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Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays VI

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Volume Number: 4028
Date Published: 17 July 2000

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Uncooled IR detector performance limits and barriers
Author(s): Charles M. Hanson
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Recent developments in uncooled IR technology
Author(s): Robert Murphy; Margaret Kohin; Brian S. Backer; Neal R. Butler; Richard J. Blackwell; Thomas Allen
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Semiconducting YBCO bolometers for uncooled IR detection
Author(s): Mahmoud F. Almasri; Donald P. Butler; Zeynep Celik-Butler
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Linear arrays of fast uncooled poly-SiGe microbolometers for IR detection
Author(s): Piet De Moor; Joachim John; Sherif Sedky; Chris A. Van Hoof
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Uncooled infrared sensors: rapid growth and future perspective
Author(s): Raymond S. Balcerak
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320x240 microblometer uncooled IRFPA
Author(s): Eric Mottin; Jean-Luc Martin; Jean-Louis Ouvrier-Buffet; Michel Vilain; Jean-Jacques Yon; Jean-Pierre Chatard
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Miniature VO2-based bolometric detectors for high-resolution uncooled FPAs
Author(s): Hubert Jerominek; Timothy D. Pope; Christine Alain; Rose Zhang; Francis Picard; Mario Lehoux; Felix Cayer; Simon Savard; Carl Larouche; Carol Grenier
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Ambient temperature IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Neal R. Butler
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(Mn, Sb)-doped PZT thin films with (La, Sr)CoO3 electrodes for uncooled infrared detectors
Author(s): Yuqing Xu; Yanqi Wang; Naijuan Wu; Alex Ignatiev; Xuemin Chen
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Micro-optomechanical infrared receiver with optical readout: MIRROR
Author(s): Paul R. Norton; M. Mao; Thomas M. Perazzo; Yang Zhao; O. Kwon; Arunava Majumdar; John B. Varesi
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Comparison of infrared detection mechanisms in thermal-emissive vs. photoemissive silicon Schottky barrier arrays
Author(s): Freeman D. Shepherd; James E. Murguia
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Polarization-sensitive QWIP thermal imager
Author(s): Daniel W. Beekman; James B. Van Anda
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High-resolution focal plane array IR detection modules and digital signal processing technologies at AIM
Author(s): Wolfgang A. Cabanski; Rainer Breiter; R. Koch; Karl-Heinz Mauk; Werner Rode; Johann Ziegler; Kurt Eberhardt; Reinhard Oelmaier; Harald Schneider; Martin Walther
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Overview of advances in high-performance ROIC designs for use with IRFPAs
Author(s): Leonard P. Chen; Mary J. Hewitt; David J. Gulbransen; Kevin L. Pettijohn; Bryan Chen; Richard Wyles
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Focal plane array readout integrated circuit with per-pixel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion
Author(s): Stuart Kleinfelder; Alison Hottes; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Vertical cavity surface emitting laser-based cryogenic optical link technology
Author(s): Guoda Xu; John M. Bartha; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin
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Random line selected charge accumulation (RLCA) CCD readout structure for high-frame-rate infrared image application
Author(s): Gwo-Ji Horng; Chun-Yen Chang; Yung Chau Yen; Weng-Lyang Wang
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Novel concept of TDI readout circuit for LWIR detector
Author(s): Byunghyuck Kim; Nanyoung Yoon; Hee Chul Lee; Choong-Ki Kim
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Development of hybrid CMOS visible focal plane arrays at Rockwell
Author(s): Yibin Bai; John T. Montroy; John D. Blackwell; Mark C. Farris; Lester J. Kozlowski; Kadri Vural
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On-chip analog-to-digital conversion for cooled infrared detector arrays
Author(s): Henk H. Martijn; Jan Y. Andersson
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High-performance linear detector modules
Author(s): Rainer Damkoehler; Kurt Eberhardt; Reinhard Oelmaier; C. Joachim Wendler; Johann Ziegler
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Room temperature 640x512 pixel near-infrared InGaAs focal plane array
Author(s): Martin H. Ettenberg; Michael J. Lange; Matthew T. O'Grady; Jacobus S. Vermaak; Marshall J. Cohen; Gregory H. Olsen
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Miniaturized high-performance starring thermal imaging system
Author(s): Wolfgang A. Cabanski; Rainer Breiter; Karl-Heinz Mauk; Werner Rode; Johann Ziegler; L. Ennenga; Ulrich Manfred Stefan Lipinski; T. Wehrhahn
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Image preprocessing for the infrared
Author(s): Dean A. Scribner; Jonathon M. Schuler; Penny R. Warren; J. Grant Howard; Melvin R. Kruer
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GaAs-based CCD structure for MWIR/LWIR imaging applications
Author(s): Geoffrey W. Taylor; Chi-Keung Kwan; Tuo Li
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InAsSb and InGaAs linear and focal plane arrays
Author(s): Patrick Merken; Lars Zimmermann; Joachim John; Stefan Nemeth; Martin Gastal; Gustaaf Borghs; Chris A. Van Hoof
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Absorption spectrum observation of quantum well infrared photodetectors by new prism attached attenuated total reflection
Author(s): Hironori Nishino; Prafulla J. Masalkar; Yusuke Matsukura; Hitoshi Tanaka; Yoshihiro Miyamoto; Toshio Fujii
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Recent developments and applications of quantum well infrared photodetector focal plane arrays
Author(s): Sarath D. Gunapala; Sumith V. Bandara; John K. Liu; Edward M. Luong; S. B. Rafol; Jason M. Mumolo; David Z.Y. Ting; James J. Bock; Michael E. Ressler; Michael W. Werner; Paul D. LeVan; Riad Chehayeb; Carl A. Kukkonen; M. Levy; N. LeVan; Mark A. Fauci
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Dual-band QWIP MWIR/LWIR focal plane array test results
Author(s): Arnold C. Goldberg; Theodore Fischer; Stephen W. Kennerly; Samuel C. H. Wang; Mani Sundaram; Parvez N. Uppal; Michael L. Winn; Gregory L. Milne; Mark A. Stevens
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Nonlinear response of QWIP detectors: summary of data from four manufacturers
Author(s): Douglas C. Arrington; John Edward Hubbs; Mark E. Gramer; Gary A. Dole
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C-QWIPs for material characterization
Author(s): Kwong-Kit Choi; ChenJune Chen; Daniel C. Tsui
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Two-color QWIP FPAs
Author(s): Mani Sundaram; Samuel C. H. Wang
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Review of HgCdTe photodiodes for IR detection
Author(s): Marion B. Reine
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Latest results on HgCdTe 2048x2048 and silicon focal plane arrays
Author(s): Craig A. Cabelli; Donald E. Cooper; Allan K. Haas; Lester J. Kozlowski; Gary L. Bostrup; Annie Chi-yi Chen; John D. Blackwell; John T. Montroy; Kadri Vural; William E. Kleinhans; Klaus-Werner Hodapp; Donald N. B. Hall
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VLWIR HgCdTe photovoltaic detectors performance
Author(s): Arvind I. D'Souza; Larry C. Dawson; Craig O. Staller; John P. Reekstin; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; Roger E. DeWames; William V. McLevige; Jose M. Arias; Dennis E. Edwall; Gernot Hildebrandt
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HgCdTe double-layer heterojunction detector device
Author(s): Glenn T. Hess; Thomas J. Sanders
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Computation for crosstalk effects in p-on-n Hg1-xCdxTe heterojunction IRFPA radiated by using uniformly parallel light
Author(s): Hang-Ming Dai; Thomas J. Sanders
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Uncooled nonequilibrium HgCdTe IR detector modeling
Author(s): Tae-Seok Lee; Renganathan Ashokan; Christoph H. Grein; Sung-Shik Yoo; Sivalingam Sivananthan
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Long linear HgCdTe arrays with superior temperature cycling reliability
Author(s): Johann Ziegler; Marcus Finck; Rolf Krueger; Thomas Simon; C. Joachim Wendler
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Surface treatment effects on the surface recombination velocity of ZnS/HgCdTe interface
Author(s): Jong Hwa Choi; Hee Chul Lee; MinSung Choi
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InSb focal plane array (FPAs) grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
Author(s): Tim Ashley; Ian M. Baker; Theresa M. Burke; David T. Dutton; John A. Haigh; Leslie G. Hipwood; Richard Jefferies; Alan David Johnson; Peter Knowles; J. Chris Little
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NIST-BMDO transfer radiometer (BXR)
Author(s): Timothy M. Jung; Adriaan C. Carter; Steven R. Lorentz; Raju V. Datla
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1-cm collimated source for use in infrared calibrations
Author(s): Beverly J. Klemme; Timothy M. Jung; Adriaan C. Carter; Eric L. Shirley; Steven R. Lorentz; Raju V. Datla
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NIST facility for spectral calibration of detectors: calibration of arsenic-doped silicon-blocked impurity band detectors
Author(s): Adriaan C. Carter; Steven R. Lorentz; Timothy M. Jung; Beverly J. Klemme; Raju V. Datla
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Interdigitated finger semiconductor photodetector for optoelectronic mixing
Author(s): Paul H. Shen; Michael R. Stead; Monica Alba Taysing-Lara; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; William C. Ruff; Barry L. Stann; Parvez N. Uppal
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High-performance infrared detectors at Sofradir
Author(s): Philippe M. Tribolet; Philippe Chorier; Alain Manissadjian; Patricia Costa; Jean-Pierre Chatard
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Compact visible/near-infrared hyperspectral imager
Author(s): James E. Murguia; Toby D. Reeves; Jonathan Martin Mooney; William S. Ewing; Freeman D. Shepherd; Andrzej K. Brodzik
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Design and testing of a high-speed low-noise infrared detector array
Author(s): Phillip L. Jacobson; George E. Busch; L. John Jolin; C. C. Wang; Robert F. Cannata; Glenn T. Kincaid; H. K. Gurgenian; Shoghig Mesropian
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Temperature dependence of spatial noise in InSb focal plane arrays
Author(s): Lior Shkedy; Ornit Amir; Zipora Calahora; Joelle Oiknine-Schlesinger; Igor Szafranek
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MWIR computed tomographic imaging spectrometer experiments
Author(s): John Phillips Garcia; Curtis Earl Volin; Derek S. Sabatke; Michael R. Descour; Eustace L. Dereniak; Thomas K. Hamilton; Robert W. McMillan; David T. Sass
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