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Process, Equipment, and Materials Control in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing V
Editor(s): Anthony J. Toprac; Kim Dang

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Volume Number: 3882
Date Published: 3 September 1999

Table of Contents
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Optimal control strategy using linear programming for load disturbance compensation in thermal processing systems
Author(s): Weng Khuen Ho; Arthur E.B. Tay; Charles D. Schaper
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Oxide chemical mechanical polishing closed-loop time control
Author(s): Joern Luetzen; Shapna Pal; Simon Gonzales; Yuval Bar
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Effect of PEB temperature profile on CD for DUV resists
Author(s): John W. Lewellen; Emir Gurer; Ed C. Lee; Lovell C. Chase; Larry Dulmage
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Integration of the APC framework with AMD's Fab25 factory system
Author(s): Scott Bushman; William Jarrett Campbell; Michael L. Miller
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AMD's advanced process control of poly-gate critical dimension
Author(s): Anthony J. Toprac
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Novel method of predicting lot polish time for high-volume oxide chemical mechanical polishing
Author(s): David J. Schroeder; Todd W. Buley; Jeffrey A. Chan
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Spatially programmable temperature control and measurement for chemically amplified photoresist processing
Author(s): Charles D. Schaper; Khalid A. El-Awady; Arthur E.B. Tay
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Optimizing the target-to-wafer spacing for highly uniform PVD films
Author(s): Eric Paton; Ray Pena; Jeff Morioka; Karen Sprock; Jesus Morillo; Kao Sun Tsu
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Polysilicon planarization and plug recess etching in a decoupled plasma source chamber using two endpoint techniques
Author(s): George A. Kaplita; Stefan Schmitz; Rajiv Ranade; Gangadhara S. Mathad
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Asymmetric alignment mark compensation
Author(s): John D. Rose; Alejandro Velez; Shephen Berger
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Reduced cost of ownership process for PECVD dielectric 1 and hardmask
Author(s): Jonathon M. Lobbins; Leonard J. Olmer
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Application of CD-SEM edge-width measurement to contact-hole process monitoring and development
Author(s): Jean Y. M. Yang; Ian M. Dudley
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Characterization of the CMP process by atomic force profilometry
Author(s): Larry M. Ge; Dean J. Dawson
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Improved metal CMP endpoint control by monitoring carrier speed controller output or pad temperature
Author(s): Peter J. Beckage; Ralf Lukner; Wonhui Cho; Keith A. Edwards; Michael Jester; Stephen Shaw
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Extending ellipsometry capabilities for ultrathin gate oxide metrology using rapid optical surface treatment technology
Author(s): Francois Tardif; Adrien Danel; Emil Kamieniecki; James Harrington
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Litho clusters with integrated metrology: the next step in continuous flow manufacturing
Author(s): Tim Stanley; John G. Maltabes; Karl E. Mautz; James Dougan; Alain B. Charles; John Garbayo
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Current state of 300-mm lithography in a pilot line environment
Author(s): Alain B. Charles; John G. Maltabes; Steffen R. Hornig; Thorsten Schedel; Dietmar Ganz; Sebastian Schmidt; Leroy Grant; Guenther Hraschan; Karl E. Mautz; Ralf Otto
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Approaches to solving tool corrosion problems through process modification
Author(s): Shirley Ekbundit; Judith B. Barker; Yeo-Hwan Yang; Brian Izzio
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Characterization of sub-0.18-um critical dimension pattern collapse for yield improvement
Author(s): Tom X. Zhong; Emir Gurer; Ed C. Lee; Hong Bai; Bill Gendron; Murthy S. Krishna; Reese M. Reynolds
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Pt patterning as a storage node by chemically assisted physical etching for 1-Gb DRAM and beyond
Author(s): Hyeon-Sang Shin; Myung-Pil Kim; Jin-Woong Kim; YilWook Kim; Il-Hyun Choi
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Characterization of PECVD Ti process and development of a plasma-less chlorine clean for process repeatability in advanced DRAM manufacturing
Author(s): Mohan Bhan; Fred H. Wu; R. A. Srinivas; Brian Metzger; Zvi Lando; Murali K. Narasimhan; Fusen E. Chen
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Polysilicon gate functional failure mechanism
Author(s): Judith B. Barker
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Optimizing the clean effect of wafer backside in lithography developer process
Author(s): Hsun-Peng Lin; Chun-Hong Chang; Chih-Hsiung Lee; Sheng-Liang Pang; Kuo-Liang Lu
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Effect of SF6 and CI2 plasma on bottom rounding of silicon trench
Author(s): Kailash N. Singh; Delbert Parks
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Focused ion beam in-situ cross sectioning and metrology in lithography
Author(s): Jesse A. Salen; Drew Barnes; Gregory J. Athas; Neil J. Bassom; J. David Casey Jr.; Kathryn E. Noll; Don E. Yansen
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High-density plasma deposition manufacturing productivity improvement
Author(s): Leonard J. Olmer; Chris P. Hudson
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Low open area multilayered dielectic film etch endpoint detection using EndPoint Plus
Author(s): Norm D. Wodecki
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Plasma ashing using microwaves via slot antenna for 300-mm wafers
Author(s): Masaaki Furuya; Masaaki Kano; Fujio Terai; Katsuaki Aoki; Takeshi Yamauchi; Katsuya Yamada; Koichi Tamai; Hidehito Azumano
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Combine technique of conducting materials testing at high pressures
Author(s): Vladimir V. Shchennikov; Andrew Yu. Derevskov; Vladimir I. Osotov
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Characterization of various Ti-Al film alloys as wafer temperature metrology systems
Author(s): Brad M. Axan
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High-density plasma etching of aluminum copper on titanium tungsten
Author(s): Kim Dang
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Critical structure characterization in 0.25-um metal masking
Author(s): Chung Yih Lee; Wei Wen Ma; Sajan R. Marokkey; Alex Tsun-Lung Cheng
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New methodology to baseline and match AME polysilicon etcher using advanced diagnostic tools
Author(s): James Poppe; John Shipman; Barbara E. Reinhardt; Myriam Roussel; Raymond Hedgecock; Arturo Fonda
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New optical sensor for real-time in-situ end point monitoring during dry etching of III-V ternary multistack layers
Author(s): Kevin J. Liddane; Ramdane Benferhat; Jewon Lee; Russell J. Westerman; David J. Johnson; John Donohue; Jay N. Sasserath; Stephen J. Pearton
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IC yield enhancement through optimization of photolithography pattern at the isolation step
Author(s): Kerry J. Nagel; Steve Spivey; Ping Wang
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