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Airborne Telescope Systems
Editor(s): Ramsey K. Melugin; Hans-Peter Roeser

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Volume Number: 4014
Date Published: 20 June 2000

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Image stability requirement for the SOFIA telescope
Author(s): Edwin F. Erickson; Edward W. Dunham
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Realizing 3D spectral imaging in the far-infrared: FIFI LS
Author(s): Leslie W. Looney; Norbert Geis; Reinhard Genzel; Won Kee Park; Albrecht Poglitsch; Walfried Raab; Dirk Rosenthal; Alexander Urban; Thomas Henning
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GREAT: the first-generation German heterodyne receiver for SOFIA
Author(s): Rolf Guesten; Paul Hartogh; Heinz-Wilhelm Huebers; Urs U. Graf; K. Jacobs; Hans-Peter Roeser; Frank Schaefer; Rudolf T. Schieder; Ronald Stark; Juergen Stutzki; Peter Van der Wal; Achim Wunsch
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CASIMIR: a submillimeter heterodyne spectrometer for SOFIA
Author(s): Michael L. Edgar; Jonas Zmuidzinas
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HAWC: a far-infrared camera for SOFIA
Author(s): Doyal A. Harper; Christine A. Allen; Michael James Amato; Troy J. Ames; Arlin E. Bartels; Sean C. Casey; Rebecca J. Derro; Rhodri Evans; Ian Gatley; Stephen J. Heimsath; Alfonso Hermida; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Joel H. Kastner; Robert F. Loewenstein; Samuel Harvey Moseley Jr.; Robert J. Pernic; Timothy S. Rennick; Harvey E. Rhody; Dale Sandford; Richard A. Shafer; Peter J. Shirron; George M. Voellmer; Shu-i Wang; Jesse Wirth
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EXES: a progress report on the development of a high-resolution mid-infrared grating spectrograph for SOFIA
Author(s): Matthew J. Richter; John H. Lacy; Daniel T. Jaffe; Thomas K. Greathouse; Mary Kay Hemenway
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FLITECAM: a near-infrared camera for test and science applications on SOFIA
Author(s): Jochen M. M. Horn; Eric E. Becklin; Oddvar Bendiksen; George Brims; John Goulter; Evan Kress; Nick Magnone; Ian S. McLean; John Milburn; N. Molayem; Harvey S. Moseley; Michael Spencer
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HOPI: a high-speed occultation photometer and imager for SOFIA
Author(s): Edward W. Dunham; James L. Elliot; Brian W. Taylor
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Large-ruled monolithic echelle gratings
Author(s): Kirk G. Bach; Bernhard W. Bach Jr.
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Reflection gratings as THz local oscillator multiplexer
Author(s): Stefan Heyminck; Urs U. Graf
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Far-infrared array reciever (FAR) for SOFIA
Author(s): Christopher K. Walker; Christopher E. Groppi; Christian Y. Drouet d'Aubigny; Gondon Chen; Rudolf T. Schieder; Gopal Narayanan; Arthur W. Lichtenberger; Peter H. Siegel
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16x24 germanium photoconductor array for AIRES
Author(s): Jessie L. Dotson; Edwin F. Erickson; Michael R. Haas; David Rabanus; James A. Baltz
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Design and assembly of a stressed Ge:Ga photoconductor array for AIRES
Author(s): David Rabanus; Jessie L. Dotson; Edwin F. Erickson; Juergen Wolf
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16 x 25 Ge:Ga detector arrays for FIFI LS
Author(s): Dirk Rosenthal; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Norbert Geis; Leslie W. Looney; Albrecht Poglitsch; Won Kee Park; Walfried Raab; Alexander Urban
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NbN hot-electron bolometer as THz mixer for SOFIA
Author(s): Heinz-Wilhelm Huebers; A. Semenov; Josef Schubert; Gregory N. Gol'tsman; Boris M. Voronov; Eugeni M. Gershenzon; Alfred Krabbe; Hans-Peter Roeser
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Submillimeter astronomy investigation of line spectra (SAILS): a balloon-borne instrument
Author(s): Michael D. Seiffert; William D. Langer; Steven D. Lord; John C. Pearson; William R. McGrath
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New balloon-borne telescope for far-infrared astronomy
Author(s): Seiko Arimura; Hiroshi Shibai; Mitsunobu Kawada; Atsushi Ito; Makoto Tanaka; Shinya Hirooka; Yasuo Doi; Takao Nakagawa; Masanao Narita; Hidehiro Kaneda; Masahiro Tanaka; Takanao Tohya; Shin'ichiro Makiuti; Yoshihiko Okamura; Haruyuki Okuda; T. N. Rengarajan
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Balloon-borne telescope for high-resolution solar imaging and polarimetry
Author(s): Pietro N. Bernasconi; David M. Rust; Harry A. Eaton; Graham A. Murphy
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Aerostatic platforms, past, present, and future: a prototype for astronomy?
Author(s): Gerhard F. O. von Appen-Schnur; Reimund Kueke; Ingolf Schaefer; K.-H. Stenvers
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SOFIA telescope
Author(s): Alfred Krabbe
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Airborne environment: a challenge for telescope design
Author(s): Hans Juergen Kaercher
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Challenges in obtaining 0.2 arc-second pointing stability for a large telescope mounted in an open-port cavity on board an aircraft flying in the stratosphere
Author(s): Nans Kunz
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Airworthiness certification and flight safety of an airborne telescope
Author(s): Rainer Kaindl; Eckhard Bremers
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Development and construction of the optical system for the airborne observatory SOFIA
Author(s): Matthias Erdmann; Hermann Bittner; Peter Haberler
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Progress on SOFIA primary mirror
Author(s): Roland Geyl; Michel Tarreau
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Suspension assembly of SOFIA: the key subsystem connecting the telescope with the aircraft
Author(s): Eberhard Sust; Ulrich Weis
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Bearing sphere for SOFIA telescope: a challenge for design and manufacturing
Author(s): Guenter Stoeffler; Robert Heydenreich
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Design and manufacturing of the CFRP lightweight telescope structure
Author(s): Guenter Stoeffler; Rainer Kaindl
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Pointing control system of SOFIA
Author(s): Karl Wandner; Hans Juergen Kaercher
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Tracking subsystem of the SOFIA telescope
Author(s): Hermann Bittner; Christoph Braeuninger; Andreas Dierks; Matthias Erdmann; Markus Erhard; Klaus Lattner; Juergen Schmolke
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End-to-end simulation of the image stability for the airborne telescope SOFIA
Author(s): Ulrich Schoenhoff; Peter Eisentraeger; Karl Wandner; Hans Juergen Kaercher; Rainer Nordmann
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Development and testing of a high-precision high-stiffness linear actuator for the focus-center mechanism of the SOFIA secondary mirror
Author(s): Lorenzo Zago; Philippe Schwab; Daniele Gallieni
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Extensible and flexible software architecture for the SOFIA mission controls and communications system
Author(s): Barry Papke; David Brock; John B. Graybeal
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SOFIA mission controls and communications system development strategy
Author(s): Kaiser Adeni; Francis Nelbach
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Layout of personnel accommodations for the SOFIA
Author(s): David M. Daughters; J. Gregory Bruich; Gregory P. Arceneaux; Jason Zirretta; William B. Caton
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Telescience for SOFIA
Author(s): J. Gregory Bruich
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Optimized flight planning for SOFIA
Author(s): Jochen M. M. Horn; Eric E. Becklin
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Achieving the background limit on SOFIA: a stray-light issue
Author(s): Jackie A. Davidson; Paul M. Harvey; Gary L. Peterson
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New conception of the moving celestial object observations
Author(s): Oleg Pavlovich Bykov
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Far-infrared BRDFs and reflectance spectra of candidate SOFIA telescope, cavity, and focal-plane instrument surfaces
Author(s): Allan W. Meyer; Sheldon M. Smith; Christopher T. Koerber
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Submillimeter and far-infrared experiment (SAFIRE): a PI class instrument for SOFIA
Author(s): Richard A. Shafer; Samuel Harvey Moseley Jr.; Peter A. R. Ade; Dominic J. Benford; G. Bjoraker; Eli Dwek; David A. Neufeld; Francois Pajot; Thomas G. Phillips; Gordon J. Stacey
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SOFIA terahertz array receiver (STAR)
Author(s): Ernest A. Michael; Urs U. Graf; C. E. Honingh; K. Jacobs; F. Lewen; Rudolf T. Schieder; Juergen Stutzki
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Telescope assembly alignment simulator for SOFIA
Author(s): Michael R. Haas
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FORCAST: a facility 5- to 40-um camera for SOFIA
Author(s): Luke D. Keller; Terry L. Herter; Gordon J. Stacey; George E. Gull; Bruce Pirger; Justin Schoenwald; Harry Bowman; Tomas Nikola
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Introduction to airworthiness for science instruments on board SOFIA
Author(s): George E. Gull; Maureen L. Savage
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