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Indo-Russian Workshop on Micromechanical Systems
Editor(s): Vladimir I. Pustovoy; Vinoy K. Jain

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Volume Number: 3903
Date Published: 9 November 1999

Table of Contents
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Fabrication of micromechanical structures in silicon using SF6/O2 gas mixtures
Author(s): Ashok K. Paul; Askok K. Dimri; S. Mohan
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Process modeling for the prediction of surface finish by a micromechanical process: semimagnetic abrasive machining
Author(s): P. Jayakumar; V. Radhakrishnan
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MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical Systems) technology: an overview and SCL's role
Author(s): Ashwani Tuknayat; H. S. Jatana; Dina Nath Singh
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Vibrational modes of MEMS resonators
Author(s): S. G. Lokhre; Kumar Virwani; B. Gajanan; S. P. Pai; Prakash R. Apte
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Author(s): Prakash R. Apte
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Frequency shift analysis for comb drive structures
Author(s): S. Pandari Nath; Rudra Pratap
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Problems of micromechanical robotic systems
Author(s): Mikhail B. Ignatyev; Andrey V. Korshunov; Evgenij N. Pyatishev
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High-resolution x-ray diffraction study of free-standing gallium arsenide coiled membrane force sensors produced by micrmachining
Author(s): Krishan Lal; Niranjana Goswami; Jungang Miao; Hans L. Hartnagel
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Analysis of a MEMS vibration detector
Author(s): Anuj Gupta; Smriti Mukherjee; Vinoy K. Jain; Amita Gupta
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Metallic behavior of ZrS0.5Se1.5 single crystals
Author(s): S. G. Patel; Madhavi Dave; Tarun Patel
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Hydrogen sensors based on catalytic metals
Author(s): V. I. Beklemyshev; V. Berezine; Victor A. Bykov; L. Kiselev; I. Makhonin; V. Pevgov; V. Pustovoy; A. Semynov; Y. Sencov; I. Shkuropat; A. Shokin
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Application of porous silicon in membrane methane sensors
Author(s): V. I. Beklemyshev; V. Berezine; Victor A. Bykov; L. Kiselev; I. Makhonin; V. Pevgov; V. Pustovoy; A. Semynov; Y. Sencov; I. Shkuropat; A. Shokin
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LC vision: surface tension mapping application
Author(s): Maxim Georg Tomilin; Alexander A. Kilanov
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Optical and spectral instruments using sensors, actuators, and microsystems developed at the Institute of Spectroscopy
Author(s): Oleg N. Kompanets
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Three-dimensional micron and submicron structures based on fiberglass technologies
Author(s): Valentin I. Beloglazov; Sergey P. Soukhoveev; Nikolay V. Suetin
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SiC-AlN-composition-based MEMS
Author(s): Victor V. Luchinin; Andrey V. Korlyakov; A. A. Vasilev; Givi I. Jandjgava; Stanislav V. Prosorov; Aleksander K. Solomatin; Anatoley V. Sorokin; Sergey G. Kucherkov; Leonid A. Severov; Valeriy K. Ponomarev
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Silicon sensors and microsystems
Author(s): N. A. Shelepin
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Development of micromachined vibration sensors for MEMS applications
Author(s): Amita Gupta; Ranvir Singh; Vinoy K. Jain; Vikram Kumar
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Silicon-micromachined accelerometers for space inertial systems
Author(s): I. Saha; R. Islam; K. Kanakaraju; Yashwant K. Jain; T. K. Alex
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Development of Si-based hall sensor: effect of electrode geometry on hall voltage
Author(s): Ruta Ghosalkar; Sarita Joshi; Shashi A. Gangal
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Polymeric thin film micro-opto-electronic devices
Author(s): Sudhir Kumar Sharma; V. K. Sharma; Avinashi Kapoor; K. N. Tripathi; S. C. K. Misra; Subhas Chandra
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Polymeric thin film gas sensors
Author(s): S. C. K. Misra; Archana Suri; Subhas Chandra; N. Kumar; V. C. Sethi
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Trench formation in <110> silicon for millimeter-wave switching device
Author(s): P. Datta; Praveen Kumar; Manoj Nag; D. K. Bhattacharya; Y. P. Khosla; K. K. Dahiya; D. V. Singh; R. Venkateswaran; Devender Kumar; R. Kesavan
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Uncooled IR-sensor array based on MEMS technology
Author(s): Vinoy K. Jain; C. R. Jalwania
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Design of a hybrid silicon fiber optic pressure sensor array for tactile sensing
Author(s): Arvind D. Shaligram; Prakash R. Apte; Damayanti C. Gharpure; L. Sudha
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Current-controlled curled tip
Author(s): Prakash R. Apte; S. G. Lokhre; S. C. Purandare; B. Gajanan; Kumar Virwani
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Magnetoelectric materials: some recent results and possible applications
Author(s): S. V. Suryanarayana; A. Srinivas; R. S. Singh
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Effect of magnetic field on the piezoelectric resonant frequency of a piezoelectric-ferrite composite
Author(s): K. Srinivas; Guduru Prasad; T. Bhimasankaram; S. V. Suryanarayana; Chandra Prakash Rana; S. N. Chatterjee
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Conducting polyaniline composite for the detection of aqueous ammonia
Author(s): S. Koul; S. K. Dhawan; R. Chandra
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Smart materials: an overview
Author(s): A. K. Pandey; D. K. Setua; G. N. Mathur
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Sintered films as smart materials for optoelectronics
Author(s): Seema Sirohi; T. P. Sharma; S. C. K. Misra
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pH-responsive smart polymeric materials
Author(s): Jyoti Srivastava; S. Shukla; Babu Lal; L. D. Kandpal; G. N. Mathur
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Smart materials and aerospace structures
Author(s): K. Bandyopadhyay
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