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Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics
Editor(s): Bernard Courtois; Serge N. Demidenko

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Volume Number: 3893
Date Published: 8 October 1999

Table of Contents
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Analytical study on a MEMS microcooling system for cooling flip chips
Author(s): Andrew A. O. Tay; Francis E.H. Tay; Wenjie Li
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Tool and method for the theremal transient evaluation of packages
Author(s): Vladimir Szekely; Marta Rencz; Bernard Courtois
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New flexible building technique for microsystems
Author(s): Staffan Karlsson; Stefan A. I. Johansson
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Optimization criteria of CMOS-compatible thermopile sensors
Author(s): Chen-Hsun Du; Cheng-Kuo Lee
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Magnetic analysis of a micromachined magnetic actuator using the finite element method
Author(s): Chun-Hsu Ko; J. J. Yang; J.C. Chiou; Sheng-Chih Chen; T. H. Kao
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Model of an instrumented optoelectronic transmission system in HDL-A and VHDL-AMS
Author(s): Wilfried Uhring; Yannick Herve; Francois Pecheux
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Modeling and simulation of a three-axis acceleration sensing system with a mixed signal simulator
Author(s): David C. Greager; Barry K. Marlow
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Development of power accumulation-type SiC MOSFET
Author(s): Handoko Linewih; Sima Dimitrijev; H. Barry Harrison
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Novel extension of neu-MOS techniques to neu-GaAs
Author(s): Peter Celinski; Derek Abbott; Jose Fco. Lopez
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Algorithmic and practical questions of electrothermal circuit simulation
Author(s): Marta Rencz; Vladimir Szekely; A. Pahi; Andras Poppe
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Noise analysis of MESFET gallium arsenide circuits
Author(s): Kamran Eshraghian; Hans-Joerg Pfleiderer; Stefan W. Lachowicz
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Simulation of circuits demonstrating stochastic resonance
Author(s): Gregory P. Harmer; Derek Abbott
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Simulation and properties of randomly switched control systems
Author(s): Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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Automatic verification of asynchronous circuits using modified STG control graph
Author(s): Eddie M.C. Wong; Jie Gong
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Noise measurement used for reliability screening of optoelectronic coupled devices (OCDs)
Author(s): Jiansheng Xu; Derek Abbott; Yisong Dai
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Low-cost metal micropump for drug delivery
Author(s): Francis E.H. Tay; G. L. Xu; Wen On Choong; Hong Xue
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Development of a high-energy-resolution x-ray microcalorimeter using Ti/Au TES
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kudo; Yuichi Yokoyama; Shuichi Shoji; Tohru Oshima; Youichi Aruga; Kana Maegami; Ryuichi Fujimoto; Toshiyuki Miyazaki; Kazuhisa Mitsuda
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Novel design of a MEMS-based tactile sensor
Author(s): Ranjit Singh
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Programmable MEMS capacitor arrays
Author(s): Bruce E. Duewer; John M. Wilson; David A. Winick; Paul D. Franzon
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Asynchronous techniques for digital MESFET gallium arsenide circuits
Author(s): Kamran Eshraghian; Stefan W. Lachowicz
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Very high-speed differential optoelectronic algorithmic ADC using n-i(MQW)-n SEED technology
Author(s): Said F. Al-Sarawi; Neil Burgess; Warren Marwood; Petar B. Atanackovic
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Micromirror device with tilt and piston motions
Author(s): J.C. Chiou; Yu-Chen Lin
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Design and performance evaluation of a silicon eye using micromirrors
Author(s): Natalie Clark; Paul Furth
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Motion detection using color templates
Author(s): Kevin Chin; Derek Abbott
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High-temperature testing of nickel wire bonds for SiC devices
Author(s): Ravi K. Burla; Shuvo Roy; Vishal M. Haria; Christian A. Zorman; Mehran Mehregany
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Laser-beam-induced current technique as a quantitative tool for HgCdTe photodiode characterization
Author(s): Charles A. Musca; David A. Redfern; John M. Dell; Lorenzo Faraone
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Fully parallel fuzzy logic processor architecture: exceeding one billion rules per second
Author(s): Michael Lees; Duncan Campbell
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Toward high-torque electrostatic tubular motors
Author(s): Philippe Helin; Gilles Bourbon; Patrice Minotti; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Mechanical stress in polysilicon layers and evaluation by a new procedure
Author(s): Florin Gaiseanu; Jaume Esteve
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Modular exponential accelerator chip based on precomputations for RSA cryptography application
Author(s): Victor William Ramschie; Alex Hariz; Malcolm R. Haskard
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Optimizing the simulation of bipolar transistor packages using sliding mode techniques
Author(s): Vardan Mkrttchian; Armen Simonyan; Knarik Mkrtchyan
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Modeling HEMT intermodulation distortion characteristics
Author(s): Guoli Qu; Anthony E. Parker
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Design and simulation of a micromirror array for a projection TV
Author(s): Bumkyoo Choi; Junghoon Lee; Kyuwon Jung; Hyungjae Shin
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Mechanical characterization of magnetostrictively actuated microresonators
Author(s): Tarik Bourouina; Amalia Garnier; Hiroyuki Fujita; Toshiro Hiramoto; Elisabeth Orsier; Jean-Claude Peuzin
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Area, time, power optimization for radix-2 redundant CORDIC rotation engines
Author(s): Thambipillai Srikanthan; Bimal Gisuthan; K. Vijayan Asari
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Modeling malfunctions of the circuits arising from external influence
Author(s): Vardan Mkrttchian; Asmik Eranosian; Armen Simonyan; Knarik Mkrtchyan
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Hydrophilic and hydrophobic phenomena on silicon substrate for MEMS
Author(s): Daiki Kamiya; Mikio Horie
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Designing online self-testing control units with guaranteed fault coverage
Author(s): Serge N. Demidenko
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Anomalous drain current-voltage characteristics in AlGaN/GaN MODFETs at low temperatures
Author(s): Gilberto A. Umana-Membreno; John M. Dell; Lorenzo Faraone; Yi-Feng Wu; Giacinta Parish; Umesh K. Mishra
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Integrated millimeter-wave antenna for early warning detection
Author(s): Abdulla Mohamed; Andrew Campbell; David C. Goodfellow; Derek Abbott; Hedley J. Hansen; Ken Harvey
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Sandwich-type structure for economical MEMS and MOEMS assembly
Author(s): Niculae Dumbravescu
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Development of low-temperature wafer level vacuum packaging for microsensors
Author(s): Wei-Feng Huang; Jin-Shown Shie; Cheng-Kuo Lee; Shih Chin Gong; Cheng-Jien Peng
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Fabrication of fine metal microstructures packaged in the bonded glass substrates
Author(s): Akihito Kawamura; Shinichi Ike; Shuichi Shoji
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Modeling of electrohydrodynamically enhanced pool boiling heat transfer using helical coil electrodes
Author(s): Thai H. Nguyen; Jafar Madadnia
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X-Y nanopositioners using high-density arrays of mechanical oscillators
Author(s): Gilles Bourbon; Patrice Minotti; Philippe Helin; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Application domains for synchrotron radiation sources of various energies
Author(s): Chantal G. Khan Malek; Volker Saile
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Nanometer x-ray lithography
Author(s): Frank T. Hartley; Chantal G. Khan Malek
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