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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology V
Editor(s): James H. Smith; Jean Michel Karam

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Volume Number: 3874
Date Published: 30 August 1999

Table of Contents
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Breaking the barriers to commercialization of MEMS: a firm's search for competitive advantage
Author(s): Steven T. Walsh; Jonathan D. Linton
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LIGA: metals, plastics, and ceramics
Author(s): Jill M. Hruby; Stewart K. Griffiths; Linda A. Domeier; Alfredo M. Morales; Dale R. Boehme; Michelle A. Bankert; William D. Bonivert; John T. Hachman; Dawn M. Skala; Aili Ting
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Fabrication of plastic microparts on wafer level
Author(s): Lutz Weber; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Marc Begemann; Udo Berg; Frank Michel
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Innovations in molding technologies for microfabrication
Author(s): Tobias Benzler; Volker Piotter; Thomas Hanemann; K. Mueller; Prachai Norajitra; Robert Ruprecht; Juergen H. Hausselt
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Submicron patterning of aluminum films by laser ablation
Author(s): David W. Doerr; Dennis R. Alexander
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Femtosecond-pulse laser ablation and surface microstructuring of aluminum alloy 2024
Author(s): Kai Dou; Robert L. Parkhill; Edward T. Knobbe
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Pulsed-laser-deposited coatings for stiction and wear reduction in MEMS devices
Author(s): Jamey S. Pelt; M. E. Ramsey; R. Magana Jr.; E. Poindexter Jr.; Maarten P. de Boer; David A. LaVan; Michael T. Dugger; James H. Smith; Steven M. Durbin
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Excimer laser micromachining of structures using SU-8
Author(s): Muralihar K. Ghantasala; Erol C. Harvey; Dinesh K. Sood
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Materials characterization for MEMS: a comparison of uniaxial and bending tests
Author(s): George C. Johnson; Peter T. Jones; Roger T. Howe
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Reproducibility data on SUMMiT
Author(s): Siv Limary; Harold D. Stewart; Lloyd W. Irwin; John McBrayer; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; Stephen Montague; James H. Smith; Maarten P. de Boer; Jerome F. Jakubczak
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Processing variables for the reduction of stiction on MEMS devices
Author(s): Heidi L. Denton; Mike Davison
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Standard postprocessing technique for fabrication of large microsuspended structures in CMOS
Author(s): Bahram Ghodsian; Veljko Milanovic; Orlando Villavicencio
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Which etchant used and whether an etching mask exists: how they make differences on convex-corner undercutting configuration and compensation criteria
Author(s): Xinxin Li; Rongming Lin; Jianmin Miao; Minhang Bao
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Fabrication of counter electrodes for scanning atomic probe
Author(s): Andrew Campitelli; Hocine Ziad; Frank Rogge; Wilfried Vandervorst; Christiaan Baert; Min Huang; Alfred Cerezo
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W-coating for MEMS
Author(s): Sita S. Mani; James G. Fleming; Jeffry J. Sniegowski
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Laser welding: providing alignment precision and accuracy to substrate-level packaging
Author(s): Joe Brown; Nikolaus Maier; Kim Y. Lee; Lorenz Ziegltrum; Jim St Leger
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Ion beam sputter deposition of TiNi shape memory alloy thin films
Author(s): Sam T. Davies; Kazuyoshi Tsuchiya
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Integration issues for pressure sensors
Author(s): Bishnu P. Gogoi; David J. Monk; Theresa Maudie; Todd F. Miller; Jose Torres
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Novel fabrication and simple hybridization of exotic material MEMS
Author(s): Slobodan Rajic; Panos G. Datskos; Irene Datskou
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Mechanical properties of boron-doped single-crystal silicon microstructures
Author(s): Michael W. Putty; Shih-Chia Chang
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New sensor for real-time trench depth monitoring in micromachining applications
Author(s): Pascal Amary; Ramdane Benferhat; Kevin J. Liddane; Alain Ostrovsky
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Deep anisotropic ICP plasma etching designed for high-volume MEMS manufacturing
Author(s): Keven Yu; Michael Feldbaum; Tam Pandhumsoporn; Prashant Gadgil
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High-speed laser chemical vapor deposition of amorphous carbon fibers, stacked conductive coils, and folded helical springs
Author(s): James L. Maxwell; Mats Boman; Kirk Williams; Kajsa Larsson; N. Jaikumar; G. Saiprasanna
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EFAB: low-cost automated electrochemical batch fabrication of arbitrary 3D microstructures
Author(s): Adam L. Cohen; Uri Frodis; Fan-Gang Tseng; Gang Zhang; Florian Mansfeld; Peter M. Will
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SCALPEL mask blank fabrication
Author(s): Thomas E. Saunders; Myrtle I. Blakey; Carlos Caminos; Gregory R. Bogart; Reginald C. Farrow; Chester S. Knurek; Avi Kornblit; James Alexander Liddle; Anthony E. Novembre; Milton L. Peabody Jr.
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Porous silicon process for encapsulated single-crystal surface-micromachined microstructures
Author(s): James D. Seefeldt; Yogesh B. Gianchandani; Michael Mattes; Larry Reimer
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Various uses of ion chromatography in the manufacture of MEMS
Author(s): Beverly Newton
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Effects of metal impuritites on the etch rate selectivity of (110)/(111) in (110) Si anisotropic etching
Author(s): Yoshiaki Hirata; Masahiro Tsugai; Koji Tanimoto; Teruo Usami; Yasuo Yamaguchi; Hiroshi Otani; Kunihiro Nakamura
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Fabrication and reliability testing of Ti/TiN heaters
Author(s): Piet De Moor; Ann Witvrouw; Veerle Simons; Ingrid De Wolf
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Resolution enhancement techniques for submicron deep trench processes
Author(s): Lijun Tong; Joyce Hsiang; Kuanchih Lin; Gary Newman
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Economic fabrication of microscale features in thick resists using scanning projection lithography
Author(s): Marvin M. Kilgo III; Charles N. Williams; Dan Constantinide
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Development behavior of irradiated foils and microstructures
Author(s): Pascal Meyer; Aida El-Kholi; Juergen Mohr; Clifford Cremers; Faycal Bouamrane; Stephan Megtert
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New fabrication methodology for fine-feature high-aspect-ratio structures made from high-Z materials
Author(s): Upendra D. Desai; Larry E. Orwig; David Clark; Michael Appleby
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Thick photoresist imaging using a three-wavelength exposure stepper
Author(s): Bradley Todd; Warren W. Flack; Sylvia White
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High-aspect-ratio two-dimensional silicon subwavelength gratings fabricated by fast atom beam etching
Author(s): Yoshiaki Kanamori; Minoru Sasaki; Kazuhiro Hane
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New electromagnetic micromotor with a large torque
Author(s): Jingqiu Liang; Jingshong Yao
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Micropattern fabrication by a specially designed microtool
Author(s): Isamu Aoki; Toshinori Takahashi
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Multidimensional calculation of coupled flow and electrodeposition in microscopic trenches
Author(s): Chunmei Xia; Jayathi Y. Murthy; Minking K. Chyu; Yao Cheng
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New design methodologies in (111)-oriented silicon wafers
Author(s): R. Edwin Oosterbroek; J. W. Berenschot; A. J. Nijdam; Gregory Pandraud; Miko C. Elwenspoek; Albert van den Berg
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Evidence of dislocations for the control of roughness of highly thermal boron-doped diffused silicon layers
Author(s): Elena Manea; Ralu Divan; Ileana Cernica
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Etch-stop in germanium induced by ion implantation for bulk micromachining applications in the IR domain
Author(s): Ralu Divan; Ileana Cernica; Elena Manea
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Doping and structural properties for the phosphorous-doped polysilicon layers used for micromechanical applications
Author(s): Florin Gaiseanu; Jaume Esteve; Carles Cane; Alejandro Perez-Rodriguez; Juan Ramon Morante; Christoph Serre
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Fabrication of pop-up detector arrays on Si wafers
Author(s): Mary J. Li; Christine A. Allen; Scott A. Gordon; Jonathan L. Kuhn; David Brent Mott; Caroline Kilbourn Stahle; Liqin L. Wang
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Electrokinetic microfluidic systems
Author(s): Luc J. Bousse
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3D silicon photonic lattices: cornerstone of an emerging photonics revolution
Author(s): James G. Fleming; Shawn-Yu Lin
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