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International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Pulsed Lasers III
Editor(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Georgy V. Mayer; Gueorgii G. Petrash

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Volume Number: 4071
Date Published: 24 April 2000

Table of Contents
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Low-energy electron-beam-pumped lasers
Author(s): Andreas Ulrich; Claudia Niessl; Hiromitsu Tomizawa; Jochen Wieser; Daniel E. Murnick; Manfred Salvermoser
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High-average-power HF/DF lasers
Author(s): Bernard Lacour
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Efficient first-overtone CO laser frequency tuned within the spectral range of 2.5-4.2 um
Author(s): Nikolai G. Basov; Gordon D. Hager; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Alexander K. Kurnosov; John E. McCord; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Leonid V. Seleznev; Nikolay G. Turkin
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Self-initiated volume discharge in mixtures of SF6 with hydrocarbons to excite nonchain hf lasers
Author(s): Victor V. Apollonov; Andrei A. Belevtsev; Konstantin N. Firsov; Sergey Yu. Kazantsev; Alexei V. Saifulin
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Experimental and theoretical investigations of an electrical discharge in SF6 gas
Author(s): Yu. Bychkov; S. Gortchakov; Arkadi G. Yastremsky
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Development of a nanosecond high-energy oscillator/four-pass amplifier excimer laser system
Author(s): Olivier P. Uteza; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Marc L. Sentis
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F titration in a hf laser pumped by a nonchain reaction
Author(s): Michel E. Gastaud; Michel L. Autric
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Computer simulation of the middle pressure combined-discharge pumped CO laser
Author(s): Vladimir V. Osipov; V. V. Lisenkov; V. V. Platonov
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Electron density measurements in copper vapor lasers
Author(s): Gueorgii G. Petrash
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Repetitively pulsed discharge plasma-controlled copper-vapor laser kinetics
Author(s): Anatoly N. Soldatov; Andrey V. Lugovskoy; Yu. P. Polunin; A. A. Fofanov; L. N. Chausova
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Small-scale efficient He-Sr+(Ca+) recombination lasers
Author(s): Evgeny L. Latush; Gennady D. Chebotarev; Miroslav F. Sem
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Ti:sapphire laser pumped with a Cu vapor laser
Author(s): S. M. Kobtsev; S. V. Kukarin; A. A. Pustovskikh; V. B. Sorokin
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Influence of HBr admixture on the electron energy distribution function in discharge in a mixture of Cu vapor and Ne
Author(s): Vladimir V. Zaitsev; Alexey V. Mashkov; Gueorgii G. Petrash; Eugene S. Goryansky
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Spatial-angular characteristics of radiation from flashlamp-pumped dye lasers in different temperature conditions of active elements
Author(s): M. I. Dzyubenko; Vyacheslav V. Maslov; Viktor P. Pelipenko; Victor V. Shevchenko
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Spectral-temporal characteristics of radiation from flashlamps with discharges of short duration
Author(s): Victor V. Shevchenko
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Laser-induced dye fluorescence in a drop
Author(s): Valerii A. Donchenko; Aleksei A. Zemlyanov; Alexander A. Zemlyanov; P. P. Kibitkin
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Kinetics and spectroscopy of alkali rare-gas ionic excimers
Author(s): Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Marc L. Sentis; Olivier P. Uteza; M. Voitik
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Kinetics of the active medium of a multiwave He-Ar-Xe laser pumped by a hard ionizer
Author(s): A. V. Karelin; O. V. Simakova
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Problem of ultrashort-pulse diffraction
Author(s): Mikhail K. Lebedev; Yurii A. Tolmachev
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Possibility of superluminescence effect in the atmosphere of the sun
Author(s): Yurii A. Piotrovsky; Yurii A. Tolmachev
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Excimer laser decontamination
Author(s): Marc L. Sentis; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Wladimir Marine; Olivier P. Uteza
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Electrophysics of adaptive LC lens with modal control
Author(s): Igor R. Guralnik; Mikhail Yu. Loktev; Alexander F. Naumov
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Powerful single-frequency laser system based on a Cu-laser-pumped dye laser
Author(s): V. I. Baraulya; S. M. Kobtsev; S. V. Kukarin; V. B. Sorokin
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Laser therapy in children's oncology
Author(s): V. A. Evtushenko; Ya. L. Masenko; Anatoly N. Soldatov
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Surface intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy of proteins using a UV linearly polarized pulsed laser beam
Author(s): S. Yapoudjian; M. Ivanova; Olivier P. Uteza; Vladimir I. Marine; Marc L. Sentis
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Laser methods for guidance of vehicles
Author(s): Gennadii A. Kaloshin
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Comparative study of x-ray-flash-, e-beam-, and ion-beam-induced molecular ion continua fluorescence of rare gases
Author(s): Eric Robert; Christophe Cachoncinlle; Jean-Michel Pouvesle; Andrei V. Fedenev; Victor F. Tarasenko; Jochen Wieser; Andreas Ulrich
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New interpretation of the third rare-gas excimer continua
Author(s): Jochen Wieser; Andreas Ulrich; Andrei V. Fedenev; Manfred Salvermoser
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Nature of third continua in rare gases
Author(s): A. M. Boichenko; Victor F. Tarasenko; Sergey I. Yakovlenko
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Improved power converter for pulsed operation of DBD
Author(s): Peter Schwarz-Kiene; Wolfgang Heering
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Enhanced efficiency from a Xe excimer barrier discharge lamp employing short-pulsed excitation
Author(s): Richard P. Mildren; R. Morrow; Robert J. Carman
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Broadband radiation in Ne pumped by e-beam and electrical discharge
Author(s): Mikhail I. Lomaev; Victor S. Skakun; Victor F. Tarasenko; Andrei V. Fedenev
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Efficiency of broadband UV radiation in Xe and Kr pumped by nanosecond e-beam
Author(s): Andrei V. Fedenev; Victor F. Tarasenko
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Scaling of pulsed gas discharge lasers
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson
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Kinetic and electrophysical problems in the development of VUV lasers on rare-gas dimers
Author(s): Vladimir A. Burtsev; D. V. Getman; Yu. A. Istomin; N. I. Kazachenko; N. V. Kalinin
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