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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing XIV
Editor(s): Michael K. Masten; Larry A. Stockum

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Volume Number: 4025
Date Published: 7 July 2000

Table of Contents
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Optimal track fusion and tracklet techniques for target tracking and sensor alignment
Author(s): Gregory A. Watson; Theodore R. Rice; Robert J. Jesionowski; Ray V. Cassell
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Optimal track fusion with feedback for multiple asynchronous measurements
Author(s): Gregory A. Watson; Theodore R. Rice; Ali T. Alouani
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Absolute sensor alignment using a LEOS
Author(s): Ali T. Alouani; Theodore R. Rice
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Sensor alignment in electro-optical/radar fusion systems
Author(s): Eric C. E. Charlwood; Roderick J. Griffiths; Max R. Buttinger
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Sensor pointing verification for the TRMM precipitation radar
Author(s): Chris Eubanks; W. Linwood Jones; Takis Kasparis; Rafiul Hossain; Parvez Ahammed
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Determining inertial orientation of a spinning body with body-fixed sensors
Author(s): David J. Hepner; Thomas E. Harkins
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MAGSONDE (patent pending): a device for making angular measurements on spinning projectiles using magnetic sensors
Author(s): Thomas E. Harkins; David J. Hepner
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Diffractively corrected Risley prism for infrared imaging
Author(s): David C. Weber; James D. Trolinger; Robert G. Nichols; Amit K. Lal
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Miniature low-power pan/tilt actuator for the pointing of small sensors
Author(s): Terence H. McLoughlin; Christopher A. Kramer; Pablo Bandera; Dominic Spano
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Missile autopilot design considering uncertainties in aerodynamics and actuator dynamics
Author(s): Yong D. Song; J. Hou; F. Fogson
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Electro-optic hybrid rotary joint technology for Air Force tracker system power and signal transmission applications
Author(s): Guoda Xu; John M. Bartha; Sean Z. Zhang; Wei Qiu; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Stuart McNamee; Larry Rheaume
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Mathematical treatment of aircraft maneuvers
Author(s): Dai Hyun Kim; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Sookwang Ro; Wenjian Wang; Gajendra D. Savant; Daniel A. Erwin; Michael P. Snow
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Multimode signal processor for imaging infrared seeker
Author(s): Ronda Venkateswarlu; Louis Shue
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Likelihood-based dual-threshold selection for imaging target trackers
Author(s): Larisa Stephan; Gillian K. Groves
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Software systems testing of a closed loop tracking system using a SIMULINK-based simulation
Author(s): Brendan Robinson; Doreen M. Sasaki
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Target acquisition and tracking system based on a real-time reconfigurable multiwindow CMOS image sensor
Author(s): David J. Stack; Christopher A. Kramer; Terence H. McLoughlin; Kris W. Sielski; Guang Yang; Christopher J. Wrigley; Bedabrata Pain
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Adaptive spatial filtering techniques for the detection of targets in infrared imaging seekers
Author(s): Andre Morin
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Simulation target detection at UV and IR bands
Author(s): KyoungSoo Doo; JeongSu Oh; SurngGabb Jahng; HyunKi Hong; Jong Soo Choi; DongSun Seo
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Dim point target detection in IR imagery using multistage IIR filter
Author(s): Eng Thiam Lim; Suyog D. Deshpande; Choong Wah Chan; Ronda Venkateswarlu
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Integration of a tracking laser range camera with the photogrammetry-based space vision system
Author(s): Francois Blais; J. Angelo Beraldin; Luc Cournoyer; Iain Christie; R. Serafini; K. Mason; S. McCarthy; C. Goodall
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Real-time polarization-sensitive multispectral automatic imaging system for object contrast enhancement and clutter mitigation
Author(s): Paul I. Shnitser; Il'ya P. Agurok; Sergey Sandomirsky; Aramais A. Avakian; Ronald B. Lockwood
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New counter-countermeasure algorithm for two-color infrared seekers
Author(s): JeongSu Oh; KyoungSoo Doo; SurngGabb Jahng; Jong Soo Choi; DongSun Seo
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Design and experiment of a LQ controller used in high-bandwidth fast-steering mirror system
Author(s): Mujun Xie; Jiaguang Ma; Chengyu Fu
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Angular error of LEO tracking system
Author(s): JeomHun Lee; DeockGil Oh; SeungHyeub Oh
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Application of large-scale EPLD devices for real-time image enhancement and electronic image stabilization in a rugged environment
Author(s): Gordon A. Cain
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Magnetohydrodynamic inertial reference system
Author(s): Dan Eckelkamp-Baker; Henry R. Sebesta; Kevin Burkhard
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