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Algorithms for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery VI
Editor(s): Sylvia S. Shen; Michael R. Descour

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Volume Number: 4049
Date Published: 23 August 2000

Table of Contents
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Comparative analysis of hyperspectral adaptive matched filter detectors
Author(s): Dimitris G. Manolakis; Gary A. Shaw; Nirmal Keshava
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Material identification over variation of scene conditions and viewing geometry
Author(s): Peihsiu Suen; Glenn Healey; David Slater
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Performance analysis of the adaptive GMRF anomaly detector for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Susan M. Thornton; Jose M. F. Moura
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Algorithm taxonomy for hyperspectral unmixing
Author(s): Nirmal Keshava; John P. Kerekes; Dimitris G. Manolakis; Gary A. Shaw
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Target detection enhancement using temporal signature propagation
Author(s): Rulon R. Mayer; Alan P. Schaum
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Simulation of MSI imagery from HSI data
Author(s): D. Scott Anderson; Brett L. Keaffaber; Raymond P. Wasky
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Modeling the spectral variability of ground irradiance functions
Author(s): Zhihong Pan; Glenn Healey; David Slater
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Comprehensive hyperspectral system simulation: I. Integrated sensor scene modeling and the simulation architecture
Author(s): Bruce V. Shetler; Daniel Mergens; Chia Chang; Fredrick C. Mertz; John R. Schott; Scott D. Brown; Robert Strunce; Fran Maher; Steve Kubica; Richard K. de Jonckheere; Bradford C. Tousley
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Comprehensive hyperspectral system simulation: II. Hyperspectral sensor simulation and premliminary VNIR testing results
Author(s): Richard J. Bartell; Craig R. Schwartz; Michael T. Eismann; Jack N. Cederquist; James A. Nunez; Lee Curtis Sanders; Alan H. Ratcliff; Barry W. Lyons; Stephen D. Ingle
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Present and future of the Landsat program
Author(s): James R. Irons
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Early ground-reference calibration results for Landsat 7 ETM+ using small test sites
Author(s): Kurtis J. Thome; Emily E. Whittington; John Henry LaMarr; Nik Anderson; Prabal Nandy
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Landsat 7 on-orbit geometric calibration and performance
Author(s): James C. Storey; Michael Choate
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Landsat sensor cross-calibration using nearly coincidental matching scenes
Author(s): Phil M. Teillet; Brian L. Markham; John L. Barker; James C. Storey; Richard R. Irish; Jennifer C. Seiferth
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Landsat 5/Landsat 7 underfly cross-calibration experiment
Author(s): Grant R. Mah; James E. Vogelmann; Michael Choate
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MODTRAN4: radiative transfer modeling for remote sensing
Author(s): Gail P. Anderson; Alexander Berk; Prabhat K. Acharya; Michael W. Matthew; Lawrence S. Bernstein; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; H. Dothe; Steven M. Adler-Golden; Anthony J. Ratkowski; Gerald W. Felde; James A. Gardner; Michael L. Hoke; Steven C. Richtsmeier; Brian Pukall; Jason B. Mello; Laila S. Jeong
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Atmospheric correction of spectral imagery data
Author(s): Eduardo C. Meidunas; Prabhat K. Acharya; Steven M. Adler-Golden; Gail P. Anderson; Peter S. Armstrong; Alexander Berk; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Gerald W. Felde; James A. Gardner; Michael L. Hoke; Michael W. Matthew; Anthony J. Ratkowski
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Reformulation of the MODTRAN band model for higher spectral resolution
Author(s): Alexander Berk; Prabhat K. Acharya; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Gail P. Anderson; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; Michael L. Hoke
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Status of atmospheric correction using a MODTRAN4-based algorithm
Author(s): Michael W. Matthew; Steven M. Adler-Golden; Alexander Berk; Steven C. Richtsmeier; Robert Y. Levine; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Prabhat K. Acharya; Gail P. Anderson; Gerald W. Felde; Michael L. Hoke; Anthony J. Ratkowski; Hsiao-hua K. Burke; Robert D. Kaiser; David P. Miller
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1999 AIG/HyVista HyMap group shoot: commercial hyperspectral sensing is here
Author(s): Fred A. Kruse; Joseph W. Boardman; Adam B. Lefkoff; James M. Young; Kathryn S. Kierein-Young; Terry D. Cocks; R. Jenssen; P. A. Cocks
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Night vision imaging spectrometer (NVIS) performance parameters and their impact on various detection algorithms
Author(s): Christopher G. Simi; John Parish; Edwin M. Winter; Roberta Dixon; Christopher LaSota; Mary M. Williams
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Real-time airborne hyperspectral detection systems
Author(s): Michael Koligman; Anthony C. Copeland
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Comparison of AOTF, grating, and FTS imaging spectrometers for hyperspectral remote sensing applications
Author(s): Lisa Bubion; Peter E. Miller; Andreas F. Hayden
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Lessons learned in the postprocessing of field spectroradiometric data covering the 0.4-2.5-um wavelength region
Author(s): Terrence H. Hemmer; Todd L. Westphal
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Extraction of compositional information for trafficability mapping from hyperspectral data
Author(s): Fred A. Kruse; Joseph W. Boardman; Adam B. Lefkoff
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Characterization and delineation of plumes, clouds, and fires in hyperspectral images
Author(s): Michael K. Griffin; Su May Hsu; Hsiao-hua K. Burke; J. William Snow
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Wavelength calibration and instrument line shape estimation of a LWIR hyperspectral sensor from in-scene data
Author(s): Robert D. Kaiser
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Comparison of matrix factorization algorithms for band selection in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Miguel Velez-Reyes; Luis O. Jimenez-Rodriguez; Daphnia M. Linares; Hector T. Velazquez
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Landsat 7 Science Data Processing: a systems overview
Author(s): Robert J. Schweiss; Nathaniel E. Daniel; Deborah K. Derrick
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Subsetting and formatting Landsat 7 L0R ETM+ data products
Author(s): Michael R. Reid
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Landsat 7 processing on the EROS Data Center's National Land Archive Processing System (NLAPS)
Author(s): Brenda K. Jones; LeAnn Dix
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REALM: an image database for Landsat 7 data
Author(s): Jeffrey G. Masek; Samuel N. Goward; Carter T. Shock
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Cloud cover avoidance in space-based remote sensing acquisition
Author(s): John R. Gasch; Kenneth A. Campana
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Landsat 7 automatic cloud cover assessment
Author(s): Richard R. Irish
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Building a global, consistent, and meaningful Landsat 7 data archive
Author(s): Theresa J. Arvidson; John R. Gasch; Samuel N. Goward
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Effect of the number of samples used in a leave-one-out covariance estimator
Author(s): Larry Biehl; David A. Landgrebe
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Hidden Markov model-based spectral measure for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Qian Du; Chein-I Chang
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Detection and segmentation in hyperspectral imagery using discriminant analysis
Author(s): Reuven Meth
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Atmospheric compensation for surface temperature and emissivity separation
Author(s): Erich D. Hernandez-Baquero; John R. Schott
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Atmospheric correction using imbedded models (ACUIM)
Author(s): Anthony M. Sommese; Mark Essel; David S. Weiss; Fredrick C. Mertz; Sally Westmoreland
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Performance assessment of atmospheric correction algorithms for Vis-SWIR hyperspectral data
Author(s): Amy E. Stewart; Robert D. Kaiser
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Mitigation of atmospheric effects in hyperspectral data analysis
Author(s): Hsiao-hua K. Burke; Michael K. Griffin; J. William Snow
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Thin-cloud effects on spectral/spatial remote sensing and information content within Vis-SWIR hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Joseph G. Shanks; William A.M. Blumberg; Steven J. Heising; Bruce V. Shetler
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Atmospheric correction including the BRDF influence of the target
Author(s): Carmen Tornow
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Cross-sensor registration optimization study
Author(s): Nga Nguyen; Jay K. Hackett
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Genetic algorithm for combining new and existing image processing tools for multispectral imagery
Author(s): Steven P. Brumby; Neal R. Harvey; Simon J. Perkins; Reid B. Porter; John J. Szymanski; James P. Theiler; Jeffrey J. Bloch
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Advantages of BRDF information for the interpretation of reflectance measurements over vegetation
Author(s): Maria von Schoenermark; Aslan Demircan; Bernhard Geiger; Grit Oehmichen; Carmen Tornow; Andreas Weimann; Peter Vogt
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Autonomous determination of endmembers in high spatial and spectral resolution data
Author(s): Edwin M. Winter; Christopher G. Simi; Anthony B. Hill; Christopher LaSota; Michael E. Winter
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Multibase transform coding for multispectral image compression
Author(s): David Akopian; Jussi P. S. Parkkinen; Timo Jaaskelainen; Jaakko T. Astola
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Multispectral image sharpening using wavelet transform techniques and spatial correlation of edges
Author(s): George P. Lemeshewsky; Robert A. Schowengerdt
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