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Wavelet Applications VII
Editor(s): Harold H. Szu; Martin Vetterli; William J. Campbell; James R. Buss

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Volume Number: 4056
Date Published: 5 April 2000

Table of Contents
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ICA neural net to refine remote sensing with multiple labels
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; James R. Buss
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Imaging spectroscopy using tunable filters: a review
Author(s): Nahum Gat
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Tropical deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon
Author(s): Compton J. Tucker III; Marc K. Steininger; John R. G. Townshend; Timothy R. Killeen; Arthur Desch
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Automated detection of the magnetopause for space weather from the IMAGE satellite
Author(s): Michael L. Rilee; James L. Green
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Solar astronomy from space: recent advances in image analysis
Author(s): David A. Batchelor
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Computational complexity in space-based optical systems
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; John E. Dorband; Jan M. Hollis
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Use of wavelets for image registration
Author(s): Jacqueline Le Moigne; Ilya Zavorine
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In search of sun-climate connection using solar irradiance measurements and climate records
Author(s): Richard K. Kiang; H. Lee Kyle
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Evaluation on the use of wavelets for estimation of oceanic surface velocity vector fields
Author(s): Guillermo Tonsmann; John M. Tyler
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Wavelet-based methods in Global Positioning System signal tracking
Author(s): Bilge Karacali; A. Hamid Krim; Irvin C. Schick
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Wavelet image processing: assessment of spatial and spectral resolution of Landsat images
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Unsupervised ICA neural networks applied to reticle optical trackers
Author(s): Ivica Kopriva; Harold H. Szu
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Blind source separation by sparse decomposition
Author(s): Michael Zibulevsky; Barak A. Pearlmutter
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Digital curvelet transform: strategy, implementation, and experiments
Author(s): David L. Donoho; Mark R. Duncan
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Adventures in SAR processing
Author(s): Ralph Fiedler; Robert Jansen
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New method for nonlinear and nonstationary time series analysis: empirical mode decomposition and Hilbert spectral analysis
Author(s): Norden E. Huang
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Application of time frequency and wavelet analysis to the diagnosis of epilepsy
Author(s): Mingui Sun; Lin-Sen Pon; Mark L. Scheuer; Robert J. Sclabassi
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Time frequency signatures of micro-Doppler phenomenon for feature extraction
Author(s): Victor C. Chen; Ronald D. Lipps
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Causal stable matched IIR wavelets and perfect reconstruction filter banks
Author(s): Raghuveer M. Rao; Alex A. Lopez-Estrada; Ajit S. Bopardikar; Harold H. Szu
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Audio coding based on rate distortion and perceptual optimization
Author(s): Markus Erne; George Moschytz
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Speech recognition based on nonlinear signal decomposition
Author(s): Alexander M. Krot; Polina P. Tkachova
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Multiple frequency estimation from undersampled waveforms
Author(s): Xiang-Gen Xia
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Real world analysis of electromagnetic pulses using adaptive wavelet transforms
Author(s): Nancy A. Breaux; Harold H. Szu
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Optimized wavelet domain watermark embedding strategy using linear programming
Author(s): Shelby Pereira; Sviatoslav V. Voloshynovskiy; Thierry Pun
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Wavelet domain invisible watermarking technique for color image copyright protection and user identification
Author(s): Marcello Caramma; Rosa C. Lancini; Francesco Mapelli; Stefano Tubaro
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Wavelet and wavelet-packet analysis of Lamb wave signatures in laser ultrasonics
Author(s): Stephen W. Kercel; Marvin B. Klein; Bruno F. Pouet
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Simultaneous CDMA and error correction schemes based on wavelet filters in integer quotient rings
Author(s): Kuen-Tsair Lay; Lin-Wen Kong; Jiann-Horng Chen
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Prediction of medical images using wavelets
Author(s): Rahman Tashakkori; John M. Tyler; Oleg S. Pianykh
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Local discriminant basis neural network ensembles
Author(s): Widhyakorn Asdornwised
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Applications of fuzzy wavelets and wavenets in soft computing illustrated with the example of fire detectors
Author(s): Marc Thuillard
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Signal adaptive wavelet design using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Eric Jones; Paul R. Runkle; Nilanjan Dasgupta; Lawrence Carin
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Analysis of primary aberration with the two-dimension discrete wavelet transform
Author(s): Jin-Yi Sheu; Rang-Seng Chang; Ching-Huang Lin
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Detailed resolution of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation using the full adaptive wavelet transform
Author(s): Mark A. Stedham; Partha P. Banerjee
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Wavelets of arbitrary order of regularity
Author(s): Addison B. Jump; Barry G. Sherlock
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Wavelet-based Markov models for clutter characterization in IR and SAR images
Author(s): Derek Stanford; James W. Pitton; Jill R. Goldschneider
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Interpolating wavelets on unstructured grids for the fast computation of 3D integral problems
Author(s): Julio Enrique Castrillon-Candas; Kevin S. Amaratunga
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Composite fractional power wavelets
Author(s): Jason M. Kinser
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Keyhole image processing based on the wavelet transform in the VPPA welding process
Author(s): Zhonghua Liu; Qilong Wang
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Biomedical signal processing using a new class of wavelets
Author(s): Zhuoer Shi; DeSheng Zhang; Haixiang Wang; Donald J. Kouri; David K. Hoffman
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Wavelet transform application for image fusion
Author(s): ZhiWei Tang; JianGuo Wang; ShunJi Huang
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Diagnostically lossless medical image compression via wavelet-based background noise removal
Author(s): Xiaojun Qi; John M. Tyler; Oleg S. Pianykh
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Combining wavelet transform and the evolutionary neural network for radar target recognition
Author(s): Ying Li; Jiao Licheng; Bai Bendu
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Analysis of third order spherical aberration with the continuous wavelet transform
Author(s): Jin-Yi Sheu; Ching-Huang Lin; Rang-Seng Chang
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Wavelet-based technique for detection of mechanical chaos
Author(s): Chii-Der Steve Suh; Andrew K. Chan
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Test point selection using wavelet transforms for mixed-signal circuits
Author(s): Hsing-Chiang Huang; Andrew K. Chan
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Multimedia authenticity with ICA watermarks
Author(s): Steven E. Noel; Harold H. Szu
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Modeling visual perception using similarity representation
Author(s): Wilbur S. Peng; Nick DeClaris
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Ranking ICA bases by associative memory recalls of training texture samples
Author(s): Mohammed Ameen; Pornchai Chanyagorn; Harold H. Szu
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Human visual system singularity map analyses
Author(s): Harold H. Szu; Hongye Wang; Pornchai Chanyagorn
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Local ICA for the Most Wanted face recognition
Author(s): Xin Guan; Harold H. Szu; Zvi Markowitz
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