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Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors IV

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Volume Number: 3940
Date Published: 28 March 2000

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Ultrafast spectroscopy of semiconductors: some new developments
Author(s): Jagdeep Shah
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Coherent effects in semiconductor light emission
Author(s): M. Kira; Frank Jahnke; W. Hoyer; Stephan W. Koch
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Coherent control and quantum correlations in quantum-well semiconductor microcavity
Author(s): Y. S. Lee; Theodore B. Norris; Mackillo Kira; Frank Jahnke; Stephan W. Koch; Galina Khitrova; Hyatt M. Gibbs
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Ultrafast manipulation of coherent excitons using ultrashort-pulse sequences prepared by frequency domain shaping
Author(s): Kazuhiro Komori; Takeyoshi Sugaya; Masanobu Watanabe
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Superlinear photoluminescence and vertical transport of photoexcited carriers in modulation-doped heterojunctions
Author(s): Jinxi Shen; R. Pittini; Kai Shum; W. Ossau; Yasuo Oka
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Nonlinear optics of semiconductors near the half band gap
Author(s): Jin Ung Kang; Alain Villeneuve; J. Stewart Aitchison; George I. Stegeman
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Femtosecond photoemission study of excited state dynamics in organic photoreceptors
Author(s): Antti Johannes Maekinen; S. Schoemann; Yongli Gao; M. Gary Mason; A. A. Muenter; Andrew R. Melnyk
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Second-harmonic generation with femtosecond pulses and its applications in sub-shot-noise detection
Author(s): Dorel Guzun; Yong-qing Li; Min Xiao
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High-order quasi-phase-matched second-harmonic generation in semiconductor multilayers in reflection geometry
Author(s): Xinhua Gu; Yujie J. Ding; William S. Rabinovich; D. Scott Katzer
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Efficient generation of narrow-linewidth THz waves from multilayers pumped by electron beam
Author(s): Yujie J. Ding
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Phonons, electron-phonon interactions, and phonon-phonon interactions in III-V nitrides
Author(s): Leah Bergman; Mitra Dutta; Ki Wook Kim; Paul G. Klemens; Sergiy Mikhailovich Komirenko; Michael A. Stroscio
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Monte Carlo simulations of electron transport in bulk GaN and AlGaN-GaN heterostructures
Author(s): T. Li; Ravindra P. Joshi; C. Fazi
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Intersubband transition in AlGaN-GaN quantum wells for ultrafast all-optical switching at communication wavelength
Author(s): Nobuo Suzuki; Norio Iizuka; Kei Kaneko
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Exciton localization dynamics in AlxGa1-xN alloys
Author(s): Hyeon Soo Kim; Robin A. Mair; Jing Li; Jing Yu Lin; Hongxing Jiang
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Ultrafast all-optical modulation using intersubband transition in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Takashi Asano; Susumu Noda
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New methods of frequency conversion in nonlinear waveguides
Author(s): Di Yang; Jacob B. Khurgin; Yujie J. Ding
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Coupled-waveguide-based semiconductor dispersion compensators
Author(s): Yong Lee
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Analysis of THz pulses using the FDTD calculation method
Author(s): Zhi-Sheng Piao; Masahiko Tani; Kiyomi Sakai
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Transient spectrum relaxation in Q-switched laser diode with intrinsic absorber
Author(s): Sergey N. Vainshtein; Juha Tapio Kostamovaara
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Determination of amplitude-phase relationship in laser diodes using linear system approximation
Author(s): Fatih V. Celebi; Kenan Danisman; Remzi Yildirim
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Time-resolved near-field optical spectroscopy of single semiconductor quantum wires
Author(s): Thomas Elsaesser; V. Emiliani; T. Guenther; F. Intonti; Christoph Lienau; Richard Noetzel; Klaus H. Ploog
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Microscopic modeling of high field transport in wide-bandgap materials
Author(s): Stephen M. Goodnick; Manfred Duer; Ronald Redmer; Martin Reigrotzki; Niels Fitzer
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Monte Carlo studies of the electron-phonon interactions in AlGaAs
Author(s): Lucian A. Shifren; David K. Ferry
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Femtosecond spectroscopy in doped GaN
Author(s): Hong Ye; Gary W. Wicks; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Real-virtual transition in bulk GaAs: the thickness dependence
Author(s): Young-Dahl Jho; Dai-sik Kim
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Monte Carlo simulation of photoexcited electrons in AIN
Author(s): Mohamed A. Osman
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Subpicosecond time-resolved Raman studies of ballistic electron transport in InP
Author(s): Kong-Thon F. Tsen; David K. Ferry; Jyh-Shyang Wang; Chao-Hsiung Huang; Hao-Hsiung Lin
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Raman studies of the decay of the longitudinal optical phonons in wurtzite GaN and AlxGa1-xN
Author(s): Kong-Thon F. Tsen; David K. Ferry; Stephen M. Goodnick; A. Salvador; Hadis Morkoc
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Femtosecond pump-probe and four-wave mixing studies of excitons in GaN
Author(s): Young-Dahl Jho; Dai-sik Kim; Arthur J. Fischer; Jin-Joo Song; J. Kenrow; K. El Sayed; Christopher J. Stanton
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Intersubband-transition-induced interband two-photon absorption by femtosecond optical excitation
Author(s): Arup Neogi; Haruhiko Yoshida; Teruo Mozume; Nikolai Georgiev; Tomoyuki Akiyama; Osamu Wada
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