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Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems VII
Editor(s): John O. Merritt; Stephen A. Benton; Andrew J. Woods; Mark T. Bolas; Mark T. Bolas

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Volume Number: 3957
Date Published: 3 May 2000

Table of Contents
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Is eye damage caused by stereoscopic displays?
Author(s): Udo Mayer; Markus D. Neumann; Wolfgang Kubbat; Kurt Landau
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Effects of stereoscopic filming parameters and display duration on the subjective assessment of eye strain
Author(s): Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn; Huib de Ridder; Joyce Vliegen
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Video-based augmented-reality stereoscopic system: an application to traffic scenes
Author(s): Jan Pablo Arboleda Aguinaga; Antonio B. Martinez; Enric X. Martin; Carles Torrens; Jaume Figueras
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Bandwidth reduction for stereoscopic video signals
Author(s): Wa James Tam; Lew B. Stelmach; Daniel V. Meegan; Andre Vincent
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Effect of eye position on the projected stimulus distance in a binocular head-mounted display
Author(s): Jeffrey W. McCandless; Stephen R. Ellis
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Stereo fundus photography: automatic evaluation of retinal topography
Author(s): Alexander L. Berestov
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Three-dimensional display system for medical imaging with computer-generated integral photography
Author(s): Susumu Nakajima; Ken Masamune; Ichiro Sakuma; Takeyoshi Dohi
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Intraoperative presentation of surgical planning and simulation results using a stereoscopic see-through head-mounted display
Author(s): Tobias Salb; Jakob Brief; Oliver Burgert; Steffan Hassfeld; Ruediger Dillmann
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Stereoscopic correspondence by applying physical constraints and statistical observations to dissimilarity map
Author(s): Tsi Yi Chao; Sheng-Jyh Wang; Hsueh-Ming Hang
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Dense-disparity estimation from feature correspondences
Author(s): Janusz Konrad; Zhong-Dan Lan
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Disparity-based view interpolation for multiple-perspective stereoscopic displays
Author(s): Ho-Chao Huang; Ching-Che Kao; Yung-Chieh Lin; Yi-Ping Hung
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Open-GL-based stereo system for 3D measurements
Author(s): Frank Boochs; Anja Gehrhoff; Markus Neifer
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Display characteristics and the impact on usability for stereo
Author(s): John W. Roberts; Oliver T. Slattery
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Fabrication of a large F-number lenticular plate and its use as a small-angle flat-top diffuser in autostereoscopic display screens
Author(s): Chao-Hsu Tsai; Pong Lai; KuenJin Lee; Chih-Kung Lee
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Flat-panel autostereoscopic displays: characterization and enhancement
Author(s): Graham J. Woodgate; Jonathan Harrold; Adrian M. S. Jacobs; Richard R. Moseley; David Ezra
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Image-tiling system using optically addressed spatial light modulator for high-resolution and multiview 3D display
Author(s): Hyung-Wook Jeon; Adrian R. L. Travis; Neil Collings; Tim D. Wilkinson; Y. Frauel
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50-in. time-multiplexed autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Neil A. Dodgson; John R. Moore; Stewart R. Lang; Graham J. Martin; Peter M. Canepa
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16-view TV system based on spatial joining of viewing zones
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Vadim V. Smirnov; Kyung-tae Kim; You Seek Chun; Sung-Sik Kim
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Eye-position detection system
Author(s): Holger Heidrich; Armin Schwerdtner; Andreas Glatte; Hartmut Mix
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Membrane-mirror-based autostereoscopic display for tele-operation and teleprescence applications
Author(s): Stuart McKay; Gordon M. Mair; Steven Mason; Kenneth Revie
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Multiviewpoint autostereoscopic display system based on volume hologram
Author(s): Seung-Hyun Lee; Hoon-Gee Yang; Sang-Yi Yi; Kwang-Chul Son; Eun-Soo Kim
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3D display using intersection of light beams
Author(s): Toshiyuki Sudo; Hideki Morishima; Tsutomu Osaka; Naosato Taniguchi
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Cylindrical 3D video display observable from all directions
Author(s): Tomohiro Endo; Yoshihiro Kajiki; Toshio Honda; Makoto Sato
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Effect of the ratio difference of overlapped areas of stereoscopic images on each eye in a teleoperation
Author(s): Katsuya Matsunaga; Tomohide Yamamoto; Kazunori Shidoji; Yuji Matsuki
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Judging size, distance, and depth with an active telepresence system
Author(s): Annaliese M. Plooy; Julian P. Brooker; John P. Wann; Paul M. Sharkey
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Can observers exploit enhanced-disparity information to control reaching movements within telepresence environments?
Author(s): Mark F. Bradshaw; Paul B. Hibbard; Rob van der Willigen; Simon J. Watt; Ian R. L. Davies; Neil S. Stringer; Nick Beagley; Andrew R. Willis
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Eliminating pi-cell artifacts
Author(s): Lenny Lipton; Jeff Halnon; Jeff Wuopio; Bruce Dorworth
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Multiresolution stereoscopic immersive communication using a set of four cameras
Author(s): Takeshi Naemura; Kaoru Sugita; Takahide Takano; Hiroshi Harashima
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Production of stereoscopic 3D movies of a Spanish monastery for a digital archive
Author(s): Takashi Kawai; Takashi Shibata; Takayoshi Mochizuki; Kageyu Noro
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Developments in StereoJet technology
Author(s): Julius J. Scarpetti; Philip M. DuBois; Richard M. Friedhoff; Vivian K. Walworth
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Autostereoscopic teleconferencing system
Author(s): Philip V. Harman
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Multimedia ambience communication based on actual moving pictures in a steroscopic projection display environment
Author(s): Kunio Yamada; Tadashi Ichikawa; Takeshi Naemura; Kiyoharu Aizawa; Shigeo Morishima; Takahiro Saito
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Stereo parallax and disparity in single-lens stereoscopy
Author(s): Michael A. Weissman
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Fabricating polymeric microretardation arrays for autostereoscopic display system by CO2-laser heat processing technology
Author(s): Chao-Hsu Tsai; KuenJin Lee; KuoChung Huang; Chih-Kung Lee
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Using enhanced disparity information under telepresence
Author(s): Neil S. Stringer; Mark F. Bradshaw; Ian R. L. Davies; Nick Beagley; Andrew R. Willis
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Real-time interactive remote image acquisition utilizing the scope cache
Author(s): Toshiki Gunji; Tatsuhiro Yonekura
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Teleconferencing system using virtual camera
Author(s): Daisuke Shibuichi; Tsukasa Tanaka; Nobuyoshi Terashima; Hideyoshi Tominaga
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Supporting natural prehension in virtual environments
Author(s): Annaliese M. Plooy; John P. Wann
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Building a VR narrative
Author(s): Josephine Anstey; Dave Pape; Daniel J. Sandin
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RAGE visualization for Special Forces operations
Author(s): Marco O. Lanzagorta; Eddy Kuo
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Pixels are good
Author(s): Mark T. Bolas; Ian E. McDowall; George C. Williams; Dan Corr; Julien Berta
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Virtual reality technique to assist measurement of degree of shaking of two minarets of an ancient building
Author(s): Amir Saeed Homainejad; Mehran Satari
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Adaptive streaming protocol for mobile-augmented-reality-based concurrent engineering
Author(s): Tino Pyssysalo
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Toward immersive clay modeling: interactive modeling with octrees
Author(s): Elke Moritz; Falko Kuester; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy; Hans Hagen
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Software components for haptic constraints
Author(s): Matthew A. Hutchins
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VR scientific visualization in an immersive room
Author(s): Marco O. Lanzagorta; Robert O. Rosenberg; Eddy Kuo
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Applying hapto-visual virtual environment systems to industrial applications
Author(s): Duncan R. Stevenson; Francis Bogsanyi
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Scale and collocation in hapto-visual environments
Author(s): Francis Bogsanyi; Alexander M. Krumm-Heller
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Designers workbench: toward real-time immersive modeling
Author(s): Falko Kuester; Mark A. Duchaineau; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy; Kwan-Liu Ma
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Unencumbered interaction in display environments with extended working volume
Author(s): Ulrich Hafner; Andreas Simon; Mario Doulis
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Survey of projection-based immersive displays
Author(s): Dan Wright
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