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Observatory Operations to Optimize Scientific Return II
Editor(s): Peter J. Quinn

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Volume Number: 4010
Date Published: 25 July 2000

Table of Contents
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VLT science operations: the first year
Author(s): David R. Silva; Roberto Gilmozzi; Bruno Leibundgut; Gautier Mathys
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Observation and observatory operation systems for Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Junichi Noumaru
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NOAO queue-observing experiment on the WIYN Telescope
Author(s): Abhijit Saha; Dianne L. Harmer; Paul S. Smith; Daryl W. Willmarth
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Hobby-Eberly Telescope operations model
Author(s): Mark T. Adams; Thomas G. Barnes III; Craig E. Nance; Lawrence W. Ramsey
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Impact of observing constraints and unplanned events on observatory efficiency and long-range plan stability
Author(s): William M. Workman III; Wayne Kinzel; Patricia Royle; Ian J.E. Jordan
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Baseline of the GTC operation and maintenance plan
Author(s): Ana Perez-Calpena; Juan Paris P. Gonzalez
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ESO data flow system in operations: closing the data loop
Author(s): Peter J. Quinn; Miguel A. Albrecht; Preben Grosbol; Bruno Leibundgut; Michele Peron; David R. Silva
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Night-time operations diagnostics at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
Author(s): Craig E. Nance; James R. Fowler; Paul Tom Worthington
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Increasing the productivity of the WHT
Author(s): Chris R. Benn; Robert Gordon Talbot
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Distributed user support and the Gemini Observatory help desk
Author(s): Simon Chan; Phil J. Puxley
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Front-end system for the VLT's data-flow system
Author(s): Alberto Maurizio Chavan; David R. Silva; C. Boarotto; Tim Canavan; R. Kemp; Gino Giannone
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Designing the next generation of user support tools: methodology
Author(s): Anuradha Koratkar; Robert E. Douglas Jr.; Andrew Gerb; Jeremy E. Jones; Karla A. Peterson; Roeland P. Van Der Marel
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Evolution of the HST proposal selection process
Author(s): C. Megan Urry; Brett S. Blacker; Glenn E. Miller; Letizia Stanghellini; Peg Stanley; Roeland P. Van Der Marel
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Lessons learned from the Scientist's Expert Assistant project
Author(s): Jeremy E. Jones; Chris Burkhardt; Mark Fishman; Sandy Grosvenor; Anuradha Koratkar; LaMont Ruley; Karl R. Wolf
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Multiwavelength time allocation: the wave of the future
Author(s): Brett S. Blacker; Duccio Macchetto; C. Megan Urry; Belinda Wilkes
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Subaru FATS (fault tracking system)
Author(s): Tom W. Winegar; Junichi Noumaru
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Flexible scheduling of the UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT)
Author(s): John K. Davies; Andrew J. Adamson
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Data quality control for Subaru Telescope
Author(s): George Kosugi; Toshiyuki Sasaki; Yoshihiko Mizumoto; Tadafumi Takata; Ryusuke Ogasawara; Masafumi Yagi; Jun A. Kawai; Toyoaki Kusumoto; Norikazu Koura
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Operations of the quality control group: experiences from FORS1 and ISAAC at VLT Antu
Author(s): Paola Amico; Reinhard W. Hanuschik
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STARS (Subaru Telescope archive system) for the effective return from Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Tadafumi Takata; Ryusuke Ogasawara; George Kosugi; Yoshihiko Mizumoto; Shinichi Ichikawa; Naoki Yasuda; Masatoshi Taga; Masafumi Yagi; Toshihiro Horaguchi; Hajime Baba; Masaru Watanabe; Tomohiko Ozawa; Masaru Hamabe; Tadahiro Yamamoto; Kenji Kawarai
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Education and research opportunities for mining the data of the Bisei Spaceguard Center
Author(s): Syuzo Isobe; Richard J. Williams
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FIMS: the instrumental mask simulator for FORS1 and FORS2
Author(s): Wolfgang Hummel
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Optimizing maintenance and improvements on the ARC 3.5-m telescope to maximize scientific return
Author(s): Mark A. Klaene
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Expert system technology in observing tools
Author(s): Karl R. Wolf; Chris Burkhardt; Mark Fishman; Sandy Grosvenor; Jeremy E. Jones; Anuradha Koratkar; LaMont Ruley
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Parallel Observation Matching System for crafting overlaid science for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Alan P. Patterson; Ronald C. Henry; Mike Butschky; Andy Lubenow
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NGST's Scientist's Expert Assistant: evaluation results
Author(s): Anuradha Koratkar; Chris Burkhardt; Mark Fishman; Sandy Grosvenor; Jeremy E. Jones; Ray A. Lucas; LaMont Ruley; Karl R. Wolf
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Hubble Space Telescope: the new telemetry archiving system
Author(s): Manfred P. Miebach
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Advanced tools, multiple missions, flexible organizations, and education
Author(s): Ray A. Lucas; Anuradha Koratkar
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Quality control systems for the Very Large Telescope
Author(s): Pascal Ballester; Preben Grosbol; Klaus Banse; Antonio Disaro; Dario Dorigo; Andrea Modigliani; Jose Antonio Pizarro de la Iglesia; O. Boitquin
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New era for HST phase I development and submission
Author(s): Brett S. Blacker; Chris Burkhardt; Anuradha Koratkar; Jim Younger
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Thermal conditioning of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope dome
Author(s): Paul Tom Worthington; James R. Fowler; Craig E. Nance; Mark T. Adams
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Coordinating multiwavelength campaigns between observatories
Author(s): Karla A. Peterson; Marty Eckert; Nancy Remage Evans; Paul Hilton; Beth Perriello; Bryce A. Roberts; Evan Smith; Peg Stanley
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Observatory Control System of the LAMOST
Author(s): Yongheng Zhao
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Telescope design and efficiency
Author(s): Jason Etherton; Paul C. T. Rees; Iain A. Steele
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Proposal management system of the Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Ryusuke Ogasawara; Junichi Noumaru; George Kosugi; Masahiko Hayashi; Chris Simpson; Motohide Tamura; Jun A. Kawai; Kenji Kawarai
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