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Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Damping and Isolation
Editor(s): T. Tupper Hyde

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Volume Number: 3989
Date Published: 27 April 2000

Table of Contents
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Improved constrained-layer damping treatment design for high damping and low interlaminar stresses
Author(s): Askari Badre-Alam; Farhan Gandhi; Kon-Well Wang
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Flight hardware for the Hubble Space Telescope solar array damper
Author(s): Joseph R. Maly; Satya M. Anandakrishnan; Scott C. Pendleton; E. Shade; J. W. Sills Jr.
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Control of sound radiation from an active constrained-layer damping treated plate into an acoustic cavity using structural intensity approach
Author(s): M. Salim Azzouz; Jeng-Jong Ro
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Application of passive and active constrained-layer damping for the vibration suppression of a flexible four-bar mechanism
Author(s): Hany Ghoneim; Mansour A. Karkoub
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Comparison of the mechanism and effectiveness of position and velocity feedback in active constrained-layer damping treatments
Author(s): Farhan Gandhi; Brian E. Munsky
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Damping characteristics of active-passive hybrid constrained-layer treated beam structures
Author(s): Yanning Liu; Kon-Well Wang
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Analysis of damping in finite shearing and torsional deformations
Author(s): Romesh C. Batra; Jang-Horng Yu
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Modal strain energy method critically revised
Author(s): Wim Dewulf; Guido De Roeck
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Damping and isolation of the GHM mini-oscillators
Author(s): Wei-Hsin Liao
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Finite element modeling for the flexural vibration of damped sandwich beams considering complex modulus of the adhesive layer
Author(s): Yanchu Xu; Dennis Chen
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Analytical model for a one-dimensional slotted stand-off layer damping treatment
Author(s): Jessica M. Yellin; I. Y. Shen; Per G. Reinhall
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Constrained-substructure approach to optimal strain energy analysis
Author(s): Donald J. Leo; Eric M. Austin; Christopher A. Beattie
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Low- and high-frequency energy-absorbing composite joints
Author(s): Bishakh Bhattacharya; John Richard House; Susan E. Mercy; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Closed-form exact solution to H-infinity optimization of dynamic vibration absorbers: II. Application to different performance indexes for vibration isolation
Author(s): Toshihiko Asami; Osamu Nishihara
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Digital image processing for system identification
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Hung-Chi Chung; Jianwen Liang
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Modeling and control of a magneto-rheological vibration isolator
Author(s): Roger Stanway; Neil D. Sims; Andrew R. Johnson
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Dynamic characteristics of magneto-rheological fluid damper
Author(s): Katsuaki Sunakoda; Hiroshi Sodeyama; Norio Iwata; Hideo Fujitani; Satsuya Soda
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Magneto-rheological fluid shock absorbers for HMMWV
Author(s): Faramarz Gordaninejad; Shawn P. Kelso
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Characterization and analysis of magneto-rheological damper behavior due to sinusoidal loading
Author(s): Rebecca A. Snyder; Gopalakrishna M. Kamath; Norman M. Wereley
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Field-controllable electro- and magneto-rheological fluid dampers in flow mode using Herschel-Bulkley theory
Author(s): Xiaojie Wang; Faramarz Gordaninejad
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Analysis of electro- and magneto-rheological flow mode dampers using Herschel-Bulkley model
Author(s): Dug-Young Lee; Norman M. Wereley
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Viscous heating of fluid dampers: experimental studies
Author(s): Cameron J. Black; Nicos Makris
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Optimization of the orifice flow in shock absorbers using shape memory alloy wire
Author(s): Nik Abdullah Nik Mohamed; Ahmad Kamal Ariffin; Shahrir Abdullah; W. B. Ng
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Piezoelectric shunt vibration damping of an F-15 panel under high-acoustic excitation
Author(s): Shu-yau Wu; Travis L. Turner; Stephen A. Rizzi
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Enhanced semi-passive damping using continuous switching of a piezoelectric device on an inductor
Author(s): Claude Richard; Daniel Guyomar; David Audigier; Henri Bassaler
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Semi-active control of a thin piezoactuated structure
Author(s): Paolo Bisegna; Giovanni Caruso; Dionisio Del Vescovo; Sergio Galeani; Laura Menini
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Experimental investigation of hybrid damping for flexible structures by using surface-bonded piezo-elements
Author(s): Kazuhiko Adachi; Yoshihumi Awakura; Takuzo Iwatsubo
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Time-domain mechanical models for SMA pseudoelastic damping behavior
Author(s): Brendon Malovrh; Farhan Gandhi
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Damping modelization of auxetic foams
Author(s): Fabrizio L. Scarpa; Chrystel Remillat; Francesco P. Landi; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Enhanced damping of hat-stiffened panels using continuous wave fiber composites
Author(s): Justin D. Marshall; David W. Jensen
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Effectiveness and predictability of particle damping
Author(s): Bryce L. Fowler; Eric M. Flint; Steven E. Olson
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Active vibration control of an oscillating rigid bar using nonlinear output regulation techniques
Author(s): Benjamin Vazquez; Gerardo Silva; Jaime Alvarez-Gallegos
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Mitigation of seismic pounding effect on bridges using dynamic restrainers
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Maria Qing Feng; Je-Min Kim; Fumio Nagashima; HoKyung Kim
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Torsional vibration reduction using passive nonlinear absorbers
Author(s): Steven W. Shaw; Abdallah Alsuwaiyan
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Design and application of energy-dissipating dampers on a new concrete bridge in California
Author(s): Hans Strandgaard
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Experimental and numerical evaluation of model steel structure using the stiffness-decoupler seismic-isolation system
Author(s): Kuo-Kuang Hu; HuoHui Zhu; Philip G. Kirmser
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ESPA: EELV secondary payload adapter with whole-spacecraft isolation for primary and secondary payloads
Author(s): Joseph R. Maly; Scott A. Haskett; Paul S. Wilke; E. C. Fowler; Dino Sciulli; Troy E. Meink
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Whole-spacecraft vibration isolation on small launch vehicles
Author(s): Paul S. Wilke; Conor D. Johnson; Patrick J. Grosserode; Dino Sciulli
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Advanced isolation design for avionics on launch vehicles
Author(s): Bradley R. Allen; Eric Ruhl; Bryce L. Fowler; Dino Sciulli
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Active alignment and vibration control system for a large airborne optical system
Author(s): David A. Kienholz
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Semi-active vibration suppression of an impulsively excited machine on a flexible foundation
Author(s): William W. Clark; Jeffrey S. Vipperman
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Electromechanical lever blocks for active vibration isolation
Author(s): Lorenzo Zago; Pierre M. Genequand
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Closed-form exact solution to H-infinity optimization of dynamic vibration absorber: II. Development of an algebraic approach and its application to a standard problem
Author(s): Osamu Nishihara; Toshihiko Asami
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Optimal design of a piezoelectric passive damper for vibrating plates
Author(s): Seung Jo Kim; Chul Yong Yun; Byung Joo Paek
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Temperature effect on ER-fluid dynamics
Author(s): Evguenia V. Korobko; Zinovy P. Shulman
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Piezoelectric shunting parameter estimation using electrical impedance models
Author(s): Yun-Ho Ryu; Jaehwan Kim; ChaeCheon Cheong
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Thermophysical properties and rheological behavior of electro-rheological fluids at different temperatures
Author(s): Evguenia V. Korobko; Yulia O. Korobko
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Effect of particulate tougheners on the damping of composite laminates
Author(s): Janet M. Biggerstaff; John B. Kosmatka
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Vibration testing and dynamic modeling of automotive shock absorbers
Author(s): Mohan D. Rao; Scott B. Gruenberg; Homa Torab; David Griffiths
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Cryocooler disturbance reduction with single and multiple axis active/passive vibration control systems
Author(s): Eric M. Flint; Patrick Flannery; Michael E. Evert; Eric H. Anderson
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