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Laser Diodes and LEDs in Industrial, Measurement, Imaging, and Sensors Applications II; Testing, Packaging, and Reliability of Semiconductor Lasers V
Editor(s): Geoffrey T. Burnham; Xiaoguang He; Kurt J. Linden; S. C. Wang; S. C. Wang; Geoffrey T. Burnham

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Volume Number: 3945
Date Published: 29 March 2000

Table of Contents
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Apparatus for spin-polarized inverse photoemission and spin scattering
Author(s): Takashi Komesu; Carlo Waldfried; Hae-kyung Jeong; David P. Pappas; T. Rammer; Marty E. Johnston; Tim J. Gay; Peter A. Dowben
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Compact high-brightness and high-power diode laser source for materials processing
Author(s): Hans-Georg Treusch; Jim Harrison; Robert Morris; Jeff J. Powers; Dennis Brown; Joey Martin
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Description and applications of high-brightness multi-laser-diode system
Author(s): Rajminder Singh; Aland K. Chin; Qinxin Zu; Ferdynand P. Dabkowski; Richard A. Jollay; Douglas L. Bull; Joseph Fanelli; Douglas S. Goodman; Jeffrey William Roblee; William T. Plummer
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Fiber-coupled diode laser systems up to 2-kW output power
Author(s): Friedhelm Dorsch; Veit Bluemel; Matthias Schroeder; Dirk Lorenzen; Petra Hennig; Detlev Wolff
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Scaling diode-pumped Nd3+ and Yb3+-doped YCa4O(BO3)3 (YCOB) self-frequency doubling lasers
Author(s): Dennis A. Hammons; Martin C. Richardson; Bruce H. T. Chai; Aland K. Chin; Richard A. Jollay
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Hardening and welding with high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Bodo Ehlers; Hans-Joachim Herfurth; Stefan Heinemann
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Enhancement of brightness of multilaser diode systems
Author(s): Vladimir Solodovnikov; Victor Zhilin; Michael A. Lebedev
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Anamorphic lenses for laser diode circularization
Author(s): Jeremiah D. Brown; Daniel M. Brown; Gregg T. Borek
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Accuracy enhancement of point triangulation probes for linear displacement measurement
Author(s): Kyung-Chan Kim; Jong-Ahn Kim; SeBaek Oh; Soo Hyun Kim; Yoon Keun Kwak
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Wavelength modulation spectroscopy of water vapor and line center stabilization at 1.462 um for lidar applications
Author(s): Colleen M. Fitzgerald; Grady J. Koch; Audra Michelle Bullock; Amin N. Dharamsi
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High-spectral-purity VCSELs for spectroscopy and sensors
Author(s): Hans P. Zappe; Fabrice Monti di Sopra; Hans-Peter Gauggel; Karlheinz H. Gulden; Rainer Hovel; Michael Moser
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Tunable diode laser systems from the UV to the NIR with up to 1 W
Author(s): Wilhelm G. Kaenders
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Application of laser wavelength standard to interferometry measurements in air with nanometric accuracy
Author(s): Suat Topcu; Jean-Pierre Wallerand; Yasser Alayli; Patrick Juncar
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Wavelength modulation of semiconductor lasers for absorption spectroscopy employing harmonic detection
Author(s): Audra Michelle Bullock; James M. Barrington; Colleen M. Fitzgerald; Brian Seavey; Amin N. Dharamsi
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Determination of glucose in a stopped-flow cell using the diode laser/fiber colorimetric spectrometer
Author(s): SungHo Kim; Sung Man Nam; Gill Sang Byun; Shin-Young Yun; Jong Shin Yoo; Seongsik Hong
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Multi-degree-of-freedom displacement measurement system using a diffraction grating
Author(s): Jong-Ahn Kim; Kyung-Chan Kim; Eui Won Bae; Soo Hyun Kim; Yoon Keun Kwak
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Vibrations and small displacements measurements using self-mixing techniques with multimode diode lasers
Author(s): Horacio Lamela; Jose I. Santos
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Fiber optic sensor system for controlling salt contents in the near-coastal shrimp farms
Author(s): Van Hoi Pham; Duc Thinh Vu; Huu An Phung; Cao Dzung Hoang; Huy Bui; Thi Cham Tran
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Raman probe of new laser materials GaAs1-xBix and InAs1-xBix
Author(s): Prabhat Verma; Martin Herms; Gert Irmer; Masayoshi Yamada; Hiroshi Okamoto; Kunishige Oe
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Fiber optic sensor for diffusible hydrogen determination in high-strength steel
Author(s): Rodney D. Smith II; David L. Olson; Tom Wildeman; David K. Benson
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Optical demultiplexing using semiconductor amplifiers
Author(s): Niloy K. Dutta; C. Wu; Honglei Fan
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Selective-proton-bombarded buried stripe laser and its modulation response
Author(s): Maobin Yi; Baijun Zhang; Daming Zhang; Wei Sun; Xiaojian Tian
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Oscillation wavelength shifts of laser diodes with or without a package in a magnetic field
Author(s): Takashi Sato; Takayuki Nakagawa; Akinori Nishiie; Yasuaki Ohsawa; Masashi Ohkawa; Takeo Maruyama; Minoru Shimba
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High-power fiber laser/amplifier: present and future
Author(s): Tariq Manzur; Steven P. Bastien
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Low-cost environmentally proven high-brightness fiber-coupled laser diode
Author(s): Jose Q. Chan; Erik P. Zucker; TehHua Ju; Jules S. Osinski; Matthew G. Peters; Edmund L. Wolak
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Tolerant low-loss three-lens coupling system for 1.48-um unstable-cavity lasers
Author(s): Francois Boubal; Sylvie Delepine; Paul Salet; Franck Gerard; David Cornec; Michel Di Maggio; Michel Goix; Jean-Pierre Chardon; Emmanuel Grard
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Packaging and characterization of high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Juergen Jandeleit; Nicolas Wiedmann; Andreas Ostlender; Wolfgang Brandenburg; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe
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Highly reliable buried-stripe type 980-nm laser diodes for practical optical communications
Author(s): Hideyoshi Horie; Hirotaka Ohta; Yoshitaka Yamamoto; Nobuhiro Arai; Brian Kelly; Toshinari Fujimori; Hideki Gotoh; Masashi Usami; Yuichi Matsushima
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High-power high-reliability cw and qcw operation of single AlGaAs laser diode array design
Author(s): Bo Lu; Erik P. Zucker; Edmund L. Wolak; Rainer G. Dohle; Daniel Zou; Steve Brickness
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Al-free 950-nm BA diode lasers with high efficiency and reliability at 50 degrees C ambient temperature
Author(s): Goetz Erbert; Gerhard Beister; Arne Knauer; Juergen Maege; Wolfgang Pittroff; Peter Ressel; Juergen Sebastian; R. Staske; Hans Wenzel; Marcus Weyers; Guenther Traenkle
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Microphotoluminescence mapping of packaging-induced stress distribution in high-power AlGaAs laser diodes
Author(s): Pilar Martin; Jean-Pierre Landesman; Esther Martin; A. Fily; Jean-Pierre Hirtz; Renato Bisaro
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Self-mixing interferometry for distance and displacement measurement by Fourier transform method
Author(s): Ming Wang; Takahiko Sato; Guanming Lai; Shigenobu Shinohara
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267-W cw AlGaAs/GaInAs diode laser bars
Author(s): Juergen Braunstein; Michael Mikulla; Rudolf Kiefer; Martin Walther; Juergen Jandeleit; Wolfgang Brandenburg; Peter Loosen; Reinhart Poprawe; Guenter Weimann
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Low-cost high-response fiber optic strain/temperature sensor with stabilization
Author(s): Krishnan Balasubramaniam; Alexander V. Parfenov; J. P. Singh
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High-performance GaInP/AlGaInP visible laser diodes grown by multiwafer MOCVD
Author(s): Hir Ming Shieh; Richard J. Fu; Ting-Chan Lu; Lih-Ren Chen
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