
Author(s): Sung Shick Koh; Hanchil Kim; Kooyoung Lee; Hongbin Kim; Hun Jeong; Gangseok Cho; Chunghwa Kim
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Current research on ARO-positron emission tomography
Author(s): Meei-Ling Jan; Hsing Ching Liang; Shin Wen Huang; Chuen-Shing Shyu; Jiy-Shan Tang; Hong-Chih Liu; Cheng-Chih Pei; Ching-Kai Yeh
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Influence of compression ratio of foam on printing quality of ink cartridge
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen; Chien-Chang Lai
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Influence of back pressure of ink cartridge on regular operation of ink supply system
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen
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Method and apparatus for measuring the droplet frequency response of an ink-jet print head
Author(s): Zhi-Ru Lian; Ming-Ling Lee; Yi-Hsuan Lai; Hung-Lien Hu; Chiehwen Wang
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Film stress and adhesion characteristics of passivation layers for thermal ink-jet print head
Author(s): Yih-Shing Lee; Yi-Yung Wu; Chen-Yue Cheng; DongSing Wuu
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Monolithic thermal ink-jet print head combining anisotropic etching and electroplating
Author(s): Chen-Yue Cheng; Je-Ping Hu; Yi-Hsuan Lai; Hui-Fang Wang; Chia-Tai Cheng
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Structured light based on shaped depth-image capturing system
Author(s): Deyun Chen; Guangyu Tan; Xiaoyang Yu; Qingxin Meng
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Photonic technologies in the 21st century: creation of new industries
Author(s): Teruo Hiruma
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