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Biomedical Optoacoustics

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Volume Number: 3916
Date Published: 19 May 2000

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Noninvasive monitoring of glucose and other biological compounds with a thermal wave assisted technique
Author(s): Allan Rosencwaig
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Monitoring glucose in vivo by measuring laser-induced acoustic profiles
Author(s): Andrey A. Bednov; Alexander A. Karabutov; Elena V. Savateeva; Wayne F. March; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Local determination of hemoglobin concentration and degree of oxygenation in tissue by pulsed photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Raul Fainchtein; Basil J. Stoyanov; John C. Murphy; David A. Wilson; Daniel F. Hanley
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Optoacoustic tomography of breast cancer with arc-array transducer
Author(s): Valeri G. Andreev; Alexander A. Karabutov; Sergey V. Solomatin; Elena V. Savateeva; Vadim Aleinikov; Yulia V. Zhulina; R. Declan Fleming; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Photoacoustic imaging of microvascular structure in tissue
Author(s): Magdalena C. Pilatou; Roy G. M. Kolkman; Erwin Hondebrink; Ralph Berendsen; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Noninvasive detection and staging of oral cancer in vivo with confocal optoacoustic tomography
Author(s): Elena V. Savateeva; Alexander A. Karabutov; Massoud Motamedi; Brent A. Bell; Richard M. Johnigan; Alexander A. Oraevsky
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Pulsed optoacoustic tomography of soft tissue with a piezoelectric ring sensor
Author(s): Kornel P. Koestli; Martin Frenz; Heinz P. Weber; Guenther Paltauf; Heinz Schmidt-Kloiber
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Photoacoustic a-scanning and monitoring of blood content in tissue
Author(s): Roy G. M. Kolkman; Magdalena C. Pilatou; Erwin Hondebrink; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Optoacoustic visualization of blood vessels in vitro
Author(s): Elina A. Genina; Sergey A. Lapin; Vladimir V. Petrov; Valery V. Tuchin
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Localization of spherical photoacoustic sources in acrylamide gels using time domain measurements
Author(s): John A. Viator; Guenther Paltauf; Steven L. Jacques; Scott A. Prahl
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Optical detection system for biomedical photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Paul C. Beard; T. N. Mills
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Optical property determination of turbid media using frequency-domain infrared photothermal radiometry
Author(s): Andreas Mandelis; Lena Nicolaides; Yan Chen; I. Alex Vitkin
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Novel dental depth profilometric imaging using simultaneous frequency-domain infrared photothermal radiometry and laser luminescence
Author(s): Andreas Mandelis; Lena Nicolaides; Chris Feng; Stephen H. Abrams
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Two-dimensional tissue imaging by use of parallel detection of ultrasound-modulated laser speckles
Author(s): Gang Yao; Lihong V. Wang
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Tissue imaging using the ultrasonic vibration potential
Author(s): Andrew C. Beveridge; Gerald J. Diebold
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Thermoacoustic CT: imaging principles
Author(s): Robert A. Kruger; William L. Kiser Jr.; Kathy D. Miller M.D.; Handel E. Reynolds; Daniel R. Reinecke; Gabe A. Kruger; Peter J. Hofacker
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Scanning optoacoustic tomography with microwave radiation
Author(s): Geng Ku; Lihong V. Wang
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Application of infrared imaging for non-contact measurements of thermal diffusivity in tissue
Author(s): Sergey A. Telenkov; Jong-In Youn; Dennis M. Goodman; Thomas E. Milner
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Photothermal investigations of thin-layer chromatography plates
Author(s): Grisa Mocnik; Irena Vovk; Mladen Franko; Stephan Offermann; Juergen Gibkes; Gerard D. Gardette; Jean-Claude Krapez
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Thermal effusivity of human skin by photoacoustic technique
Author(s): Jose Bibiano Varela-Najera; Teodor Cordova-Fraga; Miguel Vargas-Luna; Gerardo Gutierrez-Juarez
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Photomechanical drug delivery
Author(s): Apostolos George Doukas; Shun Lee
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Role of photoacoustic effects occurring at laser perforation of skin and laser transcutaneous drug delivery
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Alexei S. Latyshev
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Laser-induced cavitation: statistics, Monte Carlo modeling, and experiment
Author(s): Sergey V. Egerev; Andrey V. Fokin
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Acoustic online monitoring of IR laser ablation of burnt skin
Author(s): Kester Nahen; Werner Eisenbeiss; Alfred Vogel
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Ultimate sensitivity of time-resolved optoacoustic detection
Author(s): Alexander A. Oraevsky; Alexander A. Karabutov
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Optoacoustic imaging using two-dimensional ultrasonic detection
Author(s): Guenther Paltauf; Heinz Schmidt-Kloiber; Kornel P. Koestli; Martin Frenz; Heinz P. Weber
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Applications of wavelet transforms in biomedical optoacoustics
Author(s): Zibiao Wei; Shujun Yang; Amin N. Dharamsi; Barbara Hargrave
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2D optoacoustic tomography of biotissues in MHz frequency range
Author(s): Ivan V. Yakovlev; Gennady I. Freidman; Alexey G. Kirillov; Vladimir V. Lozhkarev; Anatoly D. Mansfeld; Alexander M. Reyman
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Functional imaging of single cells with photothermal microscopy
Author(s): Dmitry Lapotko
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Imaging of blood antigen distribution on blood cells by thermal lens microscopy
Author(s): Hiroko Kimura; Kazuya Sekiguchi; Fumiko Nagao; Masahiro Mukaida; Takehiko Kitamori; Tsuguo Sawada
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Sensitive and selective monitoring of trace gases by laser photoacoustic spectroscopy
Author(s): Markus W. Sigrist; Andreas M. Bohren; Irio G. Calasso; Markus Naegele; Albert Romann
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New laser sources for photoacoustic trace gas detection with applications in biomedical science
Author(s): Jos Oomens; Scott E. Bisson; Matthew Harting; Thomas J. Kulp; Frans J. M. Harren
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Real-time optoacoustic monitoring during thermotherapy
Author(s): Rinat O. Esenaliev; Irina V. Larina; Kirill V. Larin; Massoud Motamedi
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Monitoring of temperature distribution in tissues with optoacoustic technique in real time
Author(s): Kirill V. Larin; Irina V. Larina; Massoud Motamedi; Rinat O. Esenaliev
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Optoacoustic imaging of tissue blanching during photodynamic therapy of esophageal cancer
Author(s): Steven L. Jacques; John A. Viator; Guenther Paltauf
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Comparison possibilities of ultrasound and its combination with laser in surgery and therapy
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zharov; Yulian A. Menyaev; Ruslan K. Kabisov; Sergey V. Alkov; A. V. Nesterov; Vladimir I. Loshchilov; James Y. Suen
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