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Visual Information Processing IX
Editor(s): Stephen K. Park; Zia-ur Rahman

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Volume Number: 4041
Date Published: 29 June 2000

Table of Contents
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Classification of noisy patterns using ARTMAP-based neural networks
Author(s): Dimitrios Charalampidis; Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos; Takis Kasparis; Michael Georgiopoulos
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Mammogram feature analysis system using DAF wavelet
Author(s): Haixiang Wang; Zhuoer Shi; DeSheng Zhang; Donald J. Kouri; David K. Hoffman
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Texture-based algorithm for color image classification
Author(s): Vidya B. Manian; Marcel Castro; Ramon E. Vasquez
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Multiscale retinex for improved performance in multispectral image classification
Author(s): Beverly J. Thompson; Zia-ur Rahman; Stephen K. Park
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Wavelet-based image compression using randomized quantization
Author(s): Samuel Peter Kozaitis; Hemen Goswami
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Optimal error protection for image transmission using source-adaptive modulation
Author(s): John E. Kleider; Glen P. Abousleman
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Bit allocation considering mean absolute error for image compression
Author(s): Hemen Goswami; Samuel Peter Kozaitis
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Robust SVD-based calibration of active range sensors
Author(s): Jielin Li; Laurence G. Hassebrook
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Evaluation of the quadtree SAR image formation algorithm
Author(s): Tuan T. Ton; Lam H. Nguyen
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Information theoretic analysis of birefringent antialiasing blur filters in the presence of aberrations
Author(s): Gary W. Euliss; Joseph van der Gracht
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Alias reduction and resolution enhancement by a temporal accumulation of registered data from focal plane array sensors
Author(s): Jonathon M. Schuler; Dean A. Scribner; Melvin R. Kruer
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3DANN-R: A tera-op convolution engine for image processing
Author(s): John C. Carson; David E. Ludwig
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Wavefront coding: jointly optimized optical and digital imaging systems
Author(s): Edward R. Dowski Jr.; Robert H. Cormack; Scott D. Sarama
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Hyperspectral imagers for current and future missions
Author(s): Jeffery J. Puschell
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Detection and processing of hyperspectral imaging data with quantum-well devices
Author(s): Thomas P. McElwain; Keith Kang; Jeffry S. Powell; Richard D. Stack; John Alfred Trezza
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Polynomial morphological approach in pattern recognition
Author(s): Kai Qian; Chih-Cheng Hung; Prabir Bhatacharya
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Experimenting level set-based snakes for contour segmentation in radar imagery
Author(s): Frederic Lesage; Langis Gagnon
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Metropolis Monte Carlo annealing
Author(s): Abolfazl M. Amini
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Novel detail-preserving robust filter for multiplicative and additive noise suppression in image processing
Author(s): Volodymyr I. Ponomaryov; Luis Nino de Rivera; Francisco J. Gallegos Funes; Oleksiy B. Pogrebnyak
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Video compression based on enhanced EZW scheme and Karhunen-Loeve transform
Author(s): Olexandr M. Soloveyko; Yurij S. Musatenko; Vitalij N. Kurashov; Vladislav A. Dubikovskiy
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