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Medical Imaging 2000: Physiology and Function from Multidimensional Images
Editor(s): Chin-Tu Chen; Anne V. Clough

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Volume Number: 3978
Date Published: 20 April 2000

Table of Contents
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High-resolution diffusion tensor imaging using interleaved echo-planar imaging
Author(s): Roland Bammer; Manfred J. Augustin; Thomas Seifert; S. Strasser-Fuchs; Rudolf Stollberger; Paul Wach; H. P. Hartung; F. Fazekas
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Parallel imaging strategies for high-speed magnetic resonance diffusion imaging
Author(s): Roland Bammer; Rudolf Stollberger; Manfred J. Augustin; Thomas Seifert; S. Strasser-Fuchs; Paul Wach; H. P. Hartung; F. Fazekas
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Characterization of stroke lesions using a histogram-based data analysis including diffusion- and perfusion-weighted imaging
Author(s): Alexander Grzesik; Johannes Bernarding; Juergen Braun; Hans-Christian Koennecke; Karl Juergen Wolf; Thomas Tolxdorff
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Automated tissue characterization in MR imaging
Author(s): Juergen Braun; Johannes Bernarding; Hans-Christian Koennecke; Karl Juergen Wolf; Thomas Tolxdorff
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Reconstruction of airway tree based on topology and morphological operations
Author(s): Li Fan; Chang Wen Chen
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Computed tomographic-based estimation of airway size with correction for scanned plane tilt angle
Author(s): Osama I. Saba; Eric A. Hoffman; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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3D pulmonary CT image registration with a standard lung atlas
Author(s): Li Zhang; Joseph M. Reinhardt
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Contrast enhancement maps for lung lesions imaged on CT
Author(s): Michael F. McNitt-Gray; Matthew S. Brown; Nathaniel Wyckoff; Jonathan G. Goldin; Robert Suh; Denise R. Aberle
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Computerized characterization of contrast enhancement patterns for classifying pulmonary nodules
Author(s): Nobutake Takagi; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hironobu Ohamatsu; Masahiko Kusumoto; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Kiyoshi Mori; Hiroyuki Nishiyama; Kenji Eguchi; Masahiro Kaneko; Noriyuki Moriyama
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Quantitative analysis for differential diagnosis of lung cancer on blood vessel connectivity using thoracic 3D CT images
Author(s): Akira Tanaka; Tetsuya Tozaki; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Masahiro Kaneko; Kenji Eguchi; Noriyuki Moriyama
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Virtual bronchoscopic approach for combining 3D CT and endoscopic video
Author(s): Anthony J. Sherbondy; Atilla Peter Kiraly; Allen L. Austin; James P. Helferty; Shu-Yen Wan; Janice Z. Turlington; Tao Yang; Chao Zhang; Eric A. Hoffman; Geoffrey McLennan M.D.; William E. Higgins
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Improved virtual bronchoscopy using a multislice helical CT scanner
Author(s): Ronald M. Summers; Michael C. Sneller; Carol A. Langford; James H. Shelhamer; Bradford J. Wood
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Method for tracking camera motion of real endoscope by using virtual endoscopy system
Author(s): Kensaku Mori; Yasuhito Suenaga; Jun-ichiro Toriwaki; Jun-ichi Hasegawa; Kazuhiro Katada; Hirotsugu Takabatake; Hiroshi Natori
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Method of interactive specification of interested regions via a volume-rendered image with application to virtualized endoscope system
Author(s): Kensaku Mori; Yoshitake Higuchi; Yasuhito Suenaga; Jun-ichiro Toriwaki; Jun-ichi Hasegawa; Kazuhiro Katada
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Multiscan MRI-based virtual cystoscopy
Author(s): Dongqing Chen; Bin Li; Wei Huang; Zach Liang
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Conformal 3D visualization for virtual colonoscopy
Author(s): Steven Haker; Sigurd Angenent; Allen R. Tannenbaum; Ron Kikinis
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3D virtual colonoscopy with real-time volume rendering
Author(s): Ming Wan; Wei Jian Li; Kevin Kreeger; Ingmar Bitter; Arie E. Kaufman; Zhengrong Liang; Dongqing Chen; Mark R. Wax
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Geometric deformable colon model for polyp detection
Author(s): Christopher L. Wyatt; Yaorong Ge; David J. Vining
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Performance of computed tomographic colonography improved by total quality management techniques
Author(s): John L. Garry; Judd E. Reed; C. Daniel Johnson
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Clinical experience with CT colonography
Author(s): Judd E. Reed; John L. Garry; Lynn A. Wilson; C. Daniel Johnson
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Imaging longitudinal cardiac strain on short-axis images using 3D HARP
Author(s): Nael F. Osman; Smita Sampath; Jerry L. Prince
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Torsion of the left ventricle during pacing with MRI tagging
Author(s): Jonathan M. Sorger; Bradley T. Wyman; Owen P. Faris; William R. Hunter; Elliot R. McVeigh
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Motion analysis of both ventricles using tagged MRI
Author(s): Cengizhan Ozturk; Elliot R. McVeigh
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Separation of artery and vein in contrast-enhanced MRA images
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Jayaram K. Udupa; Punam K. Saha; Dewey Odhner
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Measurement of stenosis from magnetic resonance angiography using vessel skeletons
Author(s): Peter J. Yim; Rakesh Mullick; Ronald M. Summers; Hani Marcos; Juan Raul Cebral; Rainald Loehner; Peter L. Choyke
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Analysis of short single rest/activation epoch fMRI by self-organizing map neural network
Author(s): Stephan G. Erberich; Thomas Dietrich; Stefan Kemeny; Timo Krings; Klaus Willmes; Armin Thron; Walter Oberschelp
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Application of a linear time-invariant model in the Fourier domain to perform statistical analysis of functional magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Daniel E. Rio; Robert R. Rawlings; Daniel Hommer
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Pharmacokinetic modeling of dynamic MR images using a simulated annealing-based optimization
Author(s): Amit R. Sawant; John H. Reece; Wilburn E. Reddick
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BOLD effect: new aspects of the hemodynamic response through combination of fMRI and optical recording in the barrel cortex of the gerbil
Author(s): Andreas Hess; Detelf Stiller; Henning Scheich
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Multivariate segmentation of fMRI for human brain mapping
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Jayaram K. Udupa
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Identification of atherosclerotic plaque components using cluster analysis of multispectral MR images: comparison with histology
Author(s): Sharon Clarke; Brian K. Rutt; Alexandra Lucas; Stephen P. Lownie; Robert Hammond; Ross Mitchell
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Volume of myocardium perfused by coronary artery branches as estimated from 3D micro-CT images of rat hearts
Author(s): Patricia E. Lund; Lauren C. Naessens; Catherine A. Seaman; Denise A. Reyes; Erik Leo Ritman M.D.
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Micro-CT image-derived metrics quantify arterial wall distensibility reduction in a rat model of pulmonary hypertension
Author(s): Roger H. Johnson; Kelly L. Karau; Robert C. Molthen; Steven T. Haworth; Christopher A. Dawson
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Physiological imaging of electrical trauma and therapeutic responses
Author(s): Chin-Tu Chen; K. Matthews; John Nathan Aarsvold; Robert A. Mintzer; Nicholas J. Yasillo; Jurgen Hannig; M. Capelli-Schellpfefer; Malcolm Cooper; Raphael C. Lee M.D.
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Accurate estimation of contrast agent dynamics in fast contrast-enhanced MRI
Author(s): Henkjan J. Huisman; J. O. Barentsz
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Statistical analysis of dynamic sequences for functional imaging
Author(s): Chien-Min Kao; Chin-Tu Chen; Miles N. Wernick
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Subband denoising technique for dynamic FDOPA-PET images
Author(s): Kang-Ping Lin; Hong-Dun Lin; Chin-Lung Yu; Liang-Chi Wu; Ren-Shyan Liu
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Spatiotemporal imaging of vascular reactivity
Author(s): Harry L. Graber; Christoph H. Schmitz; Yaling Pei; Sheng Zhong; San-Lian S. Barbour; Seth B. Blattman; Thomas F. Panetta M.D.; Randall Locke Barbour
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Fluorescence measurement of localized deeply embedded physiological processes
Author(s): David W. Hattery; Victor V. Chernomordik; Israel Gannot; Murray H. Loew; Amir H. Gandjbakhche
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Respirator triggering of electron-beam computed tomography (EBCT): differences in dynamic changes between augmented ventilation and controlled mechanical ventilation
Author(s): Wolfgang A. Recheis; Axel Kleinsasser; Antonius H. Schuster; Alexander Loeckinger; Thomas Frede; Peter Springer; Christoph Hoermann; Dieter zur Nedden
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Blood flow changes resulting from laser heating measured using dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography
Author(s): Thomas G. Purdie; Michael D. Sherar; Aaron Fenster; Ting-Yim Lee
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Reproducible measurements based on myocardial perfusion studies for patient follow-up
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Thirion; Scott Leonard; Robert Hendel
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Automated three-dimensional spatial standardization and quantification of myocardial perfusion tomography: alternative to polar maps
Author(s): Piotr J. Slomka; Perry E. Radau; Gilbert Hurwitz; Damini Dey
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Assessment of the pulse flow propagation based upon digital coronary angiograms
Author(s): Cornelis H. Slump; Marc Schrijver; Henny Kuipers; Corstiaan J. Storm
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Model of intravenous bolus propagation for optimization of contrast enhancement
Author(s): Ge Wang; Gary M. Raymond; Yi Li; Gary D. Schweiger; Melhem Sharafuddin; Alan H. Stolpen; Siying Yang; Zheng Li; James B. Bassingthwaighte M.D.; Michael W. Vannier M.D.
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Ultrasonic Doppler blood flow meter for extracorporeal circulation
Author(s): Ricardo G. Dantas; Eduardo Tavares Costa; Joaquim Miguel Maia; Vera Lucia da Silveira Nantes Button
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Application of indicator dilution theory to time-density curves obtained from dynamic contrast images
Author(s): Anne V. Clough; Albert J. Manuel; Steven T. Haworth; Christopher A. Dawson
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In-vivo study of the thermoregulation of the rat tail using magnetic resonance angiography (MRA)
Author(s): Greet Vanhoutte; Marleen Verhoye; Erik R.R. Raman; Anne-Marie Van der Linden
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Quantitative characterization of the progression of focal brain ischemia in a rat photochemical stroke model using in-vivo MRI
Author(s): Anne-Marie Van der Linden; Marleen Verhoye; M. De Ryck
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Changes during pentetrazol-induced epilepsy in rat recorded by simultaneous EEG/MRI at 7T
Author(s): Marleen Verhoye; Ive Michiels; Jan Sijbers; Jan Eelen; Ronald Peeters; Johan Van Audekerke; Rudi D'hooge; P.P. De Deyn; Anne-Marie Van der Linden
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5D interactive real time Doppler ultrasound visualization of the heart
Author(s): Volker Heid; Harald Evers; Christian Henn; Gerald Glombitza; Hans-Peter Meinzer
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Adaptive phase-coded reconstruction for cardiac CT
Author(s): Jiang Hsieh; John Mayo; Kishor Acharya; Tin-Su Pan
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New method for volumetric estimation of functioning thyroid tissue
Author(s): David H. Feiglin; Andrzej Krol; George M. Gagne; Bradford J. Hellwig; Frank Deaver Thomas
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Heterogeneity of coronary arterial branching geometry
Author(s): Shu-Yen Wan; Denise A. Reyes; William E. Higgins; Erik Leo Ritman M.D.
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Point-constrained optical flow for LV motion detection
Author(s): Sven Loncaric; Tvrtko Macan
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Computer-assisted esophageal wall motion analysis from digital fluoroscopic images
Author(s): Atsushi Senoo; Morio Shimada; Akiyoshi Ito; Kazuo Yagi; Izumi Ogura; Tohru Negishi; Tsuguhisa Katoh; Mitsuomi Matsumoto; Kohki Yoshikawa
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Quantification of single-kidney glomerular filtration rate with electron-beam computed tomography
Author(s): Lilach O. Lerman; Erik Leo Ritman M.D.; Laura I. Pelaez; Patrick F. Sheedy II; James D. Krier
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