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Silicon-based Optoelectronics II
Editor(s): David J. Robbins; Derek C. Houghton

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Volume Number: 3953
Date Published: 15 March 2000

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Development and prospective of SOI-based photonic components for optical CDMA application
Author(s): Yin-Sheng Tang; Yuanjian Xu; James K. Chan
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Arrayed waveguide grating demultiplexers in silicon-on-insulator
Author(s): Matthew R.T. Pearson; Andrew Bezinger; Andre Delage; Jeffrey W. Fraser; Siegfried Janz; Paul E. Jessop; Dan-Xia Xu
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Fabrication and characterization of porous silicon integrated waveguides
Author(s): Andrea M. Rossi; Ivo Rendina; Guido Perrone; Frederica Cappelluti; Anna Morra; Gianpiero Amato; Luca Boarino; Gabriella Motta
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Low-loss small-cross-section silicon-on-silicon rib waveguides with high-confining ion-implanted lower cladding
Author(s): Mario Iodice; Giuseppe Cocorullo; Francesco G. Della Corte; Tiziana Polichetti; Ivo Rendina; Pasqualina M. Sarro
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Optical sources, integrated optical detectors, and optical waveguides in standard silicon CMOS integrated circuitry
Author(s): Lukas Willem Snyman; Herzl Aharoni; Alice Biber; Alfons Bogalecki; Lyndsay Canning; Monuko du Plessis; Petrus Maree
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Tunneling-induced electroluminescence from metal-oxide-semiconductor structure on silicon
Author(s): Ching-Fuh Lin; Cheewee Liu; Miin-Jang Chen; Ming-Hung Lee; I-Cheng Lin
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Light-emitting diodes fabricated in silicon/iron disilicide
Author(s): Adrian K. Kewell; Manon A. Lourenco; Russell M. Gwilliam; Jane Sharpe; C. McKinty; Thomas R. Butler; Karen J. Reeson Kirkby; Kevin P. Homewood
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Recent advances in miniaturization of infrared spectrometers
Author(s): James T. Daly; Edward A. Johnson; W. Andrew Bodkin; William A. Stevenson; David A. White
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Near-infrared wavemeter based on an array of polycrystalline Ge-on-Si photodetectors
Author(s): Gianlorenzo Masini; Lorenzo Colace; Gaetano Assanto
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Avalanche multiplication and noise in submicron Si p-i-n diodes
Author(s): Chee Hing Tan; John P. R. David; J. Clark; Graham J. Rees; S. A. Plimmer; David J. Robbins; David C. Herbert; Roger Timothy Carline; Weng Y. Leong
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Self-assembled InAs/Si quantum dot stacks grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): P. C. Sharma; Y. S. Tang; K. W. Alt; Kang Lung Wang
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Measurement and exploitation of the thermo-optic effect in silicon for light switching in optoelectronic integrated circuits
Author(s): Francesco G. Della Corte; Marco Bellucci; Giuseppe Cocorullo; Mario Iodice; Ivo Rendina
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Micromachined silicon actuators with low driving voltage and high accuracy for optical switches and tunable filters
Author(s): Jong-Hyun Lee; Myung-Lae Lee; Won-Ick Jang; Chang-Auck Choi; Kwangjoon Kim
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Mechanical properties of PECVD silicon oxide films suitable for integrated optics applications
Author(s): Jose A. Rodriguez; Carlos Dominguez-Tagle; Francisco J. Munoz; Andreu Llobera
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Synthesis, photo, and pyrolytic properties of polysilane photoresists
Author(s): Sonny A. Ekhorutomwen; Samuel P. Sawan
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High quantum efficiency diode photodetector based on ultrathin InGaAs-on-Si films
Author(s): Mikhail N. Naydenkov; Alexander V. Kvit; Mikhail V. Yakimov
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Ge-on-Si high-responsivity near-infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Gianlorenzo Masini; Lorenzo Colace; Gaetano Assanto; Hsin-Chiao Luan; Kazumi Wada; Lionel C. Kimerling
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