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Photodetectors: Materials and Devices V

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Volume Number: 3948
Date Published: 13 April 2000

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Optoelectronics research at the Army Research Laboratory
Author(s): George J. Simonis; Herbert K. Pollehn; Greg Sztankay; Gary L. Wood; Jagadeesh Pamulapati; Joseph Neil Mait
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Dual-band infrared detectors
Author(s): Antoni Rogalski
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III-V infrared detectors on Si substrates
Author(s): Cengiz Besikci
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State-of-the-art HgCdTe infrared devices
Author(s): Jagmohan Bajaj
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Effect of annealing on arsenic activation and device performance in mid-infrared HgCdTe on silicon grown by MBE
Author(s): Renganathan Ashokan; Tae-Seok Lee; N. Dhar; Sung S. Yoo; Sivalingam Sivananthan
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Mid-IR InAsSb photovoltaic detectors
Author(s): Anna Rakovska; Vincent Berger; Xavier Marcadet; Genevieve Glastre; Borge Vinter; K. Bouzehouane; Daniel Kaplan; T. Oksehendler
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Tunable narrow-band filter for LWIR hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): James T. Daly; W. Andrew Bodkin; William J. Schneller; Robert B. Kerr; John Noto; Raymond Haren; Michael T. Eismann; Barry Kenneth Karch
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Infrared vision using uncooled optomechanical camera
Author(s): Arunava Majumdar; M. Mao; Thomas M. Perazzo; Yang Zhao; O. Kwon; John B. Varesi; Paul Norton
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Micromechanical uncooled photon detectors
Author(s): Panos G. Datskos
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High-sensitivity 8- to 14-um HgCdTe photodetectors operated at ambient temperature
Author(s): Waldemar Gawron; Krzysztof Adamiec; Krzysztof Jozwikowski; Antoni Rogalski
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InAs/GaInSb strained layer superlattice as an infrared detector material: an overview
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Johnson
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Type-II InAs/InGaSb SL photodetectors
Author(s): C.H. Thompson Lin; K. Alex Anselm; Chau-Hong Kuo; A. M. Delaney; Gail J. Brown; Krishnamur Mahalingam; Adam W. Saxler; Raymond J. Linville; Frank Szmulowicz; Vaidya Nathan
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Growth and characterization of very long wavelength type-II infrared detectors
Author(s): Hooman Mohseni; Abbes Tahraoui; Joseph S. Wojkowski; Manijeh Razeghi; W. C. Mitchel; Adam W. Saxler
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Growth and characterization of type-II nonequilibrium photovoltaic detectors for long-wavelength infrared range
Author(s): Hooman Mohseni; Joseph S. Wojkowski; Abbes Tahraoui; Manijeh Razeghi; Gail J. Brown; W. C. Mitchel
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InP photodetectors for millimeter-wave applications
Author(s): Didier J. Decoster; Vincent Magnin; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Joseph Harari; Jean-Philippe Gouy; Manuel Fendler; Filipe Jorge
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High-speed GaAs-based resonant-cavity-enhanced 1.3-um photodetector
Author(s): Ekmel Ozbay; Ibrahim Kimukin; Necmi Biyikli; Gary Tuttle
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Analysis and design of traveling-wave photodetectors for rf optical link communication using the finite-difference time-domain method
Author(s): Soon-Chel Kong; Jeong-Hoon Lee; Seung-Jin Lee; Young-Wan Choi
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Effect of carrier drift on the characteristics of 1.55-um traveling-wave ridge-coplanar waveguide photodetector
Author(s): Jeong-Hoon Lee; Soon-Chel Kong; Seung-Jin Lee; Young-Wan Choi
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Microscopic model of impact ionization in AlxGa1-xSb
Author(s): Christoph H. Grein; Henry Ehrenreich
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Electron and photon effects in imaging devices utilizing quantum dot infrared photodetectors and light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Victor Ryzhii; Irina Khmyrova
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High-responsivity GaInAs/InP quantum well infrared photodetectors grown by low-pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Matthew Erdtmann; Anthony W. Matlis; Christopher Louis Jelen; Manijeh Razeghi; Gail J. Brown
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Growth and optimization of GaInAsP/InP material system for quantum well infrared photodetector applications
Author(s): Matthew Erdtmann; J. Jiang; Anthony W. Matlis; Abbes Tahraoui; Christopher Louis Jelen; Manijeh Razeghi; Gail J. Brown
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AlGaN-based structures on sapphire for visible blind Schottky-barrier UV photodetectors: toward high-performance device applications
Author(s): Franck Omnes; Eva Monroy; Bernard Beaumont; Fernando Calle; Elias Munoz Merino; Pierre J. L. Gibart
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High-performance GaN/AlGaN-based ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): John C. Carrano; Ting Li; Charles J. Collins; Ariane L. Beck; Shuling Wang; Bo Yang; Damien J. H. Lambert; Christopher J. Eiting; Russell D. Dupuis; Joe C. Campbell; Michael Wraback; Hongen Shen; Matthew J. Schurman; Ian T. Ferguson
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Solar-blind AlxGa1-xN p-i-n photodetectors grown on LEO and non-LEO GaN
Author(s): Peter M. Sandvik; Danielle Walker; Patrick Kung; Kan Mi; Fatemeh Shahedipour; Vipan Kumar; Xinghong Zhang; Jacqueline E. Diaz; Christopher Louis Jelen; Manijeh Razeghi
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GaN homojunction and AlGaN/GaN heterojunction visible-blind photodiodes grown on SiC
Author(s): Gary E. Bulman; Hua-Shuang Kong; Michelle T. Leonard
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Detailed feasibility study on a flame detector using AlGaN photosensors
Author(s): Akira Hirano; C. Pernot; Motoaki Iwaya; T. Detchprohm; Hiroshi Amano; Isamu Akasaki
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Group III-nitride materials for ultraviolet detection applications
Author(s): Peter P. Chow; Jody J. Klaassen; James M. Van Hove; Andrew M. Wowchak; Christina Polley; David King
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High quantum efficiency AlxGa1-xN/GaN-based ultraviolet p-i-n photodetectors with a recessed window structure
Author(s): Ting Li; Shuling Wang; Ariane L. Beck; Charles J. Collins; Bo Yang; Russell D. Dupuis; John C. Carrano; Matthew J. Schurman; Ian T. Ferguson; Joe C. Campbell
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GaN photodiodes grown by MBE on HVPE and ELO-HVPE GaN\sapphire substrates
Author(s): Anand V. Sampath; E. Iliopoulos; K. Seth; Y. Fedyunin; Mira Misra; HockMin Ng; Phil Lamarre; Ze'ev Feit; Theodore D. Moustakas
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LEO of III-nitride on Al2O3 and Si substrates
Author(s): Manijeh Razeghi; Patrick Kung; Peter M. Sandvik; Kan Mi; Xiaolong Zhang; Vinayak P. Dravid; Jaime A. Freitas Jr.; Adam W. Saxler
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Electrical properties of AlxGa1-xN materials for UV photodetector applications
Author(s): Adam W. Saxler
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GaN Schottky diode ultraviolet detectors grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Mira Misra; Anand V. Sampath; E. Iliopoulos; Theodore D. Moustakas
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Ultraviolet detector materials and devices studied by femtosecond nonlinear optical techniques
Author(s): Michael Wraback; Hongen Shen; Patrick Kung; Manijeh Razeghi; John C. Carrano; Ting Li; Joe C. Campbell
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Growth and optical investigations of InN textured layers
Author(s): Vladislav Ya. Malakhov
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Spike-like noises of pyroelectric thermal detector
Author(s): Moon-Ho Lee; Seong-Ho Bae
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LPE growth of Hg1-xCdxTe heterostructures using a novel tipping boat
Author(s): Krzysztof Adamiec; Jaroslaw Rutkowski; Antoni Rogalski; Waldemar Gawron; Jakub Wenus; Waldemar Larkowski
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Simplified circuit model for MSM photodetectors
Author(s): Laurence W. Cahill
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