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Display Technologies III
Editor(s): I-Wei Wu; Heiju Uchiike

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Volume Number: 4079
Date Published: 30 June 2000

Table of Contents
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High-performance thin film transistors using Ni silicide for liquid-crystal displays
Author(s): Jin Jang; Jaiil Ryu; Kyu Sik Cho
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High-contrast SXGA silicon light valves for high-definition video projectors
Author(s): Ho-Chi Huang; Po-Wing Cheng; HoiSing Kwok
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Metal-induced laterally crystallized polycrystalline silicon: technology, material, and devices
Author(s): Man Wong
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Low-temperature poly-Si TFT characteristics in the overlapped area of excimer laser long-axis scans
Author(s): ShihChang Chang; ChuJung Shih; I-Min Lu; I-Wei Wu
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Characteristics of single-pulse excimer laser beam profile on the low-temperature poly-Si TFTs
Author(s): ChuJung Shih; LiMing Wang; ShihChang Chang; I-Min Lu; I-Wei Wu
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Novel device structure for low-temperature polysilicon TFTs with controlled grain growth in channel regions
Author(s): LiJing Cheng; YinLung Lu; ChingWei Lin; TingKuo Chang; HuangChung Cheng
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Comparison of the mechanisms of hydrogenation by rf plasma and SiNx
Author(s): LiMing Wang; HsixgJu Sung; I-Min Lu; I-Wei Wu
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VGS compensation source follower for the LTPS TFT LCD data driver output buffer
Author(s): JunRen Shih; ShangLi Chen; Bowen Wang
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Advanced manufacturing technologies on color plasma displays
Author(s): Keiichi Betsui
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Recent advances of color plasma displays
Author(s): Heiju Uchiike
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Gas discharge and experiments for plasma display panel
Author(s): Po-Cheng Chen; Yu-Ting Chien
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Field emission display using carbon nanotubes as emitters
Author(s): FengYu Chuang; ChengChung Lee; JyungDong Lin; Jane-Hway Liao; HuaChi Cheng; Cheng-Xian Han; Jon-Lian Kwo; WenChun Wang
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Field emission characteristics of carbon nanotube emitters using screen-printing technique
Author(s): ChengChung Lee; FengYu Chuang; JyungDong Lin; Jane-Hway Liao; HuaChi Cheng; JyhRong Sheu; YuYang Chang; ChuanCheng Tsou; WenChun Wang
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White illumination characteristics of ZnS-based phosphor materials excited by InGaN-based ultraviolet light-emitting diode
Author(s): Kenji Murakami; Tsunemasa Taguchi; Masahiko Yoshino
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Characteristics of high-efficiency InGaN-based white LED lighting
Author(s): Yuji Uchida; Tatsumi Setomoto; Tsunemasa Taguchi; Yoshinori Nakagawa; Kazuto Miyazaki
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Multicolor organic LEDs processed by integration of screen printing and thermal transfer printing
Author(s): Hsin-hua Chang; Chung-chih Wu; Chih Chung Yang; Chieh-wei Chen; Cheng-chung Lee
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Thermal transfer approach for the doping of organic LEDs
Author(s): Chih Chung Yang; Chung-chih Wu; Hsin-hua Chang; Chieh-wei Chen
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Recent trends in wide-viewing-angle color TFT-LCDs
Author(s): Yoshiharu Nagae
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New two-domain TN/LCD with identical, symmetrical, and +-80-deg. viewing cone in left-, right-, up-, and down-viewing zones
Author(s): Hiap L. Ong; Yung-Hsun Wu
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Overview of wide-viewing-angle LCD using interdigital electrodes
Author(s): Lisen Chuang; WeiFen Bair; ChingChao Chang
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Studies of polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films
Author(s): Andy Ying-Guey Fuh; Chi-Yen Huang; Chi-Huang Lin; Tsung-Chih Ko
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Comparison between reflective LCDs with diffusive micro slant reflector (DMSR) and bump reflector
Author(s): Chi-Jain Wen; Dai-Liang Ting; Chi-Yi Chen; Lisen Chuang; ChingChao Chang; Y. J. Wong
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Intensive optical field improves the photopolymerization-induced alignment quality of liquid crystals
Author(s): Li Sun; Shumei Wang
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Study of 5-mask TFT array process with low-cost high-yield high-performance characteristics
Author(s): Jr-Hong Chen; Ting-Hui Huang; I-Min Lu; Pi-Fu Chen; Dou-I Chen
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Amorphous-silicon thin film transistor with two-step exposure process
Author(s): Pi-Fu Chen; Jr-Hong Chen; Dou-I Chen; HsixgJu Sung; June-Wei Hwang; I-Min Lu
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Mismatch analysis of TAB-on-glass connection with ACF
Author(s): Wei-Fun Hou; TaiYan Kam; Adam Hsieh; JianCheng Chen; Shyh-Ming Chang
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Characteristic study of chip-on-film interconnection
Author(s): Shyh-Ming Chang; JwoHuei Jou; Adam Hsieh; TaiHong Chen; ChingYun Chang; YungHao Wang; HongYu Lin; Chun Ming Huang
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Multibubble sonofluorescence display
Author(s): Huamao Li
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Method and theory of turn back point error
Author(s): Yanan Liu; JianKang Zeng; Jun-Qi Liu; Tong S. Wu
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Partial plane level of terrace and its test
Author(s): Yanan Liu; JianKang Zeng; Jun-Qi Liu; Tong S. Wu
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Simulation of geometric effects on double-gate field emission devices
Author(s): Ching-Wu Wang; ChihLiang Chen; Yuan-Hsiu Yang; TsungYu Yang
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Improve product aperture ratio by controlling magnitude of reverse tilt domain
Author(s): WeiHsuan Ho; ChihJui Pan; H. H. Wu
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To evaluate the LC pretilt angles of the alignment layer polyamide using the Taguchi method
Author(s): ChihJui Pan; HungJu Lin; H. H. Wu
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Are the color gamuts of CRT and LCD triangular? An experimental study
Author(s): GwanWei Lee; ChaoHua Wen
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Luminescence of the InGaN/GaN blue light-emitting diodes
Author(s): J. K. Sheu; Ting-Wei Yeh; GouChung Chi; M. J. Jou
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Field emission performances of diamond complex ceramic thin film
Author(s): Weibiao Wang; Jingqiu Liang; Guang Yuan; Haifeng Zhao; Chuanping Zhang; Xiuhua Yin
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Photonic technologies in the 21st century: creation of new industries
Author(s): Teruo Hiruma
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