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Discoveries and Research Prospects from 8- to 10-Meter-Class Telescopes
Editor(s): Jacqueline Bergeron

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Volume Number: 4005
Date Published: 29 June 2000

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Science with 100-m telescopes
Author(s): Roberto Gilmozzi
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Afterglows of gamma-ray bursts
Author(s): Shrinivas R. Kulkarni; Edo Berger; Joshua Simon Bloom; Frederic H. Chaffee; Alan H. Diercks; S. George Djorgovski; Dale A. Frail; Titus J. Galama; Robert Goodrich; Fiona A. Harrison; Re'em Sari; S. A. Yost
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Galaxies at high redshift: progress and prospects
Author(s): Charles C. Steidel
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Properties of the intersteller and intergalatic medium at high redshift
Author(s): Michael Rauch
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VLT observations of high redshift extremely red galaxies
Author(s): Andrea Cimatti; E. Daddi; Sperello di Serego Alighieri; G. Moriondo; L. Pozzetti; Filippo Mannucci; Alvio Renzini; Ernesto Oliva; G. Zamorani; P. Andreani; Huub J. A. Rottgering
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ISAAC spectroscopy of emission line galaxies at z = 2.2
Author(s): Alan F. M. Moorwood; Paul P. van der Werf; Jean Gabriel Cuby; Ernesto Oliva
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Scientific results and prospects from the 8.2-m Subaru Telescope: extragalactic astronomy
Author(s): Masanori Iye
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Chemical abundances in the damped Ly-alpha systems
Author(s): Jason X. Prochaska
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High redshift radio galaxies
Author(s): Robert A. E. Fosbury
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Highest redshift radio galaxies
Author(s): Willem JM van Breugel
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Studies of nonthermal emission from AGN through polarization observations at the VLT
Author(s): Stefan J. Wagner; Walter Seifert; Immo Appenzeller; Thomas Szeifert; G. Bicknell; M. Metchnik; R. Sutherland; K. Mannheim; K. Beuermann
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VLT-spectropolarimetry of bright Seyfert 1 galaxies
Author(s): Hans Martin Schmid; Immo Appenzeller; M. Camenzind; Matthias Dietrich; J. Heidt; Hansruedi Schild; Stefan J. Wagner
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NIRSPEC observations of the galactic center
Author(s): Donald Frank Figer; Ian S. McLean; Eric E. Becklin; James R. Graham; James E. Larkin; N. A. Levenson; Harry I. Teplitz
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Performance of UVES, the echelle spectrograph for the ESO VLT and highlights of the first observations of stars and quasars
Author(s): Sandro D'Odorico; Stefano Cristiani; Hans Dekker; Vanessa Hill; Andreas Kaufer; Tae-Sun Kim; Francesca Primas
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Scientific results with ISAAC at the VLT
Author(s): Jean Gabriel Cuby; A. Barucci; C. de Bergh; Eric Emsellem; Alan F. M. Moorwood; M Petr; Max Pettini; Laurence Tresse
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Using planetary nebulae as abundance probes of galaxies
Author(s): Jeremy Richard Walsh; George H. Jacoby; Reynier F. Petetier; Nicholas A. Walton
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Chemical abundances in globular cluster turn-off stars from Keck/HIRES observations
Author(s): Ann Merchant Boesgaard; Alex Stephens; Jeremy R. King; Constantine P. Deliyannis
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Abundances of stars in the galactic bulge obtained using the Keck Telescope
Author(s): R. Michael Rich; Andrew McWilliam
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High-resolution spectroscopy investigation of classical Cepheids and main-sequence B-stars in galactic open clusters and associations
Author(s): Igor A. Usenko; Valery V. Kovtyukh; Sergej M. Andrievsky; Valentina G. Klochkova; Vladimir E. Panchuk
Keck studies of M31's stellar halo
Author(s): Puragra Guhathakurta; David B. Reitzel; Eva K. Grebel
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VLT FORS spectra of Be stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330
Author(s): Wolfgang Hummel; Wolfgang Gaessler; Bernard Muschielok; Harald Schink; Harald E. Nicklas; Giancarlo Conti; Dario Maccagni; Stefan Keller; Karl-Heinz Mantel; Immo Appenzeller; Gero Rupprecht; Walter Seifert; Otmar Stahl; Karl Tarantik
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Is the galactic center source, IRS 21, as large as it appears?
Author(s): Angelle M. Tanner; Andrea M. Ghez; Mark Morris; Eric E. Becklin; A. Cotera; Michael E. Ressler
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Star formation with large optical/infrared telescopes: recent results and future prospects
Author(s): Mark J. McCaughrean
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Scientific results with NIRSPEC on the Keck II Telescope
Author(s): Ian S. McLean
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Scientific results and prospects from the 8.2-m Subaru Telescope: star forming regions
Author(s): Masahiko Hayashi; Kazuhiro Sekiguchi
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Probing black hole x-ray binaries with the Keck telescopes
Author(s): Emilios T. Harlaftis; Alex V. Filippenko
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Early science results from the Hobby-Eberly telescope
Author(s): Gary J. Hill; Phillip J. MacQueen; Lawrence W. Ramsey; Edward Larry Robinson
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NIRSPEC brown dwarf spectroscopic survey
Author(s): Mavourneen K. Wilcox; Ian S. McLean; Eric E. Becklin; Donald Frank Figer; Andrea M. Gilbert; James R. Graham; James E. Larkin; N. A. Levenson; Harry I. Teplitz; J. Davy Kirkpatrick; Adam J. Burgasser
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Search for planets around Hyades stars using the Keck telescope
Author(s): Artie P. Hatzes; William D. Cochran
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Direct spectroscopic detection and characterization of short-period extra-solar planets
Author(s): Guenther Wiedemann
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New era of spectroscopy: SINFONI NIR integral field spectroscopy at the diffraction limit of an 8-m telescope
Author(s): Sabine Mengel; Frank Eisenhauer; Matthias Tecza; Niranjan A. Thatte; Claudia Roehrle; Klaus Bickert; Juergen Schreiber
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Wide-field science drivers for future telescopes and instrumentation
Author(s): George H. Jacoby; Joan Najita; Arjun Dey; Samuel Charles Barden; Charles F. W. Harmer
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Capability of observation of comets rotating around neighboring stars
Author(s): Yuri G. Serezhkin
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Science goals for an Antarctic large infrared telescope
Author(s): Michael G. Burton; John W. V. Storey; Michael C. B. Ashley
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NPT: a large-aperture telescope for high dynamic range astronomy
Author(s): Robert D. Joseph; Jeff R. Kuhn; Alan T. Tokunaga; Roy Coulter; Christ Ftaclas; J. Elon Graves; Charles L. Hull; D. Jewitt; Donald L. Mickey; Gilberto Moretto; Doug Neill; Malcolm J. Northcott; Claude A. Roddier; Francois J. Roddier; Walter A. Siegmund; Tobias C. Owen
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Review of stellar abundance results from large telescopes
Author(s): Ann Merchant Boesgaard
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