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Digitization of the Battlespace V and Battlefield Biomedical Technologies II
Editor(s): Raja Suresh; Homer H. Pien; Homer H. Pien

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Volume Number: 4037
Date Published: 4 August 2000

Table of Contents
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Intelligent battlespace awareness and information dissemination through the application of BDI intelligent agent technologies
Author(s): Andrew Lucas; Ralph Ronnquist; Nick Howden; Paul S. Gaertner; John Haub
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Battlespace awareness and the Australian Army battlefield command support system
Author(s): Paul S. Gaertner; Mark Slade; Fred Bowden; Bradley Stagg; Samuel Huf
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Real-time information management environment (RIME)
Author(s): Brian T. DeCleene; Sean Griffin; Garry Matchett; Richard Niejadlik
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Virtual command center for distributed collaborative undersea warfare
Author(s): Robert J. Barton III; L. Miquel Encarnacao; Richard T. Shane; Ernest Drew; Jim F. Mulhearn
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The Electronic Battle Box
Author(s): Denis Gouin; Guy Turcotte; Eric Lebel; Annie Gilbert
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Nonlinear distributed feedback structures for optical sensor protection
Author(s): Lukasz Brzozowski; Edward H. Sargent
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Detection, location, and identification of building occupants using a robot-mounted through-wall radar
Author(s): David G. Falconer; Robert W. Ficklin; Kurt G. Konolige
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Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS)-based fiber optic sensor and sensor network for improving weapon stabilization and fire control
Author(s): Sean Z. Zhang; Guoda Xu; Wei Qiu; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Robert C. Testa; Michael S. Mattice
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Executable architecture for the first digitized division
Author(s): Paul C. Barr; Alan R. Bernstein; Michael Hamrick; David N. Nicholson; Thomas Pawlowski III; Steven Ring
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Canadian digitization: radical beginning and pragmatic follow-on
Author(s): Terrill Kim Grant
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Active network services for mobile wireless environments
Author(s): Ranga S. Ramanujan; Ryan Hagelstrom; Maher Kaddoura; Sid Takkella; Ken Thurber; John Wu
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Flexible communications for battlespace 2000
Author(s): Thomas M. Seiler
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Combat identification system for the dismounted soldier
Author(s): Kevin Sherman
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Challenges in the assessment of the impact of battlespace digitization
Author(s): Valdur Pille
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Novel uninterruptible self-determinate hybrid high-speed multimedia fiber optic wireless secure digital network
Author(s): Lonnie Lindsey
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C4ISR system for warfighter and its integration technologies
Author(s): Hongyun Wu
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Airborne network system for the transmission of reconnaissance image data
Author(s): Dirk-Roger Schmitt; Heinrich Doergeloh; Jochen Fries; Heiko Keil; Wilfried Wetjen; Siegfried Kleindienst
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Soft-computing-based MPEG-integrated still imagery and live video
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Paul Shnitzer
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Querying and tasking in sensor networks
Author(s): Chaiporn Jaikaeo; Chavalit Srisathapornphat; Chien-Chung Shen
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Combined technique for 3D digital site model generation based on imagery and GIS data
Author(s): Alexander A. Stepanov; Sergey Yu. Zheltov
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Research on multimedia simulation system for airborne battlefield surveillance system
Author(s): Na Chen
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Diagnosis of subdural and intraparenchymal intracranial hemorrhage using a microwave-based detector
Author(s): Geoffrey S. F. Ling M.D.; Ronald G. Riechers Sr.; Krishna M. Pasala; Jeremy Blanchard; Michael Rosner; Keith Day; Patricia Garcia-Pinto; Ki-Il Song; Catherine Yun; Eric Rawie; Jessica Davis; Joshua Scott; Yince Loh; John W. Crommett; Seth M. Zeidman; Peter Rhee; James M. Ecklund; Stephen Lockhart
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Rapid infectious disease screening for field medical emergencies
Author(s): Winston Ho; Srivasta V. Rao; Peter W. Low; John R. Hess
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Pulmonary (cardio) diagnostic system for combat casualty care capable of extracting embedded characteristics of obstructive or restrictive flow
Author(s): Glenn O. Allgood; Dale A. Treece; Fred J. Pearce; Timothy B. Bentley
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Ultrasound analysis of vascular structure and deformation
Author(s): Ray C. Chan; John Kaufhold; Robert S. Lees; William Clement Karl
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Noninvasive vital body chemistry sensor
Author(s): Winston Ho; Rebecca Gasca; Kalin Spariosu; Peter W. Low
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Medical simulation training initiative (MSTI)
Author(s): John J. Bauer; J. Harvey Magee; Gerald Moses; Robert Leitch; Steven L. Dawson M.D.
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Telementoring and teleparamedic communication platforms and robotic systems for battlefield biomedical applications
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Gregory Zeltser; Thomas Forrester
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Development of a 5-DOF force feedback laparoscopic interface for simulation and telesurgery
Author(s): Ela Ben-Ur; J. Kenneth Salisbury Jr.
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In-vivo mechanical tissue property measurement for improved simulations
Author(s): Mark P. Ottensmeyer; J. Kenneth Salisbury Jr.
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CAML: a general framework for the development of medical simulation systems
Author(s): Stephane Cotin; David W. Shaffer; Dwight A. Meglan; Mark P. Ottensmeyer; Patrick S. Berry; Steven L. Dawson M.D.
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