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Sol-Gel Optics V
Editor(s): Bruce S. Dunn; Edward J. A. Pope; Helmut K. Schmidt; Masayuki Yamane

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Volume Number: 3943
Date Published: 2 May 2000

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Sulfide glass optical waveguides prepared by sol-gel processing
Author(s): Rui Manuel Almeida; J. Xu
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Germania sol-gel waveguides for optical amplifiers
Author(s): Alessandro Martucci; Massimo Guglielmi; Jochen Fick; Stefano Pelli; Michele A. Forastiere; Giancarlo C. Righini; C. Battaglin
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Rare-earth-doped HfO2 nanoparticles embedded in SiO2-HfO2 planar waveguides: preparation and optical, structural, and spectroscopic characterization
Author(s): Sidney J. L. Ribeiro; Rogeria Rocha Goncalves; Younes Messaddeq; Michel Andre Aegerter; Maurizio Montagna; Claire Duverger; Maurizio Ferrari
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Processing and optical properties of Nd3+-doped SiO2-TiO2-Al2O3 planar waveguides
Author(s): Qing Xiang; Yan Zhou; Boon Siew Ooi; Yee Loy Lam; Yuen Chuen Chan; Chan Hin Kam
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Electro-optical devices from organically doped sol-gel materials
Author(s): David Levy
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Design of optical components and optical data storage in photochromic sol-gel films containing dithienylethene or azobenzene derivatives
Author(s): Frederic Chaput; Khalid Lahlil; John Biteau; Jean-Pierre Boilot; Bruno Darracq; Yves Levy; Jacques Peretti; Viatcheslave I. Safarov; Jean-Marie Lehn; Alvaro Fernandez-Acebes
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Micropatterning of photosensitive gel films using the two-ultraviolet-beam interference method
Author(s): Kenji Kintaka; Junji Nishii; Noboru Tohge
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Optical and optomechanical structures in hybrid sol-gel materials for use in micro-optical systems
Author(s): Raviv Levy; Michael R. Descour; Terho K. Kololuoma; Sanna M. Aikio; Juha T. Rantala
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Photo-oriented polymerization in hybrid glass waveguides
Author(s): Kalaichelvi Saravanamuttu; Mark P. Andrews
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Optical materials by a modified sol-gel nanoparticle process
Author(s): Helmut K. Schmidt; Martin Mennig
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Preparation of transparent anatase nanocrystal-dispersed silica films via sol-gel process at low temperatures
Author(s): Atsunori Matsuda; Yoshinori Kotani; Toshihiro Kogure; Taku Umezawa; Masahiro Tatsumisago; Tsutomu Minami
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Semiconducting ferroelectric SbSI quantum dots in organically modified TiO2 matrix
Author(s): Hui Ye; Yuhuan Xu; John D. Mackenzie
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of monodispersed gold clusters in silica glass by sol-gel method
Author(s): Tomokatsu Hayakawa; Yasuhiro Ono; Masayuki Nogami
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Preparation of spherical particles by vibrating orifice technique
Author(s): Shuichi Shibata; Atsushi Tomizawa; Hidemi Yoshikawa; Tetsuji Yano; Masayuki Yamane
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Room-temperature persistent spectral hole burning of rare-earth-ion-doped glasses prepared by sol-gel process
Author(s): Masayuki Nogami; Tomokatsu Hayakawa; Tomotaka Ishikawa; Takehito Nagakura; Toshihiro Kasuga
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Lathanide-doped hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposites
Author(s): Bruno Viana; Eloisa Cordoncillo; Clotilde Philippe; Clement Sanchez; F. Javier Guaita; Purificiation Escribano
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New transparent polycrystalline silicate scintillators
Author(s): Eric P. Bescher; Sarah Robson; John D. Mackenzie; Bradley E. Patt; Jan S. Iwanczyk; Edward J. Hoffman
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Preparation and optical properties of neodymium-doped sol-gel glasses using trimethylphosphate as P2O5 precursor
Author(s): B. Zhou; Qing Xiang; Yan Zhou; Yee Loy Lam; Chan Hin Kam
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Effects of water/silane r-ratio and humidity on properties of sol-gel-entrapped indicators
Author(s): Claudio Rottman; David Avnir
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Immunosensing of trinitrotoluene using sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Esther H. Lan; Bruce S. Dunn; Jeffrey I. Zink
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Sol-gel chemical and biological fiber optic sensors and sensor arrays
Author(s): Edward J. A. Pope
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Photo-upconverted emission and optical limiting in fullerene complex-doped sol-gel films
Author(s): Kai Dou; Edward T. Knobbe; Joshua Y. Du
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Covalent bonding of coumarin molecules to sol-gel matrices for organic light-emitting device applications
Author(s): Ari H. O. Karkkainen; Osmo E. O. Hormi; Juha T. Rantala
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Recent development of organic dye-doped sol-gel materials for photonics
Author(s): XiaoLei Zhu; Sio Kuan Lam; Man-shih Athena Chan; Yan Chi Tsang; Dennis Y. Lo
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Structural changes during thermally induced polymerization of ormosil films from trimethoxysilylpropylmethacrylate and zirconium-n-propoxide modified with methacrylic acid
Author(s): Kiyoharu Tadanaga; Bryan Ellis; Angela B. Seddon
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Raman microprobe study of transparent poly(ethylene oxide)/silica hybrids
Author(s): Lisa C. Klein; Fran Adar; Christopher L. Beaudry
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Evolution of structure and photosensitive defects in sol-gel-derived TEOS and doped TEOS glasses
Author(s): Alexander Leyderman; Hairong Zheng; Daniel Arcos; Benjamin G. Penn
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Novel thermochromism in silica sol-gel materials
Author(s): Martin Gardener; Carole C. Perry
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Gradient composition sol-gel materials
Author(s): Steven M. Jones
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Synthesis of transparent conductive polycerams
Author(s): Terho K. Kololuoma; Seppo M. Nissilae; Juha T. Rantala
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Aqueous sol-gel routes to conducting films of indium oxide and indium-tin-oxide
Author(s): Carole C. Perry; J. K. McGiveron; Philip G. Harrison
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Effect of solvent evaporation rate on skin formation during spin coating of complex solutions
Author(s): Dylan E. Haas; Jorge N. Quijada; Stephen J. Picone; Dunbar P. Birnie III
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Comparison of vanadium-dioxide films produced via sol-gel and sputtering techniques
Author(s): Roy E. Walker; John A. Coath; Mark A. Richardson
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Appearance and composition of sol-gel-derived TiO2/SiO2 interference coatings
Author(s): ZhiGuo Lu; Yinsui Zhou; Aihua Gao; Xiaoyun Hu; Xiaowei Lu
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Poling of organic polymer films for external electro-optic measurement
Author(s): Alin Hou; Daming Zhang; Kaixin Chen; Maobin Yi
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Preparation and characterization of lithium-doped and undoped CeO2-TiO2-ZrO2 films
Author(s): Cesar O. Avellaneda; Luis O. Bulhoes; Agnieszka Pawlicka
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UV-cured sol-gel broadband antireflective and scratch-resistant coating for CRT
Author(s): Philippe F. Belleville; Philippe Prene; Benoit Lambert
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