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16th European Conference on Mask Technology for Integrated Circuits and Microcomponents
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer

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Volume Number: 3996
Date Published: 3 February 2000

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Mask error enhancement factor
Author(s): Wilhelm Maurer
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Defect printability and repair of alternating phase-shift masks
Author(s): Christoph M. Friedrich; Martin Verbeek; Leonhard Mader; Christian Crell; Rainer Pforr; Uwe A. Griesinger
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Advanced CD error detection with CD SEM disposition
Author(s): Darren Taylor; Barry Rockwell; Aihua Dong; Anthony Vacca; Waiman Ng; Geoffrey T. Anderson; William B. Howard
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Implementing reticle blank inspection in a production environment
Author(s): Kevin A. Krause; William B. Howard
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Improving reticle yields with after develop inspection (ADI)
Author(s): Franklin D. Kalk; Keith J. Brankner; Laurie Peters; Anthony Vacca; Scott Pomeroy; David Emery
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Formation and detection of subpellicle defects by exposure to DUV system illumination
Author(s): Brian J. Grenon; Charles R. Peters; Kaustuve Bhattacharyya; William Waters Volk
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Reticle programmed defect size measurement using low-voltage SEM and pattern recognition techniques
Author(s): Larry S. Zurbrick; Steve Khanna; Jay Lee; James J. Greed Jr.; Ellen R. Laird; Rene M. Blanquies
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Ion projection lithography: progress in mask and tool technology
Author(s): Albrecht Ehrmann; Rainer Kaesmaier; Thomas Struck
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Optimization of the e-beam sensitive bilayer CARL process for stencil mask making
Author(s): Joerg Ochsenhirt; Joerg Butschke; Florian Letzkus; Bernd Hoefflinger; Mathias Irmscher; Christian Reuter; Reinhard Springer; Klaus Elian
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Laser cleaning of silicon membrane stencil masks
Author(s): Werner Zapka; R. Lilischkis; Hans P. Zappe
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Improvements of the membrane bulging method for stress determination of silicon open stencil masks for ion projection lithography
Author(s): Artur Degen; Jens Voigt; Eva Sossna; Feng Shi; Ivo W. Rangelow; Ernst Haugeneder; Hans Loeschner
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Layout postprocessing in ion projection lithography (IPL)
Author(s): Hans Hartmann; Alex Petraschenko; Stefan Schunk; Richard Steinmetz; Ernst Haugeneder; Hans Loeschner
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Development of embedded attenuated phase-shifting mask (EAPSM) blanks for ArF lithography
Author(s): Hideaki Mitsui; Osamu Nozawa; Hitoshi Ohtsuka; Megumi Takeuchi; Hideo Kobayashi; Masao Ushida
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CAR blanks feasibility study results
Author(s): Yasunori Yokoya; Hideo Kobayashi; Takao Higuchi; Keishi Asakawa; Akinori Kurikawa; Tadashi Sakurai; Masahiro Hashimoto; Fumiko Ota
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Cluster tool for photomask inspection and qualification at 150-nm design rules and beyond
Author(s): Kai Peter; Volodymyr Ordynskyy; Christoph Dolainsky; Hans Hartmann; Hans-Juergen Brueck
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Mask quality (control) evaluation using the Virtual Stepper System (VSS)
Author(s): Linard Karklin; J. Tracy Weed; Junling Li
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Reticle imaging and metrology using a CD-SEM at IMEC
Author(s): A. James; F. Felten; M. Polli; Jonathan G. England; Thomas Marschner; Geert Vandenberghe
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Major improvements in mask CD metrology: enhanced performance on attenuated phase-shift masks, corner rounding measurements, and improved measurement automation
Author(s): Gerhard W.B. Schlueter; Gerd Scheuring; Guenther Falk; Hans-Juergen Brueck; Thomas Schaetz; Sigrid Lehnigk
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Optical proximity effects in submicron photomask CD metrology
Author(s): Nicholas G. Doe; Richard D. Eandi
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Optimization of ZEP7000 writing and development conditions
Author(s): Daniel Courboin; Philippe Gervot; Chantal Gayou; Patrick Montarou
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Advanced writing strategies for high-end mask making
Author(s): Melchior Lemke; Juergen Gramss; Hans-Joachim Doering; Hans Eichhorn; Gerhard Schubert
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Innovative approach for concurrent CD-uniformity monitoring and reticle inspection
Author(s): Amikam Sade; Juergen Fandrich; Shirley Hemar; Yair Eran
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Improvements to mask inspectability by use of pattern proximity correction
Author(s): Anja Rosenbusch; Vicky Bailey; Yair Eran; Reuven Falah; Neil J. Holmes; Andrew C. Hourd; Andrew McArthur; Wolfgang Staud
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Lithography and CD performance of advanced MEBES mask pattern generators
Author(s): Jan M. Chabala; Damon M. Cole; Henry Thomas Pearce-Percy; Wayne Phillips; Maiying Lu; Suzanne Weaver; David W. Alexander; T. Coleman; Charles A. Sauer; Frank E. Abboud
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Modified fused silica for 157-nm mask substrates
Author(s): Bruno Uebbing; Jan Vydra; Stephan Thomas; Ralf Takke
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Performance study on thin resist for advanced reticle fabrication
Author(s): Hideo Kobayashi; Takao Higuchi; Keishi Asakawa; Yasunori Yokoya
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High-precision mask fabrication for deep-x-ray lithography
Author(s): Andreas Schmidt; Gerhard Himmelsbach; Regina Luettge; Dieter Adam; Falk Hoke; Hartmut Schacke; Nikola Belic; Hans Hartmann; Frank Burkhard; Hermann Wolf
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Mask fabrication by nanoimprint lithography using antisticking layers
Author(s): Hubert Schulz; Frank Osenberg; J. Engemann; Hella-Christin Scheer
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