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Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Smart Systems for Bridges, Structures, and Highways
Editor(s): S.-C. Liu

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Volume Number: 3988
Date Published: 20 April 2000

Table of Contents
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Development of smart systems for building structures
Author(s): Shunsuke Otani; Hisahiro Hiraishi; Mitsumasa Midorikawa; Masaomi Teshigawara; Hideo Fujitani; Taiki Saito
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I-5/Gilman advanced technology bridge project
Author(s): Francesco Lanza di Scalea; Vistasp M. Karbhari; Frieder Seible
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Analytical and numerical study of a smart sliding base isolation system for seismic protection of buildings
Author(s): Glenn J. Madden; Nat Wongprasert; Michael D. Symans
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Corrosion monitoring sensors for durability assessment of concrete structures
Author(s): Ralph Baessler; Juergen Mietz; Michael Raupach; Oskar Klinghoffer
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Embedded micro-sensor for monitoring pH in concrete structures
Author(s): Rengaswamy Srinivasan; Terry E. Phillips; C. Brent Bargeron; Micah A. Carlson; Elizabeth R. Schemm; Hassan M. Saffarian
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Behavior of piezoelectric friction dampers under dynamic loading
Author(s): Genda Chen; Chaoqiang Chen
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Parameters influencing the behavior of a new friction damper device
Author(s): Imad H. Mualla
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Semiactive variable-damping liquid column dampers
Author(s): Swaroop K. Yalla; Ahsan Kareem; Jeffrey C. Kantor
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Heat transfer from magneto-rheological fluid dampers
Author(s): M. Baris Dogruoz; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Eric L. Wang; Arthur J. Stipanovich
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Performance of smart structures
Author(s): Fu Yi; Shirley J. Dyke
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Adaptive fuzzy control for a structure-MR damper system
Author(s): Li Zhou; Chih-Chen Chang
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Application of electromagnetic waves in damage detection of concrete structures
Author(s): Maria Qing Feng; Franco De Flaviis; Yoo Jin Kim; Rodolfo E. Diaz
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Concept of dereverbation and its application to damage detection in civil structures
Author(s): Jun Ma; Darryll J. Pines
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Combining damage detection methods to improve probability of detection
Author(s): Gabriel V. Garcia; Roberto A. Osegueda
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Experimental application of a structural health monitoring methodology
Author(s): Gregory W. Reich; K. C. Park
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Systematic numerical analysis of the damage index method used for bridge diagnostics
Author(s): Ming L. Wang; Fan Li Xu; George M. Lloyd
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Feasibility of damage/change detection in civil structures by SAR imagery: proof of concept study using SAR simulation
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Roger Ghanem; Bijan Houshmand; Babak Mansouri
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Fiber optic microinterferometer vibration sensor system for monitoring of traffic and traffic-induced vibrations of bridges
Author(s): Norbert Fuerstenau; Markus Schmidt
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Active tendon control of cable-stayed bridges
Author(s): Andre J. Preumont; Frederic Bossens
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Seismic control of civil structures utilizing semiactive MR bracing systems
Author(s): Gregory J. Hiemenz; Young-Tai Choi; Norman M. Wereley
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Mitigating stay cable oscillation using semiactive damping
Author(s): Erik A. Johnson; Greg A. Baker; Billie F. Spencer Jr.; Yozo Fujino
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Semiactive control of a two-span bridge using field-controllable magneto-rheological dampers
Author(s): Yanming Liu; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Cahit A. Evrensel; Xiaojie Wang; Gregory H. Hitchcock
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Recent development in structural control including soil-structure interaction effect
Author(s): Genda Chen; Jingning Wu; Chaoqiang Chen; Menglin Lou
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Guaranteed behavior on SMA: mesoscopic and microscopic analysis of Cu-based alloys
Author(s): Vicenc Torra; Antonio Isalgue; Francisco C. Lovey
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Experimental study and computer simulation of changes in the residual stresses of structure defects in shape memory alloys
Author(s): Teodor M. Breczko; Krzysztof Kus
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Damage assessment of a highway network under scenario earthquakes for emergency response decision support
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; Maria Qing Feng; Xuejiang Dong; Tetsushi Uzawa; Takayuki Ueda
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Crack detection of structures using optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) method
Author(s): Jeonghwan Jang; Sungpil Chang; Namso Cho; Namsik Kim
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Identification of civil structures with nonproportional damping
Author(s): Jann N. Yang; Ying Lei
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Damage detection system of a real steel truss bridge by neural networks
Author(s): Man-Yong Choi; Il-Bum Kwon
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Remotely sensed pre- and post-disaster images for damage detection
Author(s): Masanobu Shinozuka; S. Ali Rejaie
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Transverse shear response monitoring of concrete cylinder using embedded high-sensitivity ETDR sensor
Author(s): Mark W. Lin; Ayo O. Abatan; Yongmei Zhou
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Development of piezoelectric transducers for a railway integrity monitoring system
Author(s): Philip W. Loveday
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Estimation of deflection curve of bridges using fiber optic strain sensors
Author(s): Namso Cho; Namsik Kim; Jeonghwan Jang; Sungpil Chang
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Analysis of pile load transfer using optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Jeong-Ho Oh; Wonje Lee; Sang Bae Lee; Woojin Lee
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Strain monitoring of a smart bridge using a fiber Bragg grating sensor system with a wavelength-swept fiber laser
Author(s): Chang-Sun Hong; Chi-Young Ryu; Bon-Yono Koo; Chun-Gon Kim; Seok-Hyun Yun
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Fiber optic health monitoring system for composite bridge decks
Author(s): A. Paige Clifton Furrow; Richard T. Brown; Donald B. Mott
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Stochastic modeling and stability of suspension bridges
Author(s): Nasiruddin U. Ahmed; H. Harbi
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Failure detection of reinforced concrete beams with embedded fiber optic Michelson sensors
Author(s): Il-Bum Kwon; Philip Park; Y. H. Huh; Dae-Joung Kim; S. H. Hong; D. C. Lee; C. Titin; Hahngue Moon
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Single-input/multi-output strategies for floor vibration control
Author(s): Linda M. Hanagan; Kamal Premaratne
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Earthquake-protective pneumatic foundation
Author(s): Valentin Shustov
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Placement of feedback controllers on civil structures using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Makola M. Abdullah; Andy Richardson; Jameel Hanif
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Temperature-insensitive smart optical strain sensor
Author(s): Kimberly A. Thomas; William B. Euler; Everett E. Crisman; Otto J. Gregory
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Use of fiber-reinforced composites to improve the durability of bridge elements
Author(s): Ronald Garon; P. N. Balaguru; Yong Cao; K. Wayne Lee
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Heat generation of magneto-rheological fluid dampers
Author(s): Darrell G. Breese; Faramarz Gordaninejad; Everet O. Ericksen
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Semiactive control strategies for buildings subject to near-field earthquakes
Author(s): Anil K. Agrawal; Jann N. Yang
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