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Photonics for Transportation
Editor(s): Vladimir G. Inozemtsev; Milos Klima; Victor A. Shilin

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Volume Number: 3901
Date Published: 19 October 1999

Table of Contents
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Application of photonic systems for transportation
Author(s): Vladimir G. Inozemtsev; Liveriy L. Semionov; Victor A. Shilin
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Russian photoelectronics for transportation
Author(s): Evgene I. Shulgin; Anatoly S. Andreev; Boris N. Avdonin
High-brightness LEDs as alternative to lasers and traditional illuminants
Author(s): Oleg N. Ermakov; Yuri R. Nosov
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Perspectives of space facilities application intended for development and increasing safety of transport means in the XXI century
Author(s): Mikhail Aleshenkov; Sergey Griniaev; Valeriy Menshikov; Boris Rodionov
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Television systems on railway transport
Author(s): Leonid S. Vilentchik; Alexander A. Buraev; Iakov B. Rosval
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Rail head wear measurements using the CCD photonic system
Author(s): Dmitry V. Popov; Evgeny V. Titov; Sergey S. Mikhailov
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CCD photonic system for rail width measurement
Author(s): Roman B. Ryabichenko; Sergey V. Popov; Olga S. Smoleva
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Optic systems for road automobile communication system
Author(s): Rudolf Volner
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New type of CCD device for measuring velocity of rail transport
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Vladimir I. Karasev; Sergei V. Larionov; Victor A. Shilin
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Noncontact CCD velocity sensor for locomotives
Author(s): Mikhael E. Fainberg; V. G. Buchirin; Natalja M. Potapova
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Photonic systems for speed mode inspection of transport means
Author(s): Vitaliei Titov; S. S. Tevs; Tamara A. Shirabakina; M. K. Cinha
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Photon measurers of the velocity of transport means
Author(s): Alexey Emelyanov; Sergey Degtyariev; Vitaly Titiov; Tamara A. Shirabakina
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Joint transform correlation: some remarks on its implementation and potential applications in transport
Author(s): Milos Klima
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Modeling and creation of computer-aided information-technological systems for transportation workers' medical establishments
Author(s): Valeri G. Gnedenko; S. N. Nikiforov; Evgeny M. Fainberg
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Specialized ISA video processor NEURON-VP100
Author(s): Mikhail V. Alyushin
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DEYMOS optoelectronic multispectral system for global monitoring
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Vladimir I. Karasev; Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov
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FOBOS remote-sensing optoelectronic system with resolution at the level of detail
Author(s): Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov; Alexandre I. Baklanov; Vladimir I. Karasev; Victoriya M. Linko
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Sun sensor for orientation and navigation systems of the spacecraft
Author(s): Alexander S. Zabiyakin; Vachesluv O. Prasolov; Alexandre I. Baklanov; Anatoli V. El'tsov; Oleg V. Shalnev
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Instrumentation for obtaining best-image surface in remote-sensing optoelectronic systems
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Alexander S. Zabiyakin; Maxim V. Klushnikov
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Modeling and optimization of systems for integrated diagnostics and repair of complex photonic units
Author(s): S. N. Nikiforov
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X-ray-sensitive CCD camera
Author(s): Andrew A. Krasnjuk; Vladimir J. Stenin; Sergei V. Larionov; Victor A. Shilin; Alexander A. Utenkov
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Development and investigation of the digital EBCCD camera with 1024X512 format frame-transfer EBCCD image tubes
Author(s): Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; Grigory I. Vishnevsky; Vladimir L. Rivkind; Vladimir G. Kossov; Alexandre Victorovic Malyarov; Michail G. Vydrevitch; Andrey A. Zhuk; Sergey V. Golovkin
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PtSi infrared focal plane arrays and thermovision systems based on them
Author(s): Gennadiy A. Agranov; Valery K. Nesterov; Dmitry N. Sergeev; Alexander I. Shtam; Vladimir O. Timofeev; Vladimir D. Ivanov; Sergey B. Tihomirov
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Design optimization of TDI PhCCD for large-format optoelectronic converters used in high-resolution ERS systems
Author(s): Olga P. Kurova; Alexandre I. Baklanov
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Analog-to-digital interface system for CCD sensors and cameras
Author(s): Andrew A. Krasnjuk; Dmitriy S. Sherhalov; Vladimir J. Stenin
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Workshop for charge-coupled device design
Author(s): Andre A. Pugachev; Pavel A. Skrylev
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Smart fiber optical displacement submicrometers and their applications in a means of transport
Author(s): Yuri R. Nosov; Jonas Verkelis
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CCD matrix arrays with interframe image processing
Author(s): Alexander S. Skrylev
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Characteristics of photosensors based on solid solutions of AIIBVI compounds
Author(s): Gennady V. Lubegin; Vladimir V. Gusliannikov
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