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Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD)
Editor(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen

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Volume Number: 3987
Date Published: 7 June 2000

Table of Contents
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Artificial muscles versus natural actuators from frogs to flies
Author(s): Robert J. Full; Kenneth Meijer
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Electroactive polymers (EAP) charaterization methods
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Sean P. Leary
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Electrochemical properties of aligned nanotube arrays: basis of new electromechanical actuators
Author(s): Mei Gao; Liming Dai; Ray H. Baughman; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Gordon G. Wallace
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Electromechanical behavior of carbon nanotube sheets in electrochemical actuators
Author(s): Alberto Mazzoldi; Danilo De Rossi; Ray H. Baughman
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Piezoelectric and electrostrictive polymeric actuator materials
Author(s): Qi Ming Zhang; Zhong-Yang Cheng; Vivek Bharti; Tian-Bing Xu; Haisheng Xu; Tian X. Mai; Steven J. Gross
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Ultrahigh strain response of field-actuated elastomeric polymers
Author(s): Roy D. Kornbluh; Ron Pelrine; Qibing Pei; Seajin Oh; Jose Joseph
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Electromechanically active polymer blends for actuation
Author(s): Ji Su; Zoubeida Ounaies; Joycelyn S. Harrison; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Sean P. Leary
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Characterization of electrostrictive P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer films for high-frequency and high-load applications
Author(s): Zhong-Yang Cheng; Tian-Bing Xu; Vivek Bharti; Tian X. Mai; Qi Ming Zhang; Thomas Ramotowski; Robert Y. Ting
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Electromechanical response of ionic polymer metal composites
Author(s): Siavouche Nemat-Nasser; Jiangyu Li
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Modeling of Nafion-Pt composite actuators (ICPF) by ionic motion
Author(s): Satoshi Tadokoro; Shinji Yamagami; Toshi Takamori; Keisuke Oguro
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Micromechanical analysis of ionic clustering in Nafion perfluorinated membrane
Author(s): Jiangyu Li; Siavouche Nemat-Nasser
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Effects of counter-ions on the performance of IPMCs
Author(s): Mohsen Shahinpoor; Kwang J. Kim
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Bending response of polymer electrolyte actuator
Author(s): Kazuo Onishi; Shingo Sewa; Kinji Asaka; Naoko Fujiwara; Keisuke Oguro
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Electrotransport and deformation model of ion exchange membrane-based actuators
Author(s): Eniko T. Enikov; Bradley J. Nelson
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Challenges to the application of IPMC as actuators of planetary mechanisms
Author(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Sean P. Leary; Andre Yavrouian; Keisuke Oguro; Satoshi Tadokoro; Joycelyn S. Harrison; Joseph G. Smith; Ji Su
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Modulation of EAP properties through the variables of synthesis
Author(s): Toribio Fernandez Otero; Francisco J. Huerta; ShaoAn Cheng; Daniel Alonso; Sara Villanueva
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Mechanical characterization of active polymer gels
Author(s): Steven P. Marra; Kaliat T. Ramesh; Andrew S. Douglas
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Synthesis of piezoelectric thin films by molecular self-assembly
Author(s): Tingying Zeng; Richard O. Claus; Yanjing Liu; Fajian Zhang; W. Wei; Kristi L. Cooper
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Mechanical testing of hydrogels and PAN gel fibers
Author(s): Suzana Popovic; Hirohisa Tamagawa; Minoru Taya
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Electrically activated artificial muscles made with liquid crystal elastomers
Author(s): Mohsen Shahinpoor
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Polyelectrolyte gels in electric fields: a theoretical and experimental approach
Author(s): Rainer W. Guelch; Jens Holdenried; Andrea Weible; Thomas Wallmersperger; Bernd Kroeplin
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Electroactive papers: possibility as actuators
Author(s): Jaehwan Kim; Jung-Yup Kim; SoonJa Choe
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Electric-field-sensitive polymer gels
Author(s): Miklos Zrinyi; Jozsef Feher; Genoveva Filipcsei
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Artificial eyelid for protection of optical sensors
Author(s): Scott H. Goodwin-Johansson; Paul H. Holloway; Gary McGuire; Leonard J. Buckley; Robert F. Cozzens; Robert W. Schwartz; Gregory J. Exarhos
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Muscle contraction and polymer-gel phase transitions
Author(s): Gerald H. Pollack
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Artificial sarcomere and muscle made with conductive polyacrylonitrile (C-PAN) fiber bundles
Author(s): Mohsen Shahinpoor; Kwang J. Kim; H. Brett Schreyer
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Electrochemical characterization and control of triple-layer muscles
Author(s): Toribio Fernandez Otero; Maria Teresa Cortes
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CAE approach in application of Nafion-Pt composite (ICPF) actuators: analysis for surface wipers of NASA MUSES-CN nanorovers
Author(s): Satoshi Tadokoro; Masahiko Fukuhara; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Keisuke Oguro; Toshi Takamori
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Conductive-polymer-based structures for a steerable catheter
Author(s): Alberto Mazzoldi; Danilo De Rossi
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Fabrication of electroactive polymer actuator composed of polypyrrole and solid-polymer electrolyte and its application to micropump
Author(s): Seung-Ki Lee; Young Choi; WooYoung Sim; Sang Sik Yang; HoJung An; James Jungho Pak
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Controlled compliance haptic interface using electrorheological fluids
Author(s): Constantinos Mavroidis; Charles Pfeiffer; J. Celestino; Yoseph Bar-Cohen
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Preparation of IPMCs for use in fuel cells, electrolysis, and hydrogen sensors
Author(s): Kwang J. Kim; Mohsen Shahinpoor; Arsalan Razani
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Development of electric environment to control mollusk-shaped gel robots made of electroactive polymer PAMPS gel
Author(s): Mihoko Otake; Masayuki Inaba; Hirochika Inoue
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Piezoelectric polymer actuators in a vibration isolation application
Author(s): Gary W. Bohannan; V. Hugo Schmidt; R. Jay Conant; Jil Hallenberg; Connie L. Nelson; Ashley Childs; Chip Lukes; Jason Ballensky; Joe Wehri; Bryan Tikalsky; Erica McKenzie
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Electroactive non-ionic gel and its application
Author(s): Toshihiro Hirai; Jianming Zheng; Masashi Watanabe; Hirofusa Shirai
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Characterization of lightweight electroactive polyelectrolyte composite artificial muscles (CAM) as biomimetic propulsion fins for remote-controlled aquatic vehicles
Author(s): Mehran Mojarrad
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Micro-cell coat polymer of (GPDD)n on Acholeplasma laidlawii
Author(s): Leonard L. Matz
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Toward single-molecule electromechanical actuators
Author(s): Michael J. Marsella; Rodney J. Reid
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Evaluation of solid polymer electrolytes for use in conducting polymer/nanotube actuators
Author(s): Trevor W. Lewis; B. C. Kim; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Gordon G. Wallace
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