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Medical Imaging 2000: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing

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Volume Number: 3982
Date Published: 12 April 2000

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Volume measurement of large organs with 3D ultrasound
Author(s): Graham M. Treece; Richard W. Prager; Andrew H. Gee; Laurence Berman
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Design of a clinical free-hand 3D ultrasound system
Author(s): Jonathan C. Carr; Jan L. Stallkamp; Michelle M. Fynes; Andrew H. Gee; Richard W. Prager; Graham M. Treece; Chris Overton; Laurence Berman
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Solid object visualization of 3D ultrasound data
Author(s): Thomas R. Nelson; Michael J. Bailey
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Three-dimensional high-resolution ultrasonic imaging of the eye
Author(s): Ronald H. Silverman; Frederick L. Lizzi; Andrew Kalisz; D. Jackson Coleman M.D.
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Assessment of temporal jitter in ECG gated dynamic three-dimensional echocardiography
Author(s): Seemantini K. Nadkarni; Derek R. Boughner; Aaron Fenster
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Optimization of 3D ultrasound scan spacing using speckle statistics
Author(s): Wendy Lani Smith; Aaron Fenster
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Three-dimensional ultrasonic parametric and tissue-property imaging for tissue evaluation, treatment planning, therapy guidance, and efficacy assessment
Author(s): Ernest Joseph Feleppa; Tian Liu; Frederick L. Lizzi; Andrew Kalisz; Ronald H. Silverman; Bernard Sigel; William R. Fair
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Correlation of pre-operative MRI and intra-operative 3D ultrasound to measure brain tissue shift
Author(s): David G. Gobbi; Roch M. Comeau; Belinda K. H. Lee; Terence M. Peters
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Fabrication of high-frequency single-element ultrasonic transducers using lithium niobate
Author(s): Jonathan Matthew Cannata; WoHsing Chen; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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High-frequency transducers for medical ultrasonic imaging
Author(s): Kevin A. Snook; Jian-Zhong Zhao; Carlos H. F. Alves; Jonathan Matthew Cannata; WoHsing Chen; Richard J. Meyer Jr.; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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Performance of high-frequency PZT fiber composite and PbTiO3 transducers
Author(s): Jian-Zhong Zhao; Richard J. Meyer Jr.; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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Pulsed ultrasound field simulation and visualization
Author(s): Sidney Leeman; Andrew J. Healey; Ricardo G. Dantas; Eduardo Tavares Costa
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High-frequency single-element and annular array transducers incorporating PVDF
Author(s): Carlos H. F. Alves; Kevin A. Snook; Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung
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Two-dimensional and three-dimensional tissue-type imaging of the prostate based on ultrasonic spectrum analysis and neural network classification
Author(s): Ernest Joseph Feleppa; William R. Fair; Tian Liu; Andrew Kalisz; William Gnadt; Frederick L. Lizzi; K. C. Balaji; Christopher R. Porter; Harold Tsai
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Utility of quantitative ultrasound for tracking the progression of polycystic kidney disease
Author(s): Timothy J. Hall; Htet A. Khant; Michael F. Insana; John G. Wood; Yanning Zhu; David Preston; Benjamin D. Cowley
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Discrimination between cancers and benign breast lesions by ultrasound disparity mapping
Author(s): Bernard D. Steinberg; Donald L. Carlson; Julia A. Zuckerman M.D.; Judd Gardner
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Vascular plaque characterization using intravascular ultrasound elastography and NIR Raman spectroscopy in vitro
Author(s): Chris L. de Korte; Hendrik P. J. Buschman; Sweder W. E. van de Poll; Anton F. W. van der Steen; Gerwin J. Puppels; Arnoud van der Laarse
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Variations in transit-time-based ultrasonic velocity estimates in human calcaneus due to frequency-dependent attenuation and dispersion
Author(s): Keith A. Wear
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Ultrasonic multifeature analysis procedures for breast lesion classification
Author(s): Sheikh Kaisar Alam; Frederick L. Lizzi; Ernest Joseph Feleppa; Tian Liu; Andrew Kalisz
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High-frequency transducer arrays for medical imaging
Author(s): Timothy A. Ritter; K. Kirk Shung; Richard L. Tutwiler; Thomas R. Shrout
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Phased array probe using Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3 single-crystal-polymer composites
Author(s): Kazuhiro Itsumi; Shiroh Saitoh; Mamoru Izumi; Tsuyoshi Kobayashi; Kouichi Harada; Yohachi Yamashita
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Influence of piezoceramic composition, pitch, and layout on the performances of sparse 2D array transducers for medical imaging
Author(s): Nicolas Felix; Marc Lethiecq; Caroline Millar; Louis Pascal Tran-Huu-Hue
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Generation of Bessel limited-diffraction beams with hexagonal sparse arrays
Author(s): Nariman Majdi Nasab; Shahram Shirani; Mostafa Analoui
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Skew-focus phased array imaging: application to multidimensional velocity estimation
Author(s): Emad S. Ebbini
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Classification of focal liver lesions in ultrasonic images based on echo texture analysis
Author(s): Hiroyuki Yoshida; David Casalino
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Classification of gallstones with ultrasound
Author(s): Caroline Kocherscheidt; Ulla Albert M.D.; Franz Werner Albert M.D.; Madhukar C. Pandit; Matthias Pfeiffer; J. Racky
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Computer-assisted ultrasonic tissue characterization of the heart
Author(s): Reinhard Berger; Evelin Lieback; Roland Hetzer
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Tissue characterization by imaging the local frequency dependent relative backscatter coefficient
Author(s): Klaus V. Jenderka; Tilio Gaertner; Ulrich Cobet; Mario Zacharias; Hans Heynemann
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Cross-correlation of ultrasound A-lines to obtain dynamic displacement profiles within poroelastic materials undergoing stress relaxation
Author(s): Manuel Fortin; Michael D. Buschmann; Michel J. Bertrand; F. Stuart Foster; Jonathan Ophir
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Comparing the performance of ultrasonic strain imaging algorithms
Author(s): Yanning Zhu; Timothy J. Hall; Larry T. Cook; Michael F. Insana
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Tissue elasticity using acoustic radiation force
Author(s): Laura A. Negron; William F. Walker; Francisco J. Fernandez
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Bioelasticity imaging:II. Spatial resolution
Author(s): Larry T. Cook; Yanning Zhu; Timothy J. Hall; Michael F. Insana
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Site-targeted acoustic contrast agent detects molecular expression of tissue factor after balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Christopher S. Hall; Dana R. Abendschein; David E. Scherrer; Michael J. Scott; Jon N. Marsh; Samuel A. Wickline; Gregory M. Lanza
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Enhancement of ultrasound reflectivity depends on the specific perfluorocarbons utilized to formulate nanoparticle emulsion contrast agents
Author(s): Jon N. Marsh; Christopher S. Hall; Michael J. Scott; Ralph J. Fuhrhop; Patrick J. Gaffney; Samuel A. Wickline; Gregory M. Lanza
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Real-time correction of beamforming time delay errors in abdominal ultrasound imaging
Author(s): K. Wayne Rigby
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Thermoacoustic CT scanner for breast imaging: design considerations
Author(s): Robert A. Kruger; William L. Kiser Jr.; Kathy D. Miller M.D.; Handel E. Reynolds; Daniel R. Reinecke; Gabe A. Kruger; Peter J. Hofacker; R. L. Eisenhart
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Novel approaches to angular scatter imaging using the translating apertures algorithm
Author(s): Michael J. McAllister; William F. Walker
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Automated ultrasonic arterial vibrometry: detection and measurement
Author(s): Melani I. Plett; Kirk W. Beach M.D.; Marla Paun
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Cardiac boundary extraction on echocardiographic images using directed graph
Author(s): Yu-Tai Ching; Chwen-Liang Chang
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Development of ultrasound transducer diffractive field theory for nonlinear propagation-based imaging
Author(s): Nikolay A. Kharin
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Application of segmentation of intravascular images for tissue characterization of vascular pathology
Author(s): Evelin Lieback; Reinhard Berger; Roland Hetzer
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Registration of 3D tracked ultrasonic spinal images to segmented CT images for technology-guided therapy
Author(s): Diane M. Muratore; Jeannette L. Herring; Benoit M. Dawant; Robert L. Galloway Jr.
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Diffractive limited acoustic field of an apodized ultrasound transducer
Author(s): Vera Lucia da Silveira Nantes Button; Eduardo Tavares Costa; Joaquim Miguel Maia; Ricardo G. Dantas
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Evaluation of osteoporosis using ultrasound
Author(s): Joaquim Miguel Maia; Eduardo Tavares Costa; Vera Lucia da Silveira Nantes Button; Ricardo G. Dantas
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Kalman filter technique applied to surface reconstruction and visualization from noisy volume data
Author(s): Raul San Jose Estepar; Alberto Rivera; Marco Pinacho; Carlos Alberola-Lopez; Juan Ruiz
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Design of an analogy beamformer for very high frequency ultrasound transducer arrays
Author(s): Qindi Wu; Richard L. Tutwiler; K. Kirk Shung
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