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Optical Design, Materials, Fabrication, and Maintenance
Editor(s): Philippe Dierickx

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Volume Number: 4003
Date Published: 20 July 2000

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Primary mirror system for the first Magellan telescope
Author(s): Hubert M. Martin; R. G. Allen; Brian Cuerden; Scott T. DeRigne; Lee R. Dettmann; Dean A. Ketelsen; Stephen M. Miller III; Giancarlo Parodi; S. Warner
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Completion of VLT and Gemini primary mirrors at REOSC
Author(s): Marc Cayrel
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Status of the design and fabrication of the GTC mirrors
Author(s): Javier Castro; Nicholas Devaney; Lotti Jochum; Bernardo Ronquillo; Luis Cavaller-Marques
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Active optics methods for highly aspheric mirrors: manufacturing the quaternary mirror of the OWL project
Author(s): Marc Ferrari; Gerard R. Lemaitre
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Primary mirror segment fabrication for CELT
Author(s): Terry S. Mast; Jerry E. Nelson; Gary E. Sommargren
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REOSC approach to ELTs and segmented optics
Author(s): Roland Geyl; Marc Cayrel
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Evaluation of the progress in the optical maintenance of the VLT mirrors
Author(s): Paul Giordano
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Ultralightweight mirrors: recent developments of C/SiC
Author(s): Michael Deyerler; Norbert Manfred Pailer; Rudolf Wagner; Claus E. Mueller
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Advances in near net shape beryllium manufacturing technologies
Author(s): Dave Saxton; Thomas B. Parsonage
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Measuring large aspherics using a commercially available 3D-coordinate measuring machine
Author(s): Wolfgang Otto; Axel Matthes; Heinz Schiehle
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Off-axis method of testing convex surfaces that utilizes optics of aperture smaller than that of the surface under test
Author(s): Rick Dale Blakley
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Optomechanical design and testing of the VLT tertiary mirrors
Author(s): Wolfgang Bollinger; Hans Joachim Juranek; Stefan Schulte; K. May; Alain Michel
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Final alignment of the VLT
Author(s): Lothar Noethe; Stephane Guisard
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Ultimate test results on the active optics system of the Galileo Telescope
Author(s): Claudio Pernechele; Fabio Bortoletto; Daniele Gardiol; Adriano Ghedina; Enrico Marchetti
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Active optical system design for the 4.2-m SOAR telescope
Author(s): Victor L. Krabbendam; Gregory P. Ruthven; Victor P. Bennett; John P. Blackburn; Charles D. Cox; Chi S. Keung; Terence A. Facey; Mark E. Furber; Conrad Neufeld; Richard A. Rockwell; Andrea M. Sarnik; John T. Stein
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Active optics upgrade to the KPNO 4-m Mayall telescope
Author(s): Charles F. Claver; Scott E. Bulau; David Mills; Earl T. Pearson
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GUACAMOLE: the GTC guiding, acquisition, and calibration module
Author(s): Nicholas Devaney; Luis Cavaller-Marques; Lotti Jochum; C. Delores Bello; Javier Castro
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Performance of active optics at the VLT
Author(s): Stephane Guisard; Lothar Noethe; Jason Spyromilio
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Effect of Gemini primary mirror position relative to the lateral support on mirror figure
Author(s): Myung K. Cho; Larry M. Stepp
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Development of the segment alignment maintenance system (SAMS) for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
Author(s): John A. Booth; Mark T. Adams; Gregory H. Ames; James R. Fowler; Edward E. Montgomery IV; John M. Rakoczy
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Phasing the primary mirror segments of the Keck telescopes: a comparison of different techniques
Author(s): Gary A. Chanan; Mitchell Troy; Catherine Mayumi Ohara
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Design considerations for CELT adaptive optics
Author(s): Richard G. Dekany; Jerry E. Nelson; Brian J. Bauman
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Segmented mirror control system hardware for CELT
Author(s): Terry S. Mast; Jerry E. Nelson
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Image-based alignment of large segmented telescopes
Author(s): Glenn W. Zeiders Jr.
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Cophasing methods for segmented mirrors
Author(s): Allan Wirth
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Segmented primary mirror telescope image quality estimation
Author(s): Yurij Petrovich Shumilov; Peter Alexseevich Bakut; Irina A. Grishina; Victor V. Sychev
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Phasing of segmented mirrors: new algorithm and numerical results for piston detection
Author(s): Jose M. Rodriguez-Ramos; Jesus Jimenez Fuensalida
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Simulation of imaging performance for extremely large segmented telescopes
Author(s): Natalia Yaitskova; Kjetil Dohlen
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Curvature equation for a segmented telescope
Author(s): Salvador Cuevas; Valeri G. Orlov; Fernando Garfias; Valeri V. Voitsekhovich; Leonardo J. Sanchez
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Parameters of loop-controlled magnetic rheology drive for segmented large mirror
Author(s): Eugeny A. Deouline; Valeri P. Mikhailov; Oleg N. Eliseev; Victor V. Sytchev
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Wide-field off-axis new planetary telescope: science and design, new opportunities
Author(s): Jeff R. Kuhn; Gilberto Moretto
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Tiltable liquid mirror telescopes
Author(s): Ermanno F. Borra; Anna-Marie R. Ritcey
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Rise to SUMMIT: the Sydney University Multiple-Mirror Telescope
Author(s): Anna Marie Moore; John Davis
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Progress in the LAMOST optical system
Author(s): Xiangqun Cui; Ding-qiang Su; Ya-nan Wang
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Design of the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)
Author(s): Robert Stobie; Jacobus G. Meiring; David A. H. Buckley
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Correction of spherical aberration in the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)
Author(s): Darragh O'Donoghue
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Performance criteria for the optical designs for VISTA
Author(s): Susan P. Worswick; Eli Ettedgui-Atad; Mark M. Casali; David M. Henry
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Coating and cleaning of the Subaru Telescope mirrors
Author(s): Takeshi Noguchi; Tomio Kanzawa; Tomio Kurakami; Saeko S. Hayashi; Masami Yutani; Norio Oshima; Masao Nakagiri; Kiichi Okita; Katsumi Imi; Robert Potter; Goro Sasaki; Yukiko Kamata; Tsuyoshi Ishikawa
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Ultralightweight precision optics technology
Author(s): Peter C. Chen; Robert C. Romeo
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Thermal control of classical astronomical primary mirrors
Author(s): Bruce Bohannan; Earl T. Pearson; David Hagelbarger
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Experimental system of segmented-mirror active optics
Author(s): Ding-qiang Su; WeiYao Zou; Zhenchao Zhang; Yuangen Qu; ShuYing Yang; Lanjuan Wang; Yongmei Rao
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First light of the OVLA active mirror with its surface heating system
Author(s): Olivier Lardiere; Luc Arnold; Julien Dejonghe
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Design of the science-fold mirrors for the Gemini telescopes
Author(s): Thomas Peschel; Christoph Damm; Wolfgang Heilemann
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Laboratory demonstration of curvature method for segmented telescopes
Author(s): Fernando Garfias; Salvador Cuevas; Valeri G. Orlov; Leonardo J. Sanchez
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Small parallel manipulator for the active alignment and focusing of the secondary mirror of the VLTI ATS
Author(s): Lorenzo Zago; Serge Droz
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UV-shifted durable silver coating for astronomical mirrors
Author(s): Norman L. Thomas; Jesse D. Wolfe
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Very wide field, very fast telescope
Author(s): Frank M. Melsheimer; Malcolm J. MacFarlane
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OWL optical design, active optics, and error budget
Author(s): Philippe Dierickx; Bernard Delabre; Lothar Noethe
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