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Intense Microwave Pulses VII
Editor(s): Howard E. Brandt

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Volume Number: 4031
Date Published: 14 July 2000

Table of Contents
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Progress in high-power microwave (HPM) basic research at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
Author(s): Forrest Jack Agee; John A. Gaudet
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Experiments on slotted coaxial high-power gyrotrons
Author(s): Ronald M. Gilgenbach; Reginald L. Jaynes; William E. Cohen; Christopher W. Peters; Michael R. Lopez; Yue Ying Lau; William J. Williams; T. A. Spencer
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New method for ultrahigh-frequency cyclotron maser at low magnetic field
Author(s): John A. Davies; Chiping Chen
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Electron-beam halo formation in periodic permanent magnet focusing klystron amplifiers
Author(s): Chiping Chen; Mark Hess; Renato Pakter
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Chaotic instabilities and density profiles in a crossed-field electron vacuum device
Author(s): David J. Kaup; Gary E. Thomas
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Space charge effects on multipactor on dielectric
Author(s): Agust Valfells; John P. Verboncoeur; Yue Ying Lau; R. Anderson; Ronald M. Gilgenbach
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General form for the collective bremsstrahlung recoil force in a nonequilibrium relativistic beam-plasma system
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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High-power microwave window breakdown under vacuum and atmospheric conditions
Author(s): David Hemmert; Andreas A. Neuber; James C. Dickens; Hermann Krompholz; Lynn L. Hatfield; Magne Kristiansen
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Experimental studies of the cross-excitation instability in a relativistic backward-wave oscillator
Author(s): Frank Hegeler; Michael David Partridge; Edl Schamiloglu; Chaouki Tanios Abdallah; Naz E. Islam
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Pulsed rf breakdown studies
Author(s): Lisa Laurent; George Caryotakis; Glenn P. Scheitrum; Daryl Sprehn; Neville C. Luhmann Jr.
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X-band klystron development at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Author(s): Daryl Sprehn; George Caryotakis; Erik N. Jongewaard; Robert M. Phillips; A. Vlieks
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Cathode testing at the Air Force Research Laboratory
Author(s): Donald A. Shiffler; M. Lacour; K. Golby; Miguel D. Sena; Ryan J. Umstattd; John W. Luginsland; K. J. Hendricks; Thomas A. Spencer; Aimee N. Gibbs; M. Ruebush; D. Zagar
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Progress in the development of the ferratron: a novel repetitively rated triggered spark-gap switch with ultralow jitter
Author(s): Jane M. Lehr; Carl E. Baum; Leland H. Bowen; Juan M. Elizondo; Donald E. Ellerbee; Everett G. Farr; William D. Prather
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Nonlinear characteristics (chaos) of high-power microwave (HPM) sources
Author(s): John A. Gaudet; John W. Luginsland; Christopher B. Wallace
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Marx generator triggering with photoconductive switches
Author(s): Jane M. Lehr; Sean M. Ahern; Michael D. Abdalla; Mike C. Skipper; Samuel P. Romero; John A. Gaudet; Jeffrey W. Burger; Jon P. Hull; Fred R. Gruner; Brett D. Cockerham; C. Jerald Buchenauer
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Design and implementation of a new UHV threshold cathode test facility
Author(s): Ryan J. Umstattd; Donald A. Shiffler; C. A. Baca; K. J. Hendricks; Thomas A. Spencer; John W. Luginsland
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Lightweight ultrawideband antenna development
Author(s): Everett G. Farr; Leland H. Bowen; Glen R. Salo; John S. Gwynne; Carl E. Baum; William D. Prather; Tyrone C. Tran
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Influence of near-surface plasma layer on the wide-bandwidth dielectric Cherenkov maser operation
Author(s): Anatoli S. Shlapakovski; Gennadi Melnikov; Anatoli Petrov
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Modulation of the space charge in MILO
Author(s): Wu Ding
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High-power microwave pulse compressors: passive, active, and combined
Author(s): Michael I. Petelin; Jay L. Hirshfield; Sergey V. Kuzikov; A. L. Vikharev
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Suppression of parasitic self-excitation in Cherenkov amplifiers
Author(s): Michael Fuchs; Czeslaw Golkowski; Theodore Grabowski; Nikolay F. Kovalev; Alexey V. Palitsin
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Dynamics of electron beam instability development in microwave sources
Author(s): Eduard Vardges Rostomyan
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Microwave Facilitated Atmospheric Energy Projection System: concept for scalable multistage electromagnetic missiles
Author(s): Philip James Paustian
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Relativistic multiwave Cherenkov generators of millimeter-wavelength range
Author(s): Vladimir I. Koshelev; Vladimir A. Popov
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Electrodynamical properties of an experimental corrugated slow-wave structure in its different passbands
Author(s): Igor A. Chernyavskiy; Viktor M. Pikunov
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Numerical investigations of relativistic BWO based on an overmoded open resonator
Author(s): Viktor M. Pikunov; Igor A. Chernyavskiy
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Temporal switching jitter in photoconductive switches
Author(s): John A. Gaudet; Mike C. Skipper; Michael D. Abdalla; Sean M. Ahern; Samuel P. Romero; Alan Mar; Fred J. Zutavern; Guillermo M. Loubriel; Marty W. O'Malley; Wesley D. Helgeson
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Wideband high-power millimeter-wave FEL driven by a storage ring
Author(s): Vladimir N. Litvinenko
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