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In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers IV
Editor(s): Luke J. Mawst; Ramon U. Martinelli

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Volume Number: 3947
Date Published: 18 April 2000

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U.S. DoD interests in in-plane semiconductor lasers
Author(s): W. Pete Latham; William T. Cooley; Gregory J. Vansuch; Theodore C. Salvi
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High-power highly reliable Al-free active region laser diodes in the 785- to 830-nm region
Author(s): John L. Nightingale; Michael J. Finander; Rashit F. Nabiev; Tiina E. Kuuslahti; Jukka Koengaes; Arto K. Salokatve
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Highly efficient reliable lasers for 830-nm wavelength range
Author(s): Alexander Ovtchinnikov; Xiaoguang He; Manoj Kanskar; Jeff Mott; Sheng-Hui Yang; R. Supe; K. Thibault; Rushikesh M. Patel
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Optimization of GaAsP-QWs for high-power diode lasers at 800 nm
Author(s): Hans Wenzel; Goetz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Arne Knauer; Juergen Maege; Juergen Sebastian; R. Staske; Klaus Vogel; Guenther Traenkle
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High-brightness tapered laser sources in the 1.3- to 2.0-um wavelength range
Author(s): James N. Walpole; Joseph P. Donnelly; H. K. Choi; Zong-Long Liau; Leo J. Missaggia; Robert J. Bailey; Steven H. Groves; George W. Turner; Patrick J. Taylor; Vincento Daneu
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High-power AlGaInAs/GaAs microstack laser bars
Author(s): Christian Hanke; Lutz Korte; Bruno D. Acklin; Martin Behringer; Gerhard Herrmann; Johann Luft; B. De Odorico; Marcel Marchiano; Jens Wilhelmi
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Residual oxygen contamination of InAlGaAs SQW high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Stuart Roberts; Lesley M. Smith; Peter L. Tihanyi
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High-efficiency low-vertical-divergence-angle 980-nm Al-free active region lasers with novel large optical cavity and asymmetrical cladding layers
Author(s): ZunTu Xu; Jing-Ming Zhang; Xiaoyu Ma; Guowen Yang; Guangdi Shen; Lianhui Chen
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100-mW cw operation of 650- to 685-nm red lasers with window-mirror-structure
Author(s): Motoharu Miyashita; Akihiro Shima; Motoko Katoh; Yoshifumi Sakamoto; Ken-ichi Ono; Tetsuya Yagi; Yoshihiro Kokubo
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High-power and diffraction-limited red lasers
Author(s): Bardia Pezeshki; Mats Hagberg; Bo Lu; Michael Zelinski; Sarah Zou; Emil I. Kolev
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High-power and high-brightness visible semiconductor laser diodes
Author(s): Craig J. Hamilton; Olek P. Kowalski; A. Catrina Bryce; John H. Marsh
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Type-II mid-infrared lasers
Author(s): Jerry R. Meyer; William W. Bewley; Igor Vurgaftman; Christopher L. Felix; Linda J. Olafsen; Edward H. Aifer; Donna W. Stokes; Ming Jey Yang; Hao Lee; Raymond J. Menna; Ramon U. Martinelli; Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; John C. Connolly; Mikhail A. Maiorov; Alan R. Sugg; Gregory H. Olsen
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Mid infrared IV/VI diode laser output characteristics
Author(s): Maurus Tacke
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Interband cascade lasers
Author(s): C.H. Thompson Lin; WenYen Hwang; Han Q. Le; Yao-Ming Mu; A. Liu; Jun Zheng; A. M. Delaney; Chau-Hong Kuo; Shin Shem Pei
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Mid-IR type-II InAs/GaInSb interband cascade lasers
Author(s): John L. Bradshaw; Rui Q. Yang; John D. Bruno; John T. Pham; Donald E. Wortman
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High-power optically pumped type-II QW lasers grown on GaAs compliant substrate
Author(s): Stefan J. Murry; Jun Zheng; Chau-Hong Kuo; C.H. Thompson Lin; Han Q. Le; Shin Shem Pei
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High-power mid-infrared lasers based on type-II heterostructures with asymmetric band offset confinement
Author(s): Yury P. Yakovlev; Konstantin D. Moiseev; Maya P. Mikhailova; Andrei M. Monakhov; Anastasia Astakhova; Victor V. Sherstnev
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AlGaInN-based laser diodes
Author(s): Shiro Uchida; Satoru Kijima; Tsuyoshi Tojyo; Shinichi Ansai; Motonubu Takeya; Tomonori Hino; Katsuyoshi Shibuya; Shinroh Ikeda; Takeharu Asano; Katsunori Yanashima; Shigeki Hashimoto; Tsunenori Asatsuma; Masafumi Ozawa; Toshimasa Kobayashi; Yoshifumi Yabuki; Tsuneyoshi Aoki; Masao Ikeda
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Comparative study of near-threshold gain mechanisms in GaN epilayers and GaN/AlGaN separate confinement heterostructures
Author(s): Sergiy Bidnyk; Jack Biu Lam; Brian D. Little; Gordon Hall Gainer; Yong Hwang Kwon; Jin-Joo Song; Gary E. Bulman; Hua-Shuang Kong
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Advances in laser diode development for high resolution and high-speed printing
Author(s): Michael Kneissl; David P. Bour; Noble M. Johnson
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Circular lasers for telecommunications and rf/photonics applications
Author(s): Giora Griffel
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Active microdisk devices
Author(s): S. M. K. Thiyagarajan; Anthony F. J. Levi
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Single-mode single-lobe operation of surface-emitting second-order distributed feedback lasers
Author(s): Jerry Lopez; Gunawan Witjaksono; Dan Botez
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Ridge waveguide 1.55-um DFB lasers with uncooled 10-Gb/s operation at 55 degrees C
Author(s): Aeneas B. Massara; Kevin A. Williams; Richard V. Penty; Ian H. White; Frank H. G. M. Wijnands; Paul Crump
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Quantum-well heterostructure laser diodes with flat widely tunable gain spectra
Author(s): Valerii K. Kononenko; Sergei V. Nalivko; Ivan S. Manak
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Anomalous behavior of coupling coefficient effect and spatial carrier density variation inside sampled grating DFB lasers
Author(s): Magdy Hussein Mourad; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Didier J. Decoster; Dominique D. Marcenac
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