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Miniaturized Systems with Micro-Optics and MEMS

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Volume Number: 3878
Date Published: 2 September 1999

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Development of a compact optical MEMS scanner with integrated VCSEL light source and diffractive optics
Author(s): Thomas W. Krygowski; David Reyes; M. Steven Rodgers; James H. Smith; Mial E. Warren; William C. Sweatt; Olga Blum-Spahn; Joel R. Wendt; Randolph E. Asbill
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Electrostatically driven micromirrors for a miniaturized confocal laser scanning microscope
Author(s): Ulrich Hofmann; Sascha Muehlmann; Martin Witt; Klaus Doerschel; Rijk Schuetz; Bernd Wagner
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Miniaturized time-scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer based on silicon technology
Author(s): Omar Manzardo; Hans Peter Herzig; Cornel Marxer; Nico F. de Rooij
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Pixel-by-pixel aberration correction for scanned-beam micro-optical instruments
Author(s): David L. Dickensheets; Paul V. Ashcraft; Phillip A. Himmer
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Low-temperature approaches for fabrication of high-frequency microscanners
Author(s): Karla Hiller; Ramon Hahn; Christian Kaufmann; Steffen Kurth; Kersten Kehr; Thomas Gessner; Wolfram Doetzel; M. Wiemer; I. Schubert
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Micromirror arrays fabricated by flip-chip assembly
Author(s): M. Adrian Michalicek; Wenge Zhang; Kevin F. Harsh; Victor M. Bright; Y. C. Lee
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Analogously working micromirror arrays
Author(s): Kersten Kehr; Steffen Kurth; Jan Mehner; Christian Kaufmann; Ramon Hahn; Wolfram Doetzel; Thomas Gessner
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Self-aligned assembly of microlens arrays with micromirrors
Author(s): Adisorn Tuantranont; Victor M. Bright; Wenge Zhang; Jianglong Zhang; Y. C. Lee
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Micromechanical reliability evaluation of mirror devices through applying accelerated electrostatic force
Author(s): Byungwoo Park; Jonguk Bu; Dongil Kwon
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Magnetically driven surface-micromachined mirrors for optical applications
Author(s): Gwo-Bin Lee; Thomas Tsao
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Operating principles of an electrothermal vibrometer for optical switching applications
Author(s): Min-fan Pai; Norman C. Tien
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Wireless electro-optic switching network for optical fiber sensor array using MEMS-IDT devices
Author(s): Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan
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Miniaturized piezoelectrically driven fiber optic switches with transmittive micro-optics
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Thomas Martin; Bernt Goetz; Dirk Doering
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Electromechanically driven microchopper for integration in microspectrometers based on LIGA technology
Author(s): Peter Krippner; Juergen Mohr; Volker Saile
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Addressable microslit-array devices for miniaturized systems
Author(s): Thomas Seifert; Rainer Riesenberg; Peter Buecker; Thomas Martin; Bernt Goetz
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Electrostatic microshutters-micromirrors array for light modulation systems
Author(s): Marco Pizzi; Valerian Koniachkine; Elena Bassino; Sabino Sinesi; Piero P. Perlo
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Optical and mechanical design of an InP-based tunable detector for gas-sensing applications
Author(s): Paolo Bondavalli; Taha Benyattou; Michel Garrigues; Jean Louis Leclercq; Philippe Regreny; K. Sun; Pierre Viktorovitch; Sebastein Cortial; Xavier Hugon; Christophe Pautet
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Integrated micro-optical fluorescence detection system for microfluidic electrochromatography
Author(s): Mial E. Warren; William C. Sweatt; Joel R. Wendt; Christopher A. Bailey; Carolyn M. Matzke; D. W. Arnold; Shanalyn A. Kemme; Andrew A. Allerman; T. R. Carter; Randolph E. Asbill; S. Samora
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Novel, highly sensitive chemical and biological sensors based on integrated MOEM and MEMS technologies
Author(s): Fariborz Maseeh; Andrew Swiecki
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Optical characteristics of PZT thin film actuator-driven micro-optical scanning sensor with multilayer stacked device structure
Author(s): Hiromi Totani; Masaaki Ikeda; Akira Akiba; Takahiro Masuda; Hiroshi Goto; Mikio Matsumoto
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Optical sensing of absorbing and inhomogeneous media by AC-reflection near the critical angle
Author(s): Augusto Garcia-Valenzuela; M. Pena-Gomar
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Micromirrors for direct writing systems and scanners
Author(s): Hubert K. Lakner; Wolfgang Doleschal; Peter Duerr; Andreas Gehner; Harald Schenk; Alexander Wolter; Guenter Zimmer
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MOEMS applications at Sandia National Laboratories
Author(s): David W. Plummer
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Miniature ultrasonic transducers with optical strain readout
Author(s): Chung-Hoon Lee; Amit Lal
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Optical readout of microaccelerometer code features
Author(s): Scott C. Holswade; Fred M. Dickey; Charles T. Sullivan; Marc A. Polosky; Richard N. Shagam
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Finite element modeling of micromachined MEMS photon devices
Author(s): Boyd M. Evans III; D. W. Schonberger; Panos G. Datskos
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16-k infrared micromirror arrays with large-beam deflection and .10-mm pixel size
Author(s): Klaus Reimer; R. Engelke; Martin Witt; Bernd Wagner
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Through-wafer interrogation of microstructure motion for MEMS feedback control
Author(s): Jeremy M. Dawson; Jingdong Chen; Kolin S. Brown; Parviz F. Famouri; Lawrence Anthony Hornak
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Design and FEM simulation: all-light-processing infrared image transducer
Author(s): Liuqiang Zhang; Gen Qing Yang
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Miniature illuminator for laser Doppler velocimeter assembled on micromachined silicon optical bench
Author(s): Alexander Ksendzov; Richard D. Martin; Darius Modarress; Mory Gharib
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Development of micromanipulation system for operations in scanning electron microscope
Author(s): Hiroshi Eda; Yoshio Yamamoto; Takuji Ishikawa; Libo Zhou; T. Kawakami
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Design and analysis of a micro-optical position readout for acceleration sensing
Author(s): Richard N. Shagam; Fred M. Dickey; Scott C. Holswade
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Photovoltaic on-demand high-voltage pulse generator as an on-board power source for electrostatic actuator array
Author(s): Jeong-Bong Lee; Mark G. Allen; Ajeet Rohatgi
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Ultrathin Si photodetector for an integrated optical interferometer
Author(s): Xiaoyu Mi; Minoru Sasaki; Kazuhiro Hane
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One-dimensional vibration sensor using a Si-cantilever coupled with an optical fiber
Author(s): Katsuhisa Toshima; Harunobu Sato; Mitsuteru Kimura
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Sensitivity of (bio)-chemical sensors based on laser-excited surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Joel Villatoro; Augusto Garcia-Valenzuela
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Optical binary switch and amplitude modulator micromirror arrays
Author(s): Edward S. Kolesar Jr.; Peter B. Allen; Noah C. Boydston; Jeffrey T. Howard; Simon Y. Ko; Josh M. Wilken
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Micromachined silicon optical bench for the low-cost optical module
Author(s): Ki-Chang Song; Jonguk Bu; Young-Sam Jeon; Chil-Keun Park; Jae-Hoon Jeong; Han-Joon Koh; Min-Ho Choi
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Miniaturized photoelectric angular sensor with simplified design
Author(s): Niculae Dumbravescu; Silviu Schiaua
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Programmable two-dimensional microshutter arrays
Author(s): Samuel Harvey Moseley Jr.; Rainer K. Fettig; Alexander S. Kutyrev; Charles W. Bowers; Randy A. Kimble; Jon Orloff; Bruce E. Woodgate
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Integrated multiwavelength laser source module with micromachined mirrors
Author(s): Youngjoo Yee; Young-Sam Jeon; Jonguk Bu; Geun-ho Kim
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Charging effects in electrostatically actuated membrane devices
Author(s): Keith W. Goossen; James A. Walker; Joseph Earl Ford
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Manufacture of aluminium micromirror arrays using a dual damascene process
Author(s): David Calton; Tom Stevenson; Ian Underwood; Alan M. Gundlach
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Advanced micromoulding of optical components
Author(s): Hans-Dieter Bauer; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Thomas Paatzsch; Ingo Smaglinski; Lutz Weber
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