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Advances in Nucleic Acid and Protein Analyses, Manipulation, and Sequencing
Editor(s): Patrick A. Limbach; John C. Owicki; Ramesh Raghavachari; Weihong Tan

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Volume Number: 3926
Date Published: 22 March 2000

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Molecular beacon biosensors for DNA/RNA analysis
Author(s): Xiaohong Fang; Sheldon Schuster; Xiaojing Liu; Tiffany Correll; Peng Zhang; Ruby Tapec; Swadeshmukul Santra; Monde Qhobosheanne; Jane Hua Lou; Weihong Tan
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Use of molecular beacons to probe for messenger RNA release from ribosomes during 5'-translational blockage by consecutive low-usage codons in Escherichia coli
Author(s): Wenwu Gao; Sanjay Tyagi; Fred Russell Kramer; Emanuel Goldman
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Detection of salmonella using a real-time PCR based on molecular beacons
Author(s): Wilfred Chen; Grisselle Martinez; Ashok Mulchandani
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Novel molecular beacon DNA probes for protein-nucleic acid interaction studies
Author(s): Jianwei Jeffrey Li; John Perlette; Xiaohong Fang; Shannon Kelley; Weihong Tan
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Genotyping complex short tandem repeats using electrospray ionization Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance multistage mass spectrometry
Author(s): James C. Hannis; David C. Muddiman; Allison P. Null
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Identification of proteins from whole cell lysates: high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Author(s): David H. Russell; Zee-Yong Park
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Investigation into surfactant-aided matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry for peptide mapping
Author(s): Rama Tummala; Lisa M. Ballard; Gary A. Breaux; Kari B. Green-Church; Patrick A. Limbach
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Correlation between solution and gas-phase protein conformation: H/D exchange, IRMPD, and ESI FT-ICR MS
Author(s): Michael A. Freitas; Christopher L. Hendrickson; Alan G. Marshall
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Protein mixture analysis by MALDI/mobility/time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Author(s): David H. Russell; Kent J. Gillig; Earle Stone; Zee-Yong Park; K. Fuhrer; M. Gonon; A. J. Schultz
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Polyaniline-coated nanospray emitters: a route to low-flow separations mass spectrometry
Author(s): Troy D. Wood; Sarah A. Lorenz; E. Peter Maziarz III
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Fluorescent labeling of DNA for genetic analysis
Author(s): Steve Menchen; Scott Benson; Krishna Upadhya; Pete Theisen; Joan Hauser; Paul Kenney
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New chemistry of BODIPY dyes and BODIPY dye cassettes featuring through-bond energy transfer
Author(s): Kevin Burgess; Armin Burghart; Jiong Chen; Chi-Wai Wan
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High-density oligonucleotide probe arrays
Author(s): Glenn H. McGall; Jacqueline A. Fidenza
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Reversed enzyme activity DNA interrogation test: a new method for mutation detection
Author(s): Michelle Mandrekar; Ken Lewis; Donna Leippe; Ryan Olson; John W. Shultz
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Transferring automation for large-scale development and production of Invader SNP assays
Author(s): Bruce P. Neri; R. Ganske; W. Isaczyszyn; Edward L. Beaty
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Use of MagneSil(TM) paramagnetic particles for plasmid purification, PCR cleanup, and purification of dideoxy and big dye DNA sequencing reactions
Author(s): Rex M. Bitner; Doug White; Steven K. Krueger; Michael Bjerke; Braeden Butler; Craig Smith
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Expression ratio statistics and its applications to microarray data analysis
Author(s): Yidong Chen; Vishnu G. Kamat; Edward R. Dougherty; Michael L. Bittner; Paul S. Meltzer; Jeffrey M. Trent
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Automated analysis of multivariate nonlinear gene relations based on cDNA microarray expression data
Author(s): Seungchan Kim; Edward R. Dougherty; Michael L. Bittner; Yidong Chen; Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar; Paul S. Meltzer; Jeffrey M. Trent
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Choline oxidase: a useful tool for high-throughput assays of acetylcholinesterase, phospholipase D, phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase C, and sphingomyelinase
Author(s): Mingjie Zhou; Cailan Zhang; Richard P. Haugland
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Living chips for drug discovery
Author(s): Tanya S. Kanigan; Colin J. H. Brenan; Serge Lafontaine; Luke Sosnowski; Peter Geoffrey Madden; Ian Warwick Hunter
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Compact phase-sensitive multichannel detection system with array measurements of biosensor chips
Author(s): Emmanuil M. Rabinovich; Michael J. O'Brien II; Steven R. J. Brueck; S. Yang; Victor H. Perez-Luna; Gabriel P. Lopez
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Directed evolution and solid phase enzyme screening
Author(s): Edward J. Bylina; Christina L. Grek; William J. Coleman; Douglas C. Youvan
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Microvolume laser scanning cytometry platform for biological marker discovery
Author(s): Ian D. Walton; Louis J. Dietz; Gary Frenzel; Jerry Chen; Jim Winkler; Scott M. Norton; Aaron Kantor
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New spectrophotometer for easy absorbance measurement
Author(s): Takeshi Taguchi; Mitsuo Hiramatsu
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Convenient cell fusion assay for rapid screening for HIV entry inhibitors
Author(s): Shibo Jiang; Lin Radigan; Li Zhang
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Process of thermal destruction of glucose in consequence of sterilization in autoclave in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing
Author(s): Volodymyr M. Musyanovych; Olexander I. Bilyi; Nataliia I. Gudz; Andrii V. Zdyrko
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Original method of concurrent determination of hemoglobin derivatives
Author(s): Olexander I. Bilyi; Mykola M. Veliky; Kateryna P. Dudok
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Pharmaceutical applications of photothermal cytometry
Author(s): Dmitry Lapotko; Tat'yana Romanovskaya
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Time-resolved fluorescence measurements of actin-phalloidin interactions
Author(s): Michael K. Helms; Todd E. French
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Pyrosequencing for SNPs
Author(s): Bjoern Ekstroem; Anders Alderborn; Ulf Hammerling
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