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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing V

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Volume Number: 4027
Date Published: 12 July 2000

Table of Contents
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Advancements in hardware-in-the-loop simulations at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Alexander C. Jolly; Scott B. Mobley; William J. Sholes
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HWIL) facility for development, test, and evaluation of multispectral missile systems: update
Author(s): Scott B. Mobley; Jeff P. Gareri
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System description and applications of the Imaging Infrared Simulation System III at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Author(s): William J. Sholes; James A. Buford Jr.; Kenneth R. Harrison; J. Steve Barnette
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Maximizing operational effectiveness and utility of the Mobile Infrared Scene Projector (MIRSP) during System Integration Laboratory (SIL) testing
Author(s): Kenneth W. Zabel; Geoffrey W. Brooks; Bruce Owens
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Dual-mode capability for hardware-in-the-loop
Author(s): A. Nicholas Vamivakas; Ron L. Jackson
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Use of a compact range approach to evaluate rf and dual-mode missiles
Author(s): Kenneth E. Willis; Yosef Weiss
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Benefits of HWIL simulation to develop guidance and control systems for missiles
Author(s): Hirofumi Eguchi; Tadashi Yamashita
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Multimode real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation
Author(s): Chris C. Hazelrig; Trina S. Peters; Elizabeth A. Waites
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Successful hardware-in-the-loop support of the Longbow/HELLFIRE modular missile system
Author(s): Jerry A. Ray; Gerald A. Larson; John E. Terry Jr.
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Scaled CMOS MEMS for real-time infrared scene generation
Author(s): Bruce W. Offord; H. Ronald Marlin; Richard L. Bates; Gordon C. Perkins; Chris Hutchens; Derek Yunchih Huang
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Simulation of plume dynamics using particle graphics
Author(s): John Tourtellott; Charles F. Coker; Dennis R. Crow
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High-frame-rate low-latency hardware-in-the-loop image generation: an illustration of the particle method and DIME
Author(s): Allan J. Cantle; Malachy Devlin; Eric Lord; Richard Chamberlain
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Advancements in real-time IR/EO scene generation utilizing the Silicon Graphics Onyx2
Author(s): Onda D. Simmons; Stephen E. Jacobs; Robert J. Makar; Frank J. Stanley; Thomas W. Joyner; Keem B. Theim
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Real-time IR/EO scene generation utilizing an optimized scene rendering subsystem
Author(s): Robert J. Makar; Daniel B. Howe
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Advances in the universal programmable interface
Author(s): Douglas C. McKee
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Development of a real-time Sensor Emulator System for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Monty Offutt; Terry M. Reynolds
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Advanced real-time dynamic scene generation techniques for improved performance and fidelity
Author(s): Mark H. Bowden; James A. Buford Jr.; Anthony J. Mayhall
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Scene simulation projector for 180-deg LWIR imager
Author(s): Michael E. Couture
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Design of large pupil relief broadband collimator for use in a MMW/IR HWIL facility
Author(s): Matt W. Bender; D. Brett Beasley
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Resolution and dynamic range capabilities of dynamic infrared scene projection systems
Author(s): Eric M. Olson; Owen M. Williams; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; James R. Kircher
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Search for optimal infrared projector nonuniformity correction procedures: II
Author(s): Leszek Swierkowski; Owen M. Williams
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Practical application of a 1:1 mapped NUC system for IRSP arrays
Author(s): Mark A. Venables; David W. Gough; Alan P. Pritchard
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Development of a two-color projection system for the KHILS Vacuum Cold Chamber (KVACC)
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Steven Arthur Marlow; James R. Kircher; Eric W. Glattke; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; John S. Weir
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Radiometric stability of Phase 3 WISP arrays
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Steven Arthur Marlow; Thomas P. Bergin; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.
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Factory acceptance test results for the DIRSP projection optics
Author(s): Matthew C. Thomas; Craig S. Ward
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MIRAGE: calibration radiometry system
Author(s): Alan Irwin; Jim Oleson; Richard M. Robinson
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Advancements in dynamic scene projection technologies at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
Author(s): D. Brett Beasley; Daniel A. Saylor
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Captive flight test-based infrared validation of a hardware-in-the-loop simulation
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders; Randall Roland; David S. Cosby; Daniel A. Saylor; Kenneth R. Harrison
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MMW turntable data collection, data analysis, and target model development
Author(s): Annie V. Saylor; Douglas P. Barr; Scott B. Mobley; Wayne Leonard
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Pile-of-PC (PoPC) signature predictions in support of HWIL simulation
Author(s): M.Shane McFarlin
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High-fidelity synthetic IR imaging model
Author(s): Michael Wegener; Richard Drake
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SensorVision validation: diurnal temperature variations in northern Australia
Author(s): Ninh T. Duong; Michael Wegener
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Developments in the design and performance of IR scene projector devices at BAE Systems
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Mark D. Balmond; Mark A. Venables; Stephen Paul Lake
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Innovations in IR projector arrays
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; B. Higashi; Jeff A. Ridley; J. Holmen; K. Newstrom; C. Zins; K. Nguyen; Steven R. Weeres; Burgess R. Johnson; Robert G. Stockbridge; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Eric M. Olson; Thomas P. Bergin; James R. Kircher; David S. Flynn
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Visible to IR transducer-based infrared image projection systems
Author(s): Philippe Berisset; Frederic Maurel
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Trade-offs in designing a mobile infrared scene projector
Author(s): Richard Brown; Henry M. Lastra; Francisca R. Vuong; Geoffrey W. Brooks
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MIRAGE: system overview and status
Author(s): Richard M. Robinson; Jim Oleson; Lane Rubin; Stephen W. McHugh
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MIRAGE: large-format emitter arrays 1024 x 1024 and 1024 x 2048
Author(s): Stephen W. McHugh; Richard M. Robinson; Bill Parish; James T. Woolaway II
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Improvements in flight table dynamic transparency for hardware-in-the-loop facilities
Author(s): Louis A. DeMore; Rob Mackin; Michael Swamp; Roger Rusterholtz
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for IR countermeasure assessment
Author(s): Barry Gamble; John G. Philip; Melvyn D. Sedgbeer
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