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Materials and Device Characterization in Micromachining II
Editor(s): Yuli Vladimirsky; Craig R. Friedrich

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Volume Number: 3875
Date Published: 3 September 1999

Table of Contents
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Fabrication of a full metal AFM probe and its applications for Si and InP device analysis
Author(s): Thomas Hantschel; Thomas Trenkler; Mingwei Xu; Wilfried Vandervorst
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Design and simulation of thermal actuators for STM applications in a standard CMOS process
Author(s): Steven Eagle; Hasnain Lakdawala; Gary K. Fedder
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Characterization of nanostructures micromachined with focused ion beams (FIBs)
Author(s): Catherine Y. Wong; Jie Xhie; Keith M. Moulding
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Optical full-field technique for measuring deflection and strain on micromechanical components
Author(s): Petra Aswendt; Roland Hoefling; Karla Hiller
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Interferometric measurement for improved understanding of boundary effects in micromachined beams
Author(s): Brian D. Jensen; Fernando Bitsie; Maarten P. de Boer
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Characterization of glass on electronics in MEMS
Author(s): Shefali Patel; Drew Delaney; DaXue Xu; Gene Murphy; Heidi L. Denton; Henry G. Hughes
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Impact testing of silicon-micromachined beams
Author(s): Chung-Hoon Lee; Ville Kaajakari; Amit Lal
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Thick polysilicon processing for MEMS transducer fabrication
Author(s): Paul L. Bergstrom; David R. Bosch; Guy Averett
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Small-area in-situ MEMS test structure to measure fracture strength by electrostatic probing
Author(s): Maarten P. de Boer; Brian D. Jensen; Fernando Bitsie
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Microfabrication of single-crystal silicon multiple torsional oscillators
Author(s): Michelle Diane Chabot; John T. Markert
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Powder metallurgic giant magnetostrictive material and its applications in microactuators and microsensors
Author(s): Hiroshi Eda; T. Mori; Libo Zhou; K. Kubota; Jun Shimizu
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Mathematical model for optimizing a laser-induced photopolymerization process
Author(s): Raja Nassar; Michael J. Vasile; James L. Maxwell
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Modifications of DLC films for MEMS applications
Author(s): Franklin Chau-Nan Hong; Yoou-Bin Guo; Jiun-Yao Wang
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New dimensions of micromachining with 157-nm laser light
Author(s): Michael Kauf; Heinrich Endert; John H. Fair; Rainer Paetzel; Michael J. Scaggs; Dirk Basting
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Method for planarizing rigid graphite for use as an x-ray mask substrate
Author(s): Philip J. Coane; Robert Giasolli; Olga Vladimirsky; Yuli Vladimirsky
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Deformation and stress in PMMA during hard x-ray exposure for deep lithography
Author(s): Nicolai A. Moldovan
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Micro cycloid-gear system fabricated by multiexposure LIGA technique
Author(s): Toru Hirata; Song-Jo Chung; Herbert Hein; Tomoyuki Akashi; Juergen Mohr
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Reliability of silicon nitride as structural material in MEMS
Author(s): Robert Kazinczi; Jeff R. Mollinger; Andre Bossche
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Relationship between internal stress and deformation of diaphragm at elevated temperatures using SEM
Author(s): Akira Yamashita; Yuichi Sakai; Tsukasa Matsuura; Kazuhiko Tsutsumi
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Tunneling tip engine for microsensors applications
Author(s): M. Edward Motamedi; Sangtae Park; Angus P. Andrews; Mohsen Khoshnevisan
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Fabrication of x-ray phase masks for sub-70-nm imaging
Author(s): Lei Yang; Yuli Vladimirsky; James Welch Taylor
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Some aspects on the mechanical analysis of microshutters
Author(s): Rainer K. Fettig; Jonathan L. Kuhn; Samuel Harvey Moseley Jr.; Alexander S. Kutyrev; Jon Orloff; Shude D. Lu
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Characterization of micromachined structures: comparison of measurement and theory
Author(s): Steven C. Aceto; Adolfo O. Gutierrez; Michelle D. Simkulet; Thomas W. Krawczyk Jr.; Michael Lienhard; Andrew Lundgren; Brandon Houghton; David Patti
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Resistance of dichromated gelatin as photoresist
Author(s): Pang Lin; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu
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Novel approach for the 3D modeling of electrical conduction phenomena in highly anisotropic materials
Author(s): Reinhard Buchhold; Ralf Gollee; Arne Nakladal; Gerald Gerlach
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Prototyping for high-aspect-ratio MEMS by high-energy x-ray lithography using boron-carbide-based masks
Author(s): Chantal G. Khan Malek; Steven Nguyen
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