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Diffractive/Holographic Technologies and Spatial Light Modulators VII
Editor(s): Ivan Cindrich; Sing H. Lee; Richard L. Sutherland

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Volume Number: 3951
Date Published: 10 March 2000

Table of Contents
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Rigorous three-dimensional analysis of surface-relief gratings using a spectral collocation method
Author(s): Palle Geltzer Dinesen; Jan S. Hesthaven; Jens-Peter Lynov
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Rigorous analysis of focusing grating couplers using a time-domain spectral collocation method
Author(s): Palle Geltzer Dinesen; Jan S. Hesthaven; Jens-Peter Lynov
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Holographic filter applied to LCD projector for improvement of laser pointer presentation
Author(s): Serge LM Habraken; Denis Vandormael; Alain Carapelle; Vincent Moreau
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Inspection of defects in optical fibers by a correlation processor
Author(s): Wei Liu; Yange Liu; Yimo Zhang; Ge Zhou
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Micromechanically controlled diffraction: a new tool for spectroscopy
Author(s): James Castracane; Mikhail A. Gutin; Olga N. Gutin
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Circular grating optical scanning holography
Author(s): Wanguo Liang; Shouyu Liu; Jinghui Xie; Dazun Zhao
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Irregular virtual optical phased array
Author(s): Tom Y. Zhu
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Diffractive elements for generating microscale laser beam patterns: a Y2K problem
Author(s): Stephan Teiwes; Sven Krueger; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Margit Ferstl
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Holographic gunsight: the next generation
Author(s): Anthony M. Tai; Eric J. Sieczka; Juris Upatnieks
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Diffractive optical element in free-space data transmission systems
Author(s): Kari J. Kataja; Pertti Paakkonen; Jari Pekka Turunen; Juha T. Rantala; Pentti Karioja
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Ultrafast holographic recording using two-photon-induced photopolymerization
Author(s): Sean M. Kirkpatrick; Lisa R. Denny; Morley O. Stone
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Planar-integrated interferometric sensor with holographic gratings
Author(s): Vincent Moreau; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Yves F. Lion
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Improved simulated annealing algorithm for optimization of symmetrical diffractive elements
Author(s): Luis A. Gonzalez; Victor M. Arrizon
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Planar optic polarization insensitive wavelength demultiplexer
Author(s): Raymond K. Kostuk; Jesse A. Frantz; Robert R. Boye
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Signal analyzer with SLM compensation
Author(s): Carl C. Aleksoff; Gregory T. Warhola; Amber L. Iler; Helen E. Kourous; Alex Klooster; Linnea S. Nooden; Patrick D. Hamilton; Tim Lee Waltz
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Diffractive lens performance as a function of F-number
Author(s): Dennis W. Prather; David Pustai; Shouyuan Shi
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Membrane primary mirror for a telescope with a real-time holography corrector
Author(s): Sergei A. Dimakov; Boris V. Kislitsyn
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Compact high-efficiency electrically addressable phase-only spatial light modulator
Author(s): Yuji Kobayashi; Yasunori Igasaki; Narihiro Yoshida; Norihiro Fukuchi; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Tsutomu Hara; Ming Hsien Wu
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LC SLM with fullerene-dye-polyimide photosensitive layer
Author(s): Natalia V. Kamanina; Natalie A. Vasilenko; Sergey O. Kognovitsky; Nikolai M. Kozhevnikov
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Spatial light modulator system for application as a dynamic diffractive element and in optical image processing
Author(s): Sven Krueger; Joern Kamps; Guenther K.G. Wernicke; Hartmut Gruber; Nazif Demoli; Matthias Duerr; Stephan Teiwes
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Membrane mirror light modulator technology
Author(s): Cardinal Warde; James T. McCann; Vern Shrauger; H.-H. Ieong; Ali Ersen; X. Y. Wang; J. Hubbard
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Optical phase modulators and SLMs based on thin ferroelectric interferometers (TFIs)
Author(s): Feiling Wang; Kewen K. Li; Vladimir Fuflyigin; Marvin J. Tabasky; Peter L. Pondillo; J. Zheng; Hua Jiang
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Novel spatial light modulators for active and adaptive optics
Author(s): David Charles Dayton; Sergio R. Restaino; John D. Gonglewski
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Selective erasure of holographic index gratings in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): JianHua Zhao; Xiaonong Shen; Huanchu Chen
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Properties of harmonic gratings in Mn:KNSBN in the process of electrical domain fixing
Author(s): Xiaonong Shen; JianHua Zhao; Ruibo Wang; Zhenxiang Cheng; Shujun Zhang; Huanchu Chen
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Analyzing the spectra properties of a reflection volume hologram through a matrix method
Author(s): Dejun Feng; Xiaoyi Dong; Guiyun Kai; Shuo Lu; Dahe Liu
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Performance evaluation of gratings applied by genetic algorithm for the real-time optical interconnection
Author(s): Jin-Seon Yoon; Nam Kim; HoHyung Suh; Seok Hee Jeon
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Analysis and design of pixelated diffractive elements in the Fresnel domain
Author(s): Edgardo Carreon; Victor M. Arrizon
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Description of Talbot array illuminators as a collection of multiplexed pixelated lenses
Author(s): Gustavo E. Rojo-Velazquez; Victor M. Arrizon
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Hybrid diffractive-refractive element for spectrum imaging
Author(s): Hua Long; Kun Yang; Qingsheng He; Mingxian Wu; Guofan Jin; Yingbai Yan
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Color separation gratings
Author(s): Deer Yi; Yingbai Yan; Lin Pang; Guofan Jin
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Compact wavelength division multiplexers and demultiplexers
Author(s): Revital Shechter; Yaakov Amitai; Asher A. Friesem
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